How To Schedule Text iPhone
How To Schedule Text iPhone

Dive into the world of iPhone messaging. Discover if and how you can schedule texts on an iPhone for those perfectly-timed messages.

Introduction: The Need to Schedule

Life is fast-paced. Sometimes, you want to send a message at a specific time, be it a birthday wish at midnight or a reminder during business hours. But can you actually schedule a text on an iPhone?

iPhone’s Native Capabilities: The Messaging Landscape

iPhones, known for their sophisticated design and features, have always sought to enhance user experience. However, when it comes to native messaging capabilities, there’s more than meets the eye.

Can You Directly Schedule a Text on iPhone?

To cut to the chase: As of now, the iPhone’s default messaging app does not offer an in-built feature to schedule texts. However, worry not! There are workarounds and third-party apps that come to the rescue.

Workarounds to Schedule Texts

  1. Using Siri: A Virtual Assistant’s Help
    • Command Siri by saying, “Hey Siri, remind me to send a message to [Name] at [specific time].”
    • Siri will create a reminder for you, but you’d still have to send the message manually.
  2. Automations with Shortcuts:
    • Apple’s “Shortcuts” app allows some level of automation.
    • You can create a custom automation that sends a message at a particular time, but it still requires a manual confirmation.

Third-Party Apps: Scheduling Made Easy

Several apps on the App Store allow you to schedule texts:

  1. Scheduled App
    • Offers a simple interface to draft and schedule messages.
    • Sends you a notification when it’s time to send your scheduled message.
  2. AutoSender – Automatic SMS Scheduler
    • Uses cloud services to send messages without requiring manual intervention.
    • Free to use with in-app purchases for additional credits.

Why Doesn’t Apple Offer a Native Scheduling Feature?

While it’s surprising for many, Apple has always prioritized immediate communication. This may change in future iOS updates, but as of now, scheduled texting remains in the domain of third-party apps.

My Personal Experience: Timed to Perfection

On a friend’s birthday, I wanted to be the first to wish him. Using a third-party app, I scheduled my message for midnight. The joy it brought him and the convenience it offered me made me appreciate the beauty of scheduled messages.


Are third-party texting apps safe?
While many are trustworthy, always read reviews and check permissions before downloading. Privacy should always be paramount.

Will Apple introduce a scheduling feature soon?
Only time will tell. Apple often updates iOS with new features, so it’s possible in future iterations.

Do scheduled texts use regular SMS charges?
Yes, scheduled texts from third-party apps usually utilize your standard SMS or iMessage, so regular charges apply.


While iPhones do not natively support text scheduling as of yet, the plethora of third-party apps and workarounds ensure you’re never late in sending that perfect message. It’s a blend of manual reminders and automation, ensuring your messages are always on point.

External Source: Apple’s official support page on Messaging

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