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The iPhone’s Voice Control feature offers a unique overlay system, displaying grey numbered badges. These badges are part of the Voice Control functionality, designed to enhance accessibility and ease of use. This article provides a detailed look at this feature, its purpose, and how to manage it.

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Voice Control Overlay on iPhone

Voice Control Overlay on iPhone can empower your accessibility and navigation, letting you interact with your device via voice commands and visual cues. Here’s a breakdown of options and considerations:

FeatureNative OptionsThird-Party AppsConsiderations
AvailabilityBuilt-in with iOSApp Store downloadiPhone model and iOS version might impact availability
Overlay TypesGrid, Numbers, LabelsVariety of styles, customizable elementsChoose what works best for your visual clarity and preferences
CustomizationLimited options (size, opacity)Extensive customization (themes, colors, element sizes)Balance visual appeal with potential screen clutter
Accessibility FeaturesVoice Control Guide, Vocabulary, Show Confirmation, Attention AwareIntegration with Switch Control, braille displays, other accessibility toolsChoose features that match your specific needs
Battery DrainMinimal impactVaries depending on app features and usageConsider charging habits and app optimization
PrivacyVoice commands processed on-device (default)App-specific privacy policies and data handling practicesCheck app permissions and be mindful of what you voice control
PriceFreeFree and paid options with additional featuresConsider your budget and prioritize essential functionalities

Native Options:

  • Access via Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control.
  • Offers basic grid, numbers, and labels overlays.
  • Limited customization options (size and opacity).
  • Integrates seamlessly with other iOS accessibility features.

Third-Party Apps:

  • Offer wider variety of overlay styles and customization options.
  • Some integrate with specific apps for context-sensitive cues.
  • Consider app permissions, privacy policies, and compatibility with your iOS version.
  • Explore free and paid options based on your specific needs and budget.


  • Voice Control Overlay can be a game-changer for accessibility and navigation, but choose options that suit your needs and preferences.
  • Balance customization with screen clarity and avoid excessive battery drain.
  • Be mindful of privacy when using voice commands and third-party apps.

Key Takeaways

  • Voice Control Overlay: An accessibility feature in iOS.
  • Item Numbers: Grey numbered badges that appear on the screen.
  • Customization: How to enable, disable, and customize this feature.

How To Change Your Settings

Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control > Overlay > Item Numbers

Introduction to Voice Control Overlay

What is Voice Control?

Voice Control is an accessibility feature in iOS that allows users to control their iPhone using voice commands. It’s particularly useful for individuals with limited physical mobility or for hands-free device usage.

The Role of Overlay Item Numbers

The grey numbered badges, known as overlay item numbers, are part of the Voice Control system. They appear on the screen to help users interact with their device by speaking the number associated with a particular on-screen element.

Table: Voice Control Features

Voice CommandsExecute actions using voice instructions.
Overlay Item NumbersGrey numbered badges for easy selection of screen elements.
CustomizationAdjust settings to suit individual needs and preferences.

Managing Voice Control Settings

Enabling Voice Control

To activate Voice Control, go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control. Here, you can turn on the feature and customize its settings.

Understanding Overlay Item Numbers

When Voice Control is active, grey numbered badges appear next to interactive elements on the screen. Users can simply say the number to select that element.

Customizing Voice Control

Users can customize Voice Control settings to adjust how the overlay appears and how the device responds to voice commands. This includes changing the language, customizing commands, and setting up attention awareness.

Practical Applications of Voice Control

Voice Control is not just for accessibility; it can be a convenient tool for any user. It allows for hands-free operation of the iPhone, which can be useful while cooking, driving, or when your hands are otherwise occupied.

Additional Resources

For more in-depth information on Voice Control and its features, including the overlay item numbers, Apple’s discussion forum offers valuable insights. You can learn more from the Apple Support Discussion on Voice Control.

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The grey numbered badges in the iPhone’s Voice Control overlay are a testament to Apple’s commitment to accessibility and innovative technology. Understanding and utilizing this feature can significantly enhance the user experience, making iPhone interaction more accessible and convenient for everyone.

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