RCS Texting
RCS Texting

No. When you block a number on your iPhone, the blocked party is no longer able to call you and their text messages are left undelivered. This is part of Apple’s design to give iPhone users control over their communications. Specifically, when you send a text to someone who has blocked you, the message will appear to have been sent on your device, but the recipient’s phone will not receive it. This occurs whether the message is an iMessage or an SMS.

Blocked BySender SeesRecipient SeesSMS Delivered
iPhone“Delivered”NothingNo. Recipient Will not get texts from you.

The process might seem confusing because your phone might say it’s sending a message as an SMS. However, if the phone number is blocked, the message will not reach its intended destination. This built-in feature helps protect users’ privacy and ensures they only receive messages from contacts they wish to communicate with. The sender is given no direct notification about the recipient having blocked them—it’s designed to work silently.

Unmasking the Mystery: SMS Delivery and iPhone Blocking

The question of whether an SMS will be delivered if you’re blocked on an iPhone has a nuanced answer.

Understanding the Blocking Mechanism on iPhone

When you block someone on an iPhone, it affects both iMessage (blue bubbles) and SMS/MMS (green bubbles).

  • iMessage: iMessages will not be delivered to the blocked contact. You will typically see a “Delivered” status, but this is misleading. The message never reaches the recipient’s device.
  • SMS/MMS: The behavior of SMS/MMS messages can vary depending on carrier settings and iOS versions. However, in most cases, the blocked contact will not receive your text messages.

“Delivered” Status: A Misleading Indicator

The “Delivered” status under a text message can be confusing when someone is blocked. Even if you see this status, it doesn’t guarantee that the message was actually received by the blocked contact. This is because the message may have been delivered to the carrier’s network but not to the recipient’s device due to the block.

Alternative Scenarios

There are a few scenarios where you might see a “Delivered” status even if the recipient has blocked you:

  • Delayed Delivery: Network issues or the recipient’s phone being offline might cause a delay in message delivery.
  • Carrier Settings: Some carriers might show a “Delivered” status even if the message is ultimately blocked.

Table of SMS Delivery Scenarios When Blocked on iPhone

Message TypeDelivery StatusActual Delivery
iMessage“Delivered” (misleading)No
SMS/MMS“Delivered” (possible, but not guaranteed)Usually No

It’s important to note that there is no definitive way to know if someone has blocked you on their iPhone based on SMS delivery status alone.

Key Takeaways

  • Blocking a contact on an iPhone stops both calls and messages from that number.
  • Messages sent to a blocked contact appear to be sent but are not delivered.
  • There is no direct notification to the sender that their message was blocked.

Understanding Blocking on iPhone

When someone decides to block a contact on their iPhone, it prevents certain forms of communication with the blocked number. Let’s explore how this feature works and how you can tell if someone has blocked you.

How Blocking Works on iOS

iOS allows users to block contacts, preventing unwanted communication. The steps to block a contact are simple. First, open the Settings app and tap on Phone, Messages, or FaceTime, depending on where you want to block the contact. Next, navigate to Blocked Contacts and add the number or contact you wish to block. Once blocked, the user will not receive phone calls, messages, or FaceTime calls from that number. Keep in mind that blocking someone is a privacy feature designed to give users control over who can reach them.

Messages sent from blocked numbers will not alert the recipient’s phone in any way. No notification will appear and the blocked party will not know their status as it relates to the recipient’s phone. The Delivery Status of messages will not show “Delivered” and Read Receipts will not be sent. However, it’s important to know that the blocked party may still see a “Sent” status on their end.

Indicators of Being Blocked

Determining if you’ve been blocked by someone can be indirect as iOS preserves a person’s privacy by not giving a clear notification of the block. But here are signs to look for:

  • Sent Messages Don’t Show “Delivered”: If you see that your iMessages are sent but do not show a “Delivered” status, it might be a clue.
  • Delivery Status of Texts: If messages aren’t going through and there is no delivery status, this might suggest you’ve been blocked.
  • Call Behavior: Calls may ring once or go directly to voicemail without ringing. You won’t receive a response or a callback.

Another thing to note is that Do Not Disturb or Focus Mode can also affect message delivery and call notifications. For example, if someone has enabled these features, your calls might go straight to voicemail and messages might not show a delivery status. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been blocked, as these features have a similar effect on incoming communications.

When trying to understand if you’ve been blocked, look for the signs mentioned above with the awareness that these could also be because of a privacy or focus setting and not a block.

Effects of Blocking on Communication Channels

When someone gets blocked on an iPhone, it can cause different behaviors depending on the method of communication used. The following details give an insight into what changes occur across various channels when a contact is blocked.

Impact on iMessage and SMS

Blocked contacts cannot send iMessages to the number that has restricted them. These messages will not appear on the recipient’s device. Similarly, SMS messages from a blocked number will not be delivered. The sender may see the message status as “Sent as Text Message,” but the green text bubble indicative of SMS will not reach the intended receiver. It is misleading since the message might be marked as sent without a delivery notification.

Phone Calls and Voicemail Behavior

Once a phone number is blocked on an iPhone, calls coming from that number will not ring through. The blocked caller is diverted to voicemail. However, voicemails from blocked numbers are kept in a separate voicemail section, clearly marked and excluded from the regular list of messages. This feature keeps unwanted calls organized and outside the main call log.

Changes in Other Messaging and Social Apps

Social media and other third-party messaging apps operate differently from Apple’s iMessage and SMS service. While an iPhone block will stop calls and messages through these Apple services, it doesn’t affect communication through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or Twitter. Blocking contacts on social media platforms or messaging apps typically requires a separate action within each specific app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing how iPhones handle blocked text messages can save you from confusion and worry.

Will a text message indicate ‘delivered’ if the recipient has blocked me?

If the recipient has blocked your number, your text message will not show ‘delivered’. iPhones do not notify the sender of the blocked status.

What occurs to SMS messages when the recipient has blocked my number on their iPhone?

SMS messages sent to a number that has blocked you will not be delivered. The recipient’s iPhone will not receive or store these messages.

Is there a method to discern if my number has been blocked on an iPhone without sending a message?

Without sending a message, it is hard to tell if you’ve been blocked. Observing that calls ring once and go to voicemail or texts do not get a ‘delivered’ receipt could be indirect signs.

After unblocking a number on iPhone, do previously sent but blocked messages get delivered?

Once a number is unblocked, messages sent during the block period will not get delivered retrospectively. Unblock does not affect past messages.

How does blocking affect message delivery status on iPhone’s iMessage and SMS?

When blocked on iPhone, iMessage or SMS will not reach the recipient or impact delivery status. The status ‘delivered’ will not appear for the sender.

Is it possible to know if my text was delivered on iPhone if the recipient has blocked me?

You cannot confirm the delivery of your text on iPhone if the recipient has blocked you. There will be no delivery confirmation for the blocked sender.

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