how to share airtag location
how to share airtag location

With the surge in smart devices, the way we track and share objects’ locations has evolved significantly. Apple’s AirTag is one such device that promises ease of use and robust tracking capabilities. But how do you share its location? Let’s explore.

What is an AirTag?

An AirTag is a compact, coin-shaped device by Apple designed to track objects. It uses Bluetooth technology and integrates seamlessly with the Find My app on iOS devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Precision Finding: With the help of U1 chip, it guides you directly to your misplaced items.
  • Lost Mode: If you lose an item, the AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices.
  • Privacy & Security: Location data is encrypted and anonymous, ensuring user privacy.

Reasons to Share AirTag Location

Keeping Loved Ones Informed

For parents, sharing an AirTag’s location attached to a child’s backpack can offer peace of mind when they’re away.

Collaborative Activities

Planning a picnic or an outdoor event? Attaching an AirTag to your gear and sharing its location makes it easier for friends to find the spot.


In situations where immediate location sharing is crucial, an AirTag can be a valuable tool.

Step-by-Step: How to Share AirTag Location

  1. Set Up Your AirTag: Ensure your AirTag is set up and linked to the Find My app.
  2. Open Find My App: Navigate to the “Items” tab.
  3. Select Your AirTag: Tap on the name of the AirTag you wish to share.
  4. Share Location: Tap on “Share My Location” and choose the contact you want to share with.
  5. Send Invitation: The selected contact will receive an invitation to view the AirTag’s location. Once they accept, they can track the item in real-time.

Safety Considerations

While sharing an AirTag’s location is beneficial, it’s vital to ensure it’s done safely. Avoid sharing locations with unfamiliar parties, and regularly review and manage your shared locations for security.


Apple’s AirTag offers a blend of convenience and innovative technology, making location sharing a breeze. Whether for everyday use or specific events, sharing your AirTag location can be both functional and reassuring, provided it’s done with safety in mind.


  1. Can I share my AirTag location with non-iOS users?
    • While the primary sharing function is designed for iOS users, you can share your location using the “Find My” web version for non-iOS users.
  2. Is there a limit to how many people I can share my AirTag location with?
    • As of the last update, there’s no specified limit, but it’s wise to share only with trusted individuals for safety reasons.
  3. Can someone track me without my knowledge using an AirTag?
    • Apple has designed AirTags with privacy in mind. If an unknown AirTag is moving with you, your iPhone will alert you.
  4. How long does the AirTag’s battery last?
    • The AirTag comes with a user-replaceable CR2032 battery that typically lasts for about a year.
  5. Does sharing my AirTag’s location affect its battery life?
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