On-Site Repair

GadgetMates is your trusted on-site computer and IT services provider, catering to both residential and business clients in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City. Offering a diverse suite of services from computer repair, WiFi range extension, internet issue resolution, to device setup, we provide quick and convenient solutions to your tech challenges right at your doorstep. Be it hardware or software issues, upgrades, installations, or IT support for small businesses, our team of technicians are ready to fix any type of computer problem, improve internet connectivity, service Apple devices, remove viruses, set up emails, printers, backup data, or support your mobile devices.

On Site Repair Services – We Come To you

We also offer home and office mobile repair, where our experts visit your location to resolve issues like computer repairs, WiFi and network issues, or home theater configurations. Our in-home services for desktops or laptops range from computer tune-ups, malware removal, memory replacement or upgrade, hard drive repair or replacement, battery life improvement, to fixing laptop WiFi connectivity issues, and more. Renowned as a leader in mobile/on-premise repairs in Southern Nevada, GadgetMates treats customers with honesty and integrity, ensuring fast, affordable, and accurate repair services. You can reach us at 702-444-0000 for scheduling flexible service slots available seven days a week.

On-Site Computer Repair

We’ll fix your problem in-home or in-office.

We’re Fast…

We can deploy technicians 7 days a week (schedule permitting) for your convenience. Some repairs can also be done remotely so you don’t wait. Call 702-444-0000 to schedule an appointment. Same-Day services available.

We’re Affordable…

Call us first for a no obligation quote.  We’ll let you know the cost estimate.  We’re proud of our low prices because providing the best value is a big deal to us.  We can pickup & drop-off to save you money as well.

We’re Effective…

Since 2016, we’ve served 1000’s of customers and are the trusted name in Southern Nevada. Our mobile technicians all must have years of in-store training before going on-site. See our 5-star ratings all over Google and Yelp.

Some of the services we can do at your location:

  • PC Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Apple Repair
  • Damaged screens
  • Hard drive repair
  • Replacement parts
  • Virus / Spyware / Malware Removal
  • Wireless / Wired network setup
  • Windows Problems
  • Boot-up Issues
  • Computer setup & installation
  • Smart Home
  • TV, Audio & Video
  • Computer & Mobile Devices
  • Printer Repair & Installation
  • Internet Provider Issues (Cox/Centurylink)
  • Business Internet
  • Business WiFi Repair
  • Wireless Router Setup
  • Email Repair
  • Work Computer Repair
  • Business Software Issues
  • File and printing sharing
  • Backup setup, strategy, recovery

do you have a question?

You’ll see some of our most popular Q&A questions on this page. Don’t see your question answered? No problem!

Call our team or contact us and we’ll have a support specialist reach out to you.

On-site computer repair is a service where technicians come to your location (home or office) to diagnose and fix your computer issues. It eliminates the need to unplug your system and carry it to a repair center.

Most common computer issues, including hardware and software problems, can be resolved with on-site computer repair. These may include slow performance, virus or malware removal, network setup, data recovery, peripheral installation, and more.

Yes. On-site service is a premium service offered that involves going to your location and working solely on your problem. You do, however, save the time and effort of disconnecting, transporting, and reconnecting your computer system. Additionally, the convenience of having the technician come to you can be worth the potential extra cost.

The duration of an on-site computer repair depends on the complexity of the issue. Some problems can be resolved within an hour or two, while others might take longer. Your technician will give you an estimated time frame after diagnosing the issue.

Our professional technicians will always prioritize the safety and privacy of your data during repairs. However, it’s always a good idea to back up important data before any repair or service.

We do offer weekend and after-hours services, but it’s best to inquire directly about the availability.

In rare cases, some complex issues may require the technician to take your computer back to the shop for repairs. We would typically return it to you and ensure everything is working correctly once the repairs are completed.

Ensure that you have a clear workspace for the technician to work in. If possible, back up your important data. Be ready to explain the issues you’re experiencing and any relevant information, such as when the problem started and any error messages you’ve seen.

GadgetMates can remotely support your computers / network via online remote software. We can walk you through the setup process in just a few minutes and afterwards a technician can remotely repair your computer right away. This service is not available for all issues so please contact us to inquire about it. The most common issues that can be solved remotely include issues with emails, lost passwords, slow-running computers, malware infections, data backup and retrieval, and printer malfunctions. If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, a physical technician can be sent out.

Why Choose GadgetMates For Onsite / In-Home Services?

GadgetMates is your one-stop solution for a full range of computer services and repairs. Providing on-site, remote, and in-home services, we cater to all your computer-related requirements, be it an upgrade, virus removal, or a simple system check-up. Our technicians are ready to assist you with your computer needs and will deliver quick and efficient service with minimal interference to your day-to-day life. Our comprehensive service suite includes repairs for all types of personal computers, including custom builds, laptops, and all Apple devices such as Mac, MacBook, iMac, and Mac Mini. Whether you’re experiencing software crashes, need application support, or require email assistance, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team will diagnose and fix any problem swiftly and accurately.

We also offer extensive virus removal services, with tech specialists who have a collective experience of many years in combating malware and other unwanted software. Through our computer tune-up services, we ensure your system is running smoothly, free of troublesome viruses and malware, optimized for best performance. If you’re experiencing connectivity issues, our certified technicians are experts in networking and wireless connectivity, ready to troubleshoot slow connections, intermittent outages, or general instability in your network. For other computer errors, our dedicated team will diagnose the issue promptly and resolve it efficiently.