Lines on Phone Screen
Lines on Phone Screen

There’s nothing more frustrating than booting up your smartphone and noticing unwelcome lines streaking across the display. Whether they’re horizontal, vertical, or just plain erratic, lines on your phone screen can hinder your user experience. So, how do you address and fix this pesky problem? Let’s delve in.

Understanding the Problem

Lines on a phone screen can arise due to various reasons:

  1. Physical Damage: A drop or a hard knock might cause internal components to misalign.
  2. Software Glitches: Sometimes, it’s not the hardware but the software that’s causing the issue.
  3. Liquid Damage: Spills or moisture can affect the display connectors and create lines.

Common Fixes for Lines on Phone Screen

Here’s a systematic approach to potentially rectifying the issue:

  1. Restart the Phone: Before diving into intricate solutions, always begin with a restart. This action can eliminate any temporary software glitches causing the lines.
  2. Check for Software Updates: Outdated software might have bugs. Go to Settings > System > Software Update (path might vary based on phone) and install any available updates.
  3. Press Gently Near the Lines: If you suspect a loose connection, gently pressing near the lines might help. However, ensure not to exert too much pressure, which could worsen the issue.
  4. Run in Safe Mode: Running your phone in safe mode will disable third-party apps. If the lines disappear in this mode, a third-party app might be the culprit.

Professional Intervention

If the aforementioned steps don’t yield results:

  1. Visit an Authorized Service Center: It’s always wise to consult professionals, especially when hardware issues are suspected. They have the tools and expertise to diagnose and fix the issue properly.
  2. Replace the Screen: If the internal display is damaged, a screen replacement might be the only viable solution. Ensure to get a genuine part replacement.

Preventive Measures

To minimize the risk of lines appearing on your phone screen:

  1. Use Protective Gear: Invest in a sturdy case and screen protector. This protection will reduce the risk of physical damage from accidental drops.
  2. Avoid Moist Environments: Keep your phone away from water sources, high humidity areas, and ensure it doesn’t stay in steamy environments like bathrooms during showers.


Lines on a phone screen, while distressing, are a solvable problem. With a mix of DIY solutions and professional assistance, you can usually restore your phone to its former glory. Always remember that preventive care is better than repairs, so handle your device with care.


  1. Are lines on a phone screen covered under warranty?
    • It depends on the warranty terms and the damage’s cause. If it’s a manufacturing defect, it’s usually covered. However, physical or liquid damage might not be.
  2. Can extreme temperatures cause lines on the screen?
    • Yes, exposing your phone to very high or low temperatures can affect the display. Always store your phone in a moderate temperature environment.
  3. Are screen lines permanent?
    • Not always. As discussed, sometimes they arise due to temporary software glitches or loose connections, which are fixable. But severe hardware damage might necessitate screen replacement.
  4. How much does it cost to replace a phone screen?
    • The cost varies based on the phone model, part availability, and service center rates. It’s advisable to get a quote before proceeding.
  5. Is it safe to use a phone with lines on the screen?
    • If the phone functions normally and the lines are the only issue, it’s typically safe. However, if the screen shows other signs of malfunction, it’s best to consult a technician.
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