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Meta Quest 2

No, Meta/Facebook did not offer a trade-up program when the Meta Quest 3 launched (despite rumors that they were considering it). So if you’re considering upgrading from the Quest 2 to the Quest 3, you won’t get any compensation for your old device. Since Meta didn’t have a program, some retailers did accommodate upgrades during the launch period, but that was so long ago those promotions have all expired.

How to Upgrade Your Meta Quest 2

Unfortunately, Meta does not currently offer a trade-in program specifically for upgrading your Quest 2 to a Quest 3. However, there are still several ways to lower the cost of your upgrade:

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Sell Your Quest 2

Several online platforms allow you to sell your used Quest 2 headset. Consider the following:

  • Online marketplaces: Popular options include Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Craigslist.
  • Electronics buyback services: Websites like Decluttr and Gazelle specialize in buying used electronics, including VR headsets.

Check for Third-Party Trade-in Programs

Some retailers may offer their own trade-in programs that accept Quest 2 headsets, although these can be limited. Explore these possibilities:

  • Electronics retailers: Stores like Best Buy or GameStop may have trade-in options on occasion. Check their websites or contact your local stores for details.

Wait for Sales and Promotions

Meta occasionally offers sales or promotions on the Quest 3. Keep an eye on these channels:

  • Meta website: Check Meta’s website and social media channels regularly.
  • Retailer websites: Monitor online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy for potential deals.

Here’s a table summarizing your options for upgrading your Quest 2 to a Quest 3:

Sell your Quest 2List your headset on online platforms for resale.Potential to recover higher costsRequires dealing with buyers and shipping
Third-party trade-in programsTrade in your headset to a retailer or buyback service.Convenient processMay receive lower value
Wait for sales or promotionsPurchase your Quest 3 during a sale periodCan save moneyRequires timing and patience

Alternatives to Meta’s Trade-In Program

No major electronics stores (i.e., Gamestop, Amazon, Bestbuy, etc.) appear to be accepting Quest 2 trade-ins at this time but call your local stores to see if there are options available.

Usually Gamestop is a good place to try but they do not list the Quest 2 on their website at this time. Local stores may give you an offer, however.

If retail trade-in options don’t work out, the easiest way to sell your device is on Ebay or Offerup. You can see how much the Meta Quest 2 headsets are going for on Ebay by visiting their VR section:

To sell on Offerup you simply download their app, post a picture with your price & description, and go from there:

Compatibility Between Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3

Even though you can’t trade in your Quest 2 directly for a Quest 3, it’s worth mentioning that both devices can coexist and function together. If you decide to keep your Quest 2 while purchasing a Quest 3, you’ll be able to use both headsets on the Meta app. The app allows you to have a maximum of two VR headsets registered. Furthermore, you can transfer your games from the Quest 2 to the Quest 3, which is a nice touch for those wanting to maintain their existing game library while enjoying the new features of the Quest 3​​.

Understanding the Meta Quest 3 Upgrade

Now, let’s explore what you’re getting with the Quest 3 that might motivate you to consider an upgrade. The Quest 3 is a step up in several aspects, including performance, display quality, and immersive experiences. It’s designed for users looking for more advanced VR gaming and applications. However, remember that the upgrade comes with a significant price tag, and without a direct trade-in option, the total cost might be a bit higher than expected.


Can I trade in my Meta Quest 2 at Meta for a Quest 3?

No, Meta does not offer a trade-in or loyalty program for upgrading from Quest 2 to Quest 3​​.

Where can I trade in my Meta Quest 2?

Most retailers won’t allow trade in but look for local promotions in your area. Our suggestion is to sell your device on eBay to get value that way.

Do I need to reset my Meta Quest 2 before trading it in?

Yes, it’s advised to factory reset your Meta Quest 2 before trading it in to protect your personal data​​.

Can I use both Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 together?

Yes, you can use both the Quest 2 and Quest 3 on the Meta app, and transfer games between them​​.

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