Get Siri To Read Text Messages
Get Siri To Read Text Messages

Ever wondered how life could be a tad bit easier if your trusted iPhone assistant could read out your texts? Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant, can indeed be your handy companion in this! Let’s delve into the steps and reasons why this feature is such a game-changer.

Introduction to Siri

At the core, Siri is designed to be a helpful aide, making tasks on your iPhone seamless. Be it setting alarms, sending texts, or playing music, Siri simplifies these tasks with just voice commands. But did you know she could also be your personal text reader?

Why Use Siri for Text Messages?

Imagine you’re cooking, with both hands deep in dough, and your phone buzzes. Instead of cleaning your hands and grabbing the phone, wouldn’t it be easier if Siri just read it out to you?

  • Hands-free operation: For those moments when your hands are occupied, Siri comes in handy. Driving, cooking, or even when you’re at the gym – Siri ensures you stay connected.
  • Visual impairment benefits: Siri’s read-out feature is a blessing for those with visual impairments. It empowers them to interact and stay updated with their messages.
  • Multitasking advantages: Remember the times you were engrossed in a painting session and didn’t want to break the flow? Siri can read your messages, ensuring you’re not breaking your rhythm.

Setting Up Siri for the First Time

Before diving into the reading capabilities, it’s essential to ensure Siri is up and running.

  • Accessing Siri settings: Navigate to Settings > Siri & Search. Toggle on ‘Listen for “Hey Siri”’. This activates Siri when you say the magic words.
  • Voice training for Siri: For newer iPhones, you might have to introduce yourself. Follow the prompts to train Siri to recognize your voice.

Commands to Make Siri Read Messages

With Siri set up, it’s time to explore the world of voice commands.

  • Reading unread messages: A simple “Hey Siri, read my unread messages” prompts her to do just that. If there are multiple messages, she will go through them one by one.
  • Reading specific conversations: Ever wanted to catch up on just one chat thread? “Hey Siri, read my latest messages from [contact name]” does the trick.

Tips and Tricks

There’s more to Siri’s reading prowess than just basic commands. Delve deeper, and there’s a goldmine of features.

  • Enhancing Siri’s reading capabilities: Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content. Here, adjust the voice rate, choose a different voice, or even toggle on highlight content to see words as Siri reads them.
  • Privacy settings: Siri is all about customization.
    • Reading messages without unlocking: For those moments when you can’t even touch your phone, instruct Siri to “read my messages” without unlocking. However, ensure this doesn’t compromise your privacy.
    • Hiding sender details: If you’d rather Siri didn’t announce who the message is from, navigate to Settings > Notifications > Messages and toggle off “Show Preview”. This ensures Siri reads the content without divulging the sender.


Siri, with her plethora of features, is not just limited to being a voice assistant. She ensures that you remain connected, even in situations where reading text messages seems impossible. By following the steps above, you’re not just activating a feature, but also ensuring a safer, more accessible, and efficient interaction with your iPhone.


  1. Can Siri read messages from third-party apps?
    While primarily designed for iMessages, Siri can read from some third-party apps if they have the necessary permissions.
  2. Is it safe to let Siri read messages in public places?
    It’s advisable to use this feature judiciously, especially in public places, to maintain privacy.
  3. Can Siri reply to messages as well?
    Absolutely! After reading a message, simply instruct, “Hey Siri, reply…” followed by your message.
  4. Does this feature drain battery faster?
    While any active use of Siri might consume battery, the impact isn’t significantly high. Ensure you manage other settings for optimal battery life.
  5. What if Siri mispronounces names or words in my texts?
    Siri’s pronunciation can be corrected. After she mispronounces, respond with “That’s not how you pronounce [name/word].” She will request corrections, ensuring smoother future interactions.
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