Turn Off Sticky Keys
Turn Off Sticky Keys

Need to turn off Sticky Keys on your Windows PC? The quickest way is to press the Shift key five times in a row. This will disable the Sticky Keys feature without any on-screen confirmation, but it will be turned off.

Disabling Sticky Keys via Settings in Windows 10

For Windows 10 users, follow these steps to turn off Sticky Keys:

  • Access Settings: Press the Windows + I keys simultaneously, or click Start and then Settings.
  • Ease of Access: In the Settings window, click on the Ease of Access option.
  • Keyboard Settings: Select Keyboard from the left column.
  • Turn Off Sticky Keys: Toggle the slider to the “Off” position under “Use Sticky Keys”​​​​.

Disabling Sticky Keys via Settings in Windows 11

Windows 11 users can also disable Sticky Keys through the Settings:

  • Open Settings: Press the Windows + I keys or click Start and then Settings.
  • Accessibility: Navigate to the Accessibility settings.
  • Keyboard Settings: Find and select Keyboard.
  • Toggle Off Sticky Keys: Switch the Sticky Keys toggle to “Off”​​.

Using Control Panel to Turn Off Sticky Keys

Alternatively, you can use the Control Panel:

  • Open Control Panel: Search for Control Panel in the search menu and open it.
  • View Settings: Click on the ‘View by’ drop-down menu and select ‘Large icons’.
  • Keyboard Options: Navigate to the Keyboard settings.
  • Disable Sticky Keys: Find and turn off the Sticky Keys option​​.

Adjusting Sticky Keys Settings

For more customization:

  • Open Keyboard Settings: As mentioned earlier, navigate to the Keyboard settings in the Ease of Access center.
  • Modify Settings: Here, you can adjust how Sticky Keys works or completely disable it. Uncheck the box to prevent the shortcut key from starting Sticky Keys​​.

Conclusion: Simplifying Keyboard Use

Turning off Sticky Keys can help streamline your keyboard experience, especially if you frequently use shortcuts. By following these steps, you can easily disable Sticky Keys and adjust your settings for a more personalized experience.


  1. Can I disable Sticky Keys permanently? Yes, you can permanently disable it through the Keyboard settings in the Ease of Access center.
  2. What are Sticky Keys used for? Sticky Keys is an accessibility feature that lets you press one key at a time for keyboard shortcuts, instead of holding several keys simultaneously.
  3. Will disabling Sticky Keys affect other keyboard shortcuts? No, disabling Sticky Keys will not affect the functionality of other keyboard shortcuts.
  4. How do I know if Sticky Keys is turned off? Sticky Keys is turned off if pressing the Shift key five times does not activate it, and the toggle in the Keyboard settings is set to “Off”.
  5. Is the process the same for all Windows versions? The process is similar but may vary slightly depending on your Windows version. The methods provided cover Windows 10 and 11.
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