Pebblebee Clip
Pebblebee Clip

The Pebblebee is a set of small wireless trackers designed to help you keep track of your personal items like wallets and purses. The device is slim and easy to slide into tight spaces. It works with the Apple Find My network and has a long battery life of up to 18 months per charge. You can also track it using the Google Find My Device™ app or Pebblebee’s own app for both Android and iOS users. The Pebblebee is designed to provide a reliable solution for finding misplaced items.

Pebblebee Tracker Options

Tracker ModelKey FeaturesBest For
Pebblebee Clip* Rechargeable (12-month battery) * Works with Apple Find My and Pebblebee app * Loud sound, bright LED * Small and lightweight* Tracking keys, backpacks, luggage * Versatile due to Find My compatibility
Pebblebee Card* Rechargeable (18-month battery) * Works with Apple Find My and Pebblebee app * Loud sound, bright LED * Slim design for wallets* Keeping track of wallets or bags * Great for those within the Apple ecosystem
Pebblebee Found LTE* GPS + LTE (global tracking) * Rechargeable * Water-resistant * Subscription required* Tracking pets, cars, or high-value items * Longer-range tracking needs

Additional Notes:

  • Compatibility: Be sure to check if you have an iOS or Android device, as not all trackers work with both. Apple Find My compatibility offers a wider tracking network.
  • Range: Bluetooth range is typically around 500 feet. Found LTE has unlimited range with GPS.
  • Price: Pebblebee Clip and Card are generally around $30, while Found LTE is more expensive and involves a subscription.
  • Water Resistance: Some models have a degree of water resistance, making them better for outdoor use or pet tracking.

AirTag vs. Pebblebee: Which Tracker is Right for You?

Both Apple AirTags and Pebblebee trackers help you locate lost items. But they have key differences that might make one a better choice for you. Let’s break down how they compare:

Features at a Glance

FeatureAirTagPebblebee Clip
NetworkApple’s Find My (millions of users)Find My compatible (growing network)
Precision FindingYes (with Ultra-wideband)No
VolumeLouder than expectedLouder than AirTag
Water resistanceIP67 ratedIP66 rated
Battery TypeReplaceable CR2032 coin batteryRechargeable
Battery LifeAround 1 yearUp to 6 months

Which Do I Choose?

Consider these factors when deciding:

  • The importance of precision: Need help finding things within close range? AirTag’s Ultra-wideband technology is unmatched.
  • Need for a loud alert: Pebblebee’s higher volume is easier to hear.
  • How often you lose things: If you constantly misplace items, Pebblebee’s rechargeable battery might save you money over replacing AirTag batteries.
  • Android vs. iPhone: If you’re an Android user, Pebblebee can still leverage the Find My network, whereas AirTags essentially require an iPhone.

The Bottom Line

Both AirTags and Pebblebee trackers are effective. The best choice may depend on your priorities. Consider the features most valuable to you and your specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Pebblebee is geared towards preventing the loss of personal items with its discreet, wallet-sized design.
  • It integrates with Apple’s Find My network and offers an extensive 18-month battery life.
  • User-friendly features and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices make the device accessible to a broad audience.

Product Overview

When looking to keep track of important items like wallets or bags, the Pebblebee offers a compact and efficient solution. In this overview, we’ll explore the specific features that contribute to its convenience and functionality.

Design and Specifications

The Pebblebee is a slender item tracker that fits comfortably inside a wallet, much like a credit card. It has a slim profile and a smooth matte black finish that adds to its modern appearance. Here are the key design specs:

  • Dimensions: 2.1 x 3.3 inches
  • Thickness: Comparable to a few stacked credit cards
  • Weight: Light enough to go unnoticed when carried
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Water Resistance: IPX6 rating, protecting against high-pressure water jets
  • Sound: Equipped with a loud buzzer to assist users in finding their items

The card’s design features a compact and sturdy build, suitable for everyday use without adding bulk.

Compatibility and Connectivity

The Pebblebee Card is compatible with both iOS and Android devices:

  • iOS: Works with the Apple Find My network
  • Android: Connects to Google’s Find My Device network with pending compatibility
  • Bluetooth: Utilizes Bluetooth for connectivity
  • Bluetooth Range: Effective range up to 500 feet

The tracker can be paired with the smartphone through the Pebblebee app, which acts as the control hub for the device’s various features.

Battery and Charging

A key aspect of the Pebblebee Card’s design is its rechargeable battery:

  • Battery Life: Lasts up to 18 months per charge
  • Charging Method: Magnetic charger or USB-C for convenience

The long battery life minimizes the need for frequent charging, and the magnetic charging mechanism ensures the device is easy to power up when needed. This combination of extended battery duration and effortless recharging contributes to the overall user-friendly experience of the Pebblebee Card.

Usage and Features

The Pebblebee Card serves as a reliable tool to track and maintain the whereabouts of personal belongings. Its integration with Apple’s Find My network broadens its tracking reach, allowing owners to locate their items globally using a vast network of Apple devices.

Setting Up and Pairing

To begin, users should charge their Pebblebee Card fully and download the appropriate application for their device, available on both iOS and Android platforms. For iOS users, navigating to the Apple Find My app is necessary to pair the device. Android users will pair through the Pebblebee app. Following screen prompts leads to a successful link between the Card and the user’s account. Those with Apple Watches or iPads can also pair their Card through their respective devices, ensuring seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem.

Tracking and Finding Items

Once paired, the Card’s primary function is to track location of easily misplaced objects like keys or wallets. Users can view their item’s location on a map. Should an item go missing, the device’s bright LED and audio alerts assist in retrieval. The global range of the Find My™ app, supported by millions of Apple devices, extends this functionality, offering a wide net to recover lost items. If a factory reset is needed, users can follow simple steps in the settings to restore their Card to default state.

Durability and Maintenance

The Pebblebee Card is designed with resilience in mind, featuring IPX6 water-resistant capabilities to endure accidental spills. Its slim form does not sacrifice durability and requires minimal maintenance, with an extended 18-month battery life on a single charge. In terms of warranty, users benefit from a 1-year limited warranty, guaranteeing additional peace of mind for their purchase. Regularly cleaning the Card with a dry cloth and ensuring it stays dry will maintain its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you get a new Pebblebee Card, you might have some questions about how to use it. This section aims to answer the most common ones, so you can begin tracking your items quickly and easily.

How do I set up the Pebblebee Card with my smartphone?

To set up your new Pebblebee Card, start by pressing the button under the Pebblebee logo twice. This should make your item beep and flash. Open the Pebblebee app on your smartphone and tap “Other supported item”. Your phone will pop up a message once it finds the Pebblebee Card. Just follow the instructions in the app to name your item and link it to your Apple ID. Finish by tapping on ‘Finish’.

What are the differences between the Pebblebee Card and the Pebblebee Clip?

The Pebblebee Card and the Pebblebee Clip have different designs meant for different uses. While both can help you find lost items, the Card is slim and perfect for wallets, with a battery life up to 18 months on a charge. The Clip, on the other hand, might be better suited for keys or bags and could have different features or battery life.

How does connectivity between the Pebblebee Card and Android devices function?

The Pebblebee Card works with Android devices through the appropriate app. Users can connect their card to their device and access tracker functions. The connection process and feature availability can vary with different Android devices, so it’s best to check the app or the device’s compatibility.

Is there a need for a subscription to use the full features of a Pebblebee Card?

No, there’s no subscription needed to use a Pebblebee Card. All features available are included without extra charge. Users don’t have to pay ongoing fees to track their items and access the full functionality of their device.

What are users saying about the Pebblebee Card on platforms like Reddit?

Users on platforms like Reddit generally share their personal experiences with the Pebblebee Card. They discuss the device efficiency, battery life, and design. Threads provide a mix of opinions, with many appreciating the card’s features and some offering tips or noting areas for improvement.

In comparison to Chipolo, what advantages does the Pebblebee Card offer?

The Pebblebee Card differs from competitors like Chipolo by focusing on its integration with the Apple Find My network, allowing a wide range of Apple devices to help locate a missing wallet, for instance. The sleek design, long battery life, and no need for a subscription plan also set it apart. Additionally, features like being water-resistant up to IPX6 make it a tough competitor in the item tracking space.

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