Ipad Pencil 1 vs 2
Ipad Pencil 1 vs 2

The Apple Pencil has revolutionized stylus interaction with tablets, offering precision and flexibility for creative and professional endeavors. However, with the introduction of Apple Pencil 2, potential users and current Apple Pencil owners might find themselves at crossroads, deciphering the distinctions between the two models.

Ipad Pencil 1 vs 2
Ipad Pencil 1 vs 2

Identifying the Models

The original Apple Pencil and its successor, Apple Pencil 2, harbor a few noticeable differences that can help you identify them accurately. Recognizing these differences can assist users in making informed choices based on their specific needs and preferences.

Design & Build

The first prominent difference is the design. The original Apple Pencil sports a sleek, round, and glossy finish with a silver band near the top, making it look like a traditional pencil. In contrast, the Apple Pencil 2 has a more matte finish and flaunts a flat edge, eliminating the roll-away issue experienced with the first model.

Charging Mechanism

Charging the two models is distinctly different. The original Apple Pencil uses a Lightning connector located under the cap at the end of the pencil; it’s plugged directly into the iPad for charging. This design, although innovative, raised concerns about potential damage or loss of the cap. On the other hand, Apple Pencil 2 employs a more user-friendly approach by adopting a magnetic attachment to the side of the iPad Pro, allowing for simultaneous attachment and wireless charging.


Compatibility is another crucial point of difference. The first-generation Apple Pencil is compatible with a wider range of iPads, including the older models, whereas the Apple Pencil 2 is exclusively compatible with the newer iPad Pro models, which have a flat edge design and no home button.

Interaction & Functionality

When it comes to interaction and functionality, Apple Pencil 2 has a slight edge. It introduces the double-tap feature, enabling users to quickly switch between tools without lifting the pencil, enhancing convenience and user experience. This feature is absent in the original model, making the Apple Pencil 2 more favorable for those who seek fluidity and efficiency in their tasks.

Price Point

The pricing of these pencils also differs. Apple Pencil 2, with its enhanced features and capabilities, is priced higher than its predecessor. Potential buyers need to weigh the advanced features against their budget constraints and actual needs before making a purchase decision.


Discerning between an Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 isn’t too intricate once you focus on their design, charging mechanism, compatibility, interaction, functionality, and price point. While the original Apple Pencil is sleek, versatile, and widely compatible, the Apple Pencil 2 offers advanced features like a more user-friendly charging method, enhanced interaction functionalities, and a non-roll-away design. By paying attention to these details, users can not only differentiate between the two models but also make a thoughtful and informed choice based on their requirements and preferences.


  1. Is the Apple Pencil 2 more advanced than the original Apple Pencil? Yes, the Apple Pencil 2 introduces several advancements including a new design, a more user-friendly charging method, and additional interaction functionalities.
  2. Can Apple Pencil 2 work with older iPad models? No, Apple Pencil 2 is exclusively compatible with the newer iPad Pro models with a flat-edge design and no home button.
  3. Is losing the cap on the original Apple Pencil a common issue? Yes, users have reported concerns about potentially losing the cap of the original Apple Pencil due to its charging design.
  4. Do the advanced features of Apple Pencil 2 justify its higher price? It depends on individual needs and preferences. For users who prioritize convenience, enhanced functionality, and design, the higher price point may be justified.
  5. Can I switch between tools on the original Apple Pencil with a gesture, like in Apple Pencil 2? No, the double-tap feature to quickly switch between tools is exclusive to Apple Pencil 2.
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