Track your child with an Airtag
Track your child with an Airtag

Navigating the world of technology and parenting can be challenging, especially when it comes to using devices like Apple’s AirTags. Many parents wonder if AirTags, typically used to track items, can be repurposed to keep tabs on their children. Here’s an in-depth look into this question.

Understanding AirTags

AirTags are small, coin-shaped devices designed by Apple to help users keep track of their personal belongings like keys, wallets, or bags. They use Apple’s vast Find My network to update the location of these tagged items.

AirTags for Child Tracking: A Perspective

  1. Usage by Parents: Some parents have experimented with using AirTags to track their children. For example, a viral TikTok post showed a mom using the AirTag’s sound feature to locate her kids. However, the effectiveness and appropriateness of using AirTags for tracking children are debatable​​.
  2. Apple’s Stance: Apple explicitly advises against using AirTags to track people, including children. The company suggests alternative methods, like using an Apple Watch with Family Setup, for keeping tabs on kids’ whereabouts​​.
  3. Limitations in Real-Time Tracking: AirTags do not offer real-time tracking capabilities. They update location information when they come in close proximity to devices in the Find My network. This limitation makes them less reliable for continuously monitoring a child’s location, especially in environments where other Apple devices are scarce​​.

Ethical Considerations

Using AirTags to track children raises important ethical questions:

  1. Privacy and Trust: Constant tracking could potentially lead to trust issues between parents and children. It’s crucial to consider the child’s privacy and how they might feel about being tracked without their knowledge​​.
  2. False Sense of Security: Relying solely on AirTags for child safety might give parents a false sense of security, as these devices are not fail-proof and are not designed for tracking people.

Alternatives to AirTags for Child Safety

For parents looking for ways to ensure their child’s safety, there are alternatives to consider:

  1. Apple Watch with Family Setup: Offers GPS tracking and communication features suitable for children.
  2. GPS Trackers Designed for Kids: Devices specifically designed for tracking children often come with additional features like emergency SOS, geofencing, and more.

Best Practices for Using Tech with Kids

  1. Open Communication: Discuss the use of technology and its limitations with your children. Ensure they understand why and how a device is being used.
  2. Age-Appropriate Solutions: Choose tracking and safety solutions that are appropriate for your child’s age and maturity level.
  3. Make Sure To Check Batteries: When using tech to do something as important as tracking your child, you’ll want to make sure you don’t lose power & lose track of the device. AirTags do stop working when the battery dies so keep that in mind.


In summary, while technically possible, using AirTags to track children is not recommended by Apple and poses several ethical and practical challenges. For child safety, consider alternatives designed with children’s tracking and security in mind, and always prioritize open communication and age-appropriate solutions.


  1. Can AirTags provide exact location details of my child? No, AirTags do not provide real-time tracking and their location updates depend on the proximity to devices in the Find My network.
  2. Are there any legal issues with using AirTags to track children? While not illegal, it’s important to consider ethical aspects and the child’s right to privacy.
  3. How can I ensure my child’s safety without using AirTags? Consider using devices designed for child tracking, like GPS watches, and establish safety protocols and open communication with your child.
  4. Do AirTags work in areas without many Apple devices? The effectiveness of AirTags decreases in areas with fewer devices in the Find My network.
  5. Is it better to use an Apple Watch for tracking my child? An Apple Watch with Family Setup is a more suitable and recommended option for tracking and communicating with children.
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