Create Shortcuts To Change App Names On iPhone
Create Shortcuts To Change App Names On iPhone

Renaming apps on your iPhone can be a fun and practical way to personalize your device. You do this process by using the ‘Shortcuts’ app on your phone, creating a shortcut to the app, and the hiding the original link to the App. Whether you’re looking to simplify app names, create a thematic home screen, or just add a personal touch, renaming apps is a simple process. In this guide, we’ll cover the steps to rename your apps using iOS’s built-in features, without the need for third-party tools. Let’s dive in and give your iPhone a more personalized look!

Understanding the Basics of App Renaming

What Are iPhone Shortcuts?

An iPhone shortcut is a quick way to perform one or more tasks with your apps. The Shortcuts app on your iPhone allows you to create custom shortcuts with multiple steps, like a “Surf Time” shortcut that might grab a surf report, estimate travel time to the beach, and play your surf music playlist​​.

Why Rename Apps?

Renaming apps can help you organize your home screen more effectively. It can also be beneficial for those who prefer more descriptive names for their apps or want to categorize them creatively.

Renaming Apps Using the Shortcuts App

Creating a New Shortcut

  1. Open Up The Shortcuts App: This is an App from Apple but you might have to download it from the App store if you don’t have it already (or deleted it).
  2. Initiating the Process: Begin by tapping the “+” icon in the upper right corner of your Shortcuts app.
  3. Adding an Action: Tap on “Add Action” and search for “Open App” in the bar, then select it.
  4. Selecting the App: Tap the word “App” next to the word “Open” to pop up a menu. Pick the app you want to rename.
  5. Adding to Home Screen: Next, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner OR select the down arrow next to the App icon at the top of the screen and select “Add to Home Screen.”
  6. Renaming the App: Here, you can type in your preferred name for the app in the text box next to the icon​​. You can also select whatever Icon you wish to choose.
  7. Optional – Hide The Other Link: You now have a re-named shortcut to your App. If you want to hide the original so only 1 link exists, press and hold on the App until the icons on your phone all “jiggle”. You will see a minus symbole (“-“) on each app. press it on the one you want and click “Remove From Home Screen”.

Renaming an Existing Shortcut

If you already have a shortcut created, renaming it is simple:

  1. Selecting the Shortcut: In the Shortcuts app, tap on the shortcut you want to rename.
  2. Accessing Rename Option: Tap the down arrow next to the shortcut name, then choose “Rename.”
  3. Applying the New Name: Type the new name and tap “Done” to confirm​​.

Additional Customization: Changing the App Icon

Accessing the Icon Change Option

For those looking to further customize their apps, changing the app’s icon is another available feature. While in the app renaming process, tap on the app icon itself.

Selecting a New Icon

After tapping on the icon, select “Choose Photo” to pick a new image from your photo library. This allows you to use any image as the app icon, adding another level of personalization.

Personalization and Convenience

Renaming apps on your iPhone is more than just a cosmetic change. It offers a level of personalization that can make your device truly yours. By tailoring app names to your preferences or needs, you create a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Organizing Renamed Apps

Creating Thematic Layouts

With your apps now renamed (and possibly with new icons), you can organize them into thematic layouts. This can be based on app function, aesthetic themes, or any other categorization you prefer.

A Word on Third-Party Apps

While this guide focuses on using built-in iPhone features and the Shortcuts app, it’s worth noting that there are third-party apps available that can also assist in renaming apps. However, for most users, the methods outlined above will suffice and are generally safer and more integrated with the iOS ecosystem.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Restoring Original Names

If you decide to revert to the original app name, simply repeat the renaming process and enter the app’s default name. Or if you want to revert back completely you can:

  1. Delete the Shortcut by pressing and holding onto it. A menu will pop up that says ‘Delete Bookmark’.
  2. If you hid the original App Link, add it back to your home screen by searching for it on your App List, clicking and holding, and selecting ‘Add To Home Screen’.

Issues with Updating Apps

Occasionally, renaming apps might cause issues with updates or functionality. If this occurs, restoring the original name and icon often resolves these issues.


Renaming apps on your iPhone using shortcuts is a simple yet effective way to customize your device. Whether you use the Shortcuts app or the direct home screen method, the process is straightforward and can greatly enhance your user experience. Remember, your iPhone is a personal device, and small customizations like app renaming can make a big difference in how you interact with it.


  1. Can I rename any app on my iPhone? Yes, you can rename most apps on your iPhone using the built-in iOS features.
  2. Will renaming an app affect its functionality? No, renaming an app does not affect its functionality. It’s purely a cosmetic change.
  3. Can I undo the renaming of an app? Yes, you can revert to the original name by following the same steps and entering the app’s default name.
  4. Is it possible to rename apps without jailbreaking my iPhone? Yes, the methods described here do not require jailbreaking your iPhone.
  5. Can I change the name and icon of an app to anything I want? Yes, you can change the name and icon to any text or image you prefer, as long as it fits within the text and image parameters set by iOS.
  6. Can I use Siri to rename apps? While Siri can be used to run shortcuts, renaming apps through Siri is not currently supported.
  7. Are there any limitations to the names I can choose? While you have broad flexibility, it’s advisable to choose names that are easily recognizable and relevant to the app’s function.
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