List of every iPad Generation
List of every iPad Generation

Here’s a list of every iPad generation released so far. Last updated 8/7/2023:

List of iPad Models

ModelRelease date
iPad (1st generation)04/03/10
iPad (2nd generation)03/11/11
iPad (3rd generation)03/16/12
iPad (4th generation)11/02/12
iPad (5th generation)03/24/17
iPad (6th generation)03/27/18
iPad (7th generation)09/25/19
iPad (8th generation)09/18/20
iPad (9th generation)09/24/21
iPad (10th generation)10/26/22

List of iPad Pro Models

iPad Pro (1st generation) 12.9-inch11/11/15
iPad Pro (1st generation) 9.7-inch03/31/16
iPad Pro (2nd gen) 10.5-inch06/13/17
iPad Pro (2nd generation) 12.9-inch06/13/17
iPad Pro (3rd generation)11/07/18
iPad Pro (4th generation)03/25/20
iPad Pro (5th generation)05/21/21
iPad Pro (6th generation)10/26/22

List of iPad Mini Models

iPad Mini (1st generation)11/02/12
iPad Mini 211/12/13
iPad Mini 310/22/14
iPad Mini 409/09/15
iPad Mini (5th generation)03/18/19
iPad Mini (6th generation)09/24/21

List of iPad Air Models

iPad Air (1st generation)11/01/13
iPad Air 210/22/14
iPad Air (3rd generation)03/18/19
iPad Air (4th generation)10/23/20
iPad Air (5th generation)03/18/22

Join us as we navigate through the evolution of the iPad, Apple’s ground-breaking tablet that has reshaped the landscape of mobile computing.

The Dawn of the iPad Era

Apple introduced the first iPad in 2010, marking the beginning of a new chapter in mobile technology. Since then, multiple generations of iPads have graced the market, each bringing unique innovations.

1st Generation iPad (2010)

The iPad that started it all, featuring a 9.7-inch display and Apple’s A4 chip.

2nd Generation iPad (2011)

The iPad 2 offered a thinner design, improved performance with the A5 chip, and introduced cameras for the first time.

3rd Generation iPad (2012)

This iPad boasted a Retina Display and A5X chip for better performance and visuals.

4th Generation iPad (2012)

With an A6X chip and the introduction of the Lightning connector, the 4th gen iPad offered enhanced speed and convenience.

iPad Air Generations

Apple launched the iPad Air series in 2013, with a lighter and thinner design compared to its predecessors.

iPad Mini Generations

The iPad Mini series, a compact version of the iPad, was introduced in 2012 and has seen multiple generations since.

iPad Pro Generations

Introduced in 2015, the iPad Pro series cater to power users with robust specifications and features like ProMotion, Apple Pencil support, and Face ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the latest generation of the iPad?

As of 2023, the latest generation is the iPad 10th generation, iPad Air 5th generation, iPad Mini 6th generation, and iPad Pro 6th generation.

How can I identify my iPad generation?

You can find your iPad model number in Settings > General > About. Match this model number with Apple’s official list to identify your iPad generation.

What are the main differences between iPad generations?

Each iPad generation brings updates in design, performance, display quality, camera capabilities, and other features. The difference can range from minor improvements to significant overhauls.


Apple’s iPad has come a long way since its inception, with each generation furthering the boundary of what a tablet can do. Whether you’re a casual user or a professional, there’s an iPad model tailored to meet your needs.

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