Lenovo Preparing Automatic Repair
Lenovo Preparing Automatic Repair

At one point or another, you’ve probably seen a Windows repair screen pop up. In the old days it would always scan your hard disks after an improper shutdown. Nowadays, it could be triggered when there’s an issue that causes Windows to automatically restart, a driver conflict, etc. If you’re a Lenovo laptop user and your screen suddenly displays “Preparing Automatic Repair,” you might be alarmed, but usually it’s nothing. This message might seem cryptic, but it’s your laptop’s way of signaling that it’s attempting to self-diagnose and repair an issue. Most of the times Windows finds nothing and boots normally. Sometimes Windows will find something, repair it, and send you on your way. On rare occassion though, Windows will not be able to fix the problem and you’re stuck. Let’s dive deeper into what this means.

The Boot-Up Process

Understanding the “Preparing Automatic Repair” message requires a basic knowledge of the boot-up process. When you power on your Lenovo laptop, it undergoes a series of checks to ensure all systems are functional. If the laptop encounters an issue during startup, Windows tries to step in and fix it, hence triggering the automatic repair function.

Causes for “Preparing Automatic Repair”

There are several reasons why your Lenovo laptop might display this message:

Hardware Issues Faulty hardware components, like a malfunctioning hard drive or problematic RAM, can disrupt the laptop’s normal startup sequence.

Corrupted Files Essential system files required for booting up can get corrupted due to various reasons such as malware or abrupt shutdowns.

Improper Shutdowns Regularly shutting down your laptop improperly can lead to startup issues, as this can corrupt system files or damage the disk.

System Updates Sometimes, after a software or system update, there might be compatibility issues leading to boot problems.

How the Automatic Repair Works

When the “Preparing Automatic Repair” message appears, the laptop is:

Scanning and Diagnosing Your Lenovo laptop checks for any issues preventing it from booting up correctly.

Attempting Repairs If problems are detected, the system attempts to fix them automatically, which may include restoring system files or rectifying disk errors.

What to Do If Stuck on “Preparing Automatic Repair”

Sometimes, the repair process doesn’t resolve the issue, and your laptop might seem stuck. In such cases:

Wait Initially, give it some time. Repairs can sometimes be time-consuming.

Force Restart If the message persists, try force restarting your laptop a few times. This might push your laptop into the Windows Recovery Environment.

Boot into Safe Mode If the issue persists, you can attempt booting in Safe Mode to troubleshoot further or restore your system to a previous point.

Consult a Professional If all else fails, it might be time to consult a technician or professional for a more in-depth diagnosis.


The “Preparing Automatic Repair” message on your Lenovo laptop is a built-in diagnostic tool that Windows uses to detect and attempt to resolve boot-up issues. While it’s a handy feature, occasionally, it might need a helping hand to fully resolve the problem. Understanding what this message entails and knowing the steps to take can save you from potential frustration and get your laptop back in working order.


  1. Is “Preparing Automatic Repair” a bad sign for my Lenovo laptop? It’s not necessarily a bad sign, but it does indicate a startup issue that Windows is trying to resolve automatically.
  2. How long should the automatic repair take? Typically, it should only take a few minutes, but depending on the problem, it can sometimes last longer.
  3. Can I interrupt the automatic repair process? It’s best to let the process finish. However, if it’s clearly stuck, you might need to force restart.
  4. Will I lose any data during the automatic repair? The repair process itself shouldn’t delete any personal data. However, if further steps like a system restore are required, you might lose recent data.
  5. Is this issue exclusive to Lenovo laptops? No, the “Preparing Automatic Repair” is a Windows feature and can appear on any laptop or desktop running Windows.
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