LG Cinebeam Q
LG Cinebeam Q

LG introduces a new addition to the realm of home entertainment with the LG CineBeam Q projector. This device brings cinema-quality visuals right into the comfort of one’s home or even outdoors. With a resolution of 4K UHD, which amounts to 3840 x 2160 pixels, the projector promises high-resolution images, ensuring that every detail is crisp and vivid. The projector is armed with a 3 channel laser light source which contributes to its superior image quality and color accuracy.

LG CineBeam Q

SpecificationLG CineBeam Q HU710PBLG CineBeam Q HU715QNotes
TypePortable Smart Laser ProjectorUltra Short Throw Laser Projector
Brightness500 ANSI lumens2500 ANSI lumensHU715Q significantly brighter
ResolutionUp to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)Up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)Both models support 4K
Projection Size50 – 120 inches80-120 inches (depending on distance)
Contrast Ratio450,000:12,000,000:1HU715Q has a superior contrast ratio
Smart FeaturesWebOS, AirPlay 2, Screen MirroringWebOS, AirPlay 2, Screen MirroringBoth offer smart features
SoundBuilt-in speakerBuilt-in speaker (more powerful on HU715Q)Both have speakers, but the HU715Q is louder
Throw RatioStandard (1.94 – 2.43)Ultra Short Throw (0.22)HU715Q can project large image from very close distance

The LG CineBeam Q isn’t just about powerful performance; it’s also designed with user convenience in mind. It includes an Auto Screen Adjustment feature for optimal picture setup, which saves time and hassle during initial setup. Its compatibility with popular streaming services through LG webOS allows access to a wide variety of content. Furthermore, the projector supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Screen Share, making it easy to project from diverse devices. With the ability to create a display up to 120 inches, it offers an immersive viewing experience suited for various settings.

Key Takeaways

  • The LG CineBeam Q projector offers a 4K UHD resolution and a 3 channel laser light source for high-quality images.
  • User-friendly features include Auto Screen Adjustment and compatibility with LG webOS for streaming.
  • The projector’s large screen potential and device compatibility make it versatile for different viewing environments.

LG CineBeam Q (HU710PB) Review

FeatureRating (1-5)Explanation
Picture Quality4Good 4K resolution and color accuracy, though limited brightness makes it best suited for darker rooms.
Portability5Lightweight and compact design makes it genuinely portable, perfect for taking places.
Ease of Use5WebOS smart platform is user-friendly, setup is quick, and features like auto-keystone are convenient.
Sound Quality2.5The built-in speaker is sufficient for basic audio, but lacks power and depth for movies or music.
Value4Priced more affordably than the HU715Q, offering a great balance of portability and good image quality.
LG CineBeam HU715QW

LG CineBeam Q (HU715Q) Review

FeatureRating (1-5)Explanation
Picture Quality4.5Excellent 4K resolution, good color accuracy, and brightness. Some minor contrast limitations in very dark scenes.
Portability4More compact than traditional projectors, but still requires a surface and power outlet. However, ultra-short throw is very convenient.
Ease of Use5Smart features are intuitive, setup is straightforward, and the auto-keystone feature is helpful.
Sound Quality3Built-in speaker is adequate for casual viewing, but external speakers are recommended for a better experience.
Value3.5The price is high, but it delivers excellent image quality and portability compared to competitors.

LG CineBeam Q: HU710PB vs. HU715Q

Brightness500 ANSI lumens2500 ANSI lumensHU715Q
Throw RatioStandardUltra Short ThrowHU715Q
PortabilityMore portableSlightly less portableHU710PB
SoundWeaker speakerMore powerful speakerHU715Q
PriceMore affordableMore expensiveHU710PB


  • HU710PB is best for:
    • Users prioritizing portability above all else (traveling presentations, backyard movies)
    • Those often using it in darker rooms where brightness is less of a concern.
    • Budget-conscious buyers who value the balance of features and cost.
  • HU715Q is best for:
    • Users who want the brightest, best picture quality in a variety of lighting conditions.
    • Those desiring a more permanent home theater setup (ultra-short throw is ideal)
    • Those who want better sound quality without external speakers.


Both projectors are excellent, but it comes down to these priorities:

  • Ultimate portability + affordability: HU710PB
  • Superior image quality + convenience: HU715Q

Key Features of the LG CineBeam Q

The LG CineBeam Q projector is a premium device designed to deliver a high-quality viewing experience. It offers detailed imaging with resolute clarity and a suite of connectivity options packed into a sleek form factor for easy movement.

Picture Quality and Resolution

The CineBeam Q boasts a 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) that ensures crisp and vivid images. It integrates a 3-channel laser light source which provides high brightness and a stark contrast for deep blacks and bright whites. The projector supports a wide color spectrum with the DCI-P3 color gamut, and with a 450,000:1 contrast ratio, viewers can enjoy rich colors and detailed shadows.

Connectivity Options

This 4K projector is well-equipped for modern streaming needs. It includes Wi-Fi network capability for Internet connection and runs LG’s webOS for easy access to streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and more. It is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 which allows users to stream from their iOS devices. Miracast and Bluetooth are also available for additional connectivity methods to stream content or connect to external speakers.

Design and Portability

LG designed the CineBeam Q with portability in mind. It features a minimal modern design that fits into various indoor and outdoor settings. The built-in handle is not only a unique touch but also rotatable 360 degrees, doubling as a kickstand. This versatility turns the projector into a lifestyle companion ready for a multitude of scenarios.

Purchasing Information

When considering the purchase of the LG CineBeam Q, model HU710PB, buyers should be aware of the ordering process and available deals. This section outlines key information to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

Availability and Ordering

The LG CineBeam Q HU710PB projector is available for order on the LG official website, lg.com. As of the latest update, customers have the opportunity to pre-order the device, an option that works on a first come, first served basis. Taxes and shipping may apply upon checkout, and terms of purchase are stated clearly on the website. Customers should note that availability may vary by region, including differences between the UK, Australia, and other countries.

Promotions and Savings

For a limited time, from March 18, 2024, to April 7, 2024, LG offers a promotional deal. Customers who pre-order the HU710PB model can receive an XBOOM 360 speaker at no extra cost. The terms related to this special offer are detailed on the product page. Additionally, those who commit to the pre-order could benefit from substantial savings. It is worth checking for any potential rebates or discounts that may apply to ensure the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries about the LG CineBeam 4K projector to help users enjoy a seamless experience with their device.

How do I troubleshoot connectivity issues with my LG CineBeam projector?

If you face connectivity problems with your LG CineBeam projector, first check all cable connections to ensure they are secure. Next, verify that the projector’s firmware is up to date. You can update it via the LG CineBeam Q App or through the projector’s settings menu.

What are the steps to connect a smartphone to the LG CineBeam projector?

To connect your smartphone to the LG CineBeam projector, download the LG CineBeam Q App. Open the app, and follow the instructions to connect your phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Your phone’s screen will then be mirrored on the projector.

Which features distinguish the LG CineBeam 4K projector from other models?

The LG CineBeam 4K projector stands out with its 8.3 million pixels and 120-inch screen capability. It offers a 450,000:1 contrast ratio and 154% DCI-P3 color range. An Auto Screen Adjustment feature calibrates screen alignment and focus swiftly.

Where can I find the manual for the LG CineBeam projector?

You can get the manual for the LG CineBeam projector from the LG website. Visit the support section, select the projector model, and download the user manual directly.

What is the price range for the LG CineBeam projector in various markets, including Canada and New Zealand?

The price for the LG CineBeam projector varies by market. In Canada and New Zealand, expect a range that reflects the latest models and features. Check with local retailers or the official LG website for the most current pricing.

Can you list some expert reviews of the LG CineBeam projector for home theater enthusiasts?

For expert reviews of the LG CineBeam projector, look for technology blogs, electronics review sites, or YouTube channels that specialize in home theater systems. Reviews often cover performance, features, and value to help make an informed decision.

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