How To Screenshot on Microsoft Surface
How To Screenshot on Microsoft Surface

Capturing screenshots on a Microsoft Surface device can be achieved through various methods, each suitable for different scenarios and device models. Here’s an expanded and updated guide based on the information from Microsoft Support, Tech News Today, and other reliable sources.

Understanding Screenshot Options on Microsoft Surface

  1. Using Hardware Buttons:
    • Surface Pro 3 and Earlier: Windows Logo + Volume Down Button; Fn Key + Windows Button + Spacebar​​.
    • Surface Pro 4 and Later: Power Button + Volume Up Button; double-click the top of the Surface Pen for screenshots​​.
    • Note: The Volume Up + Power button method does not work on Surface Laptop​​.
  2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Alt + PrtScn Key: Captures the active window and saves the screenshot to OneDrive (applicable for Surface Pro 4 and later)​​.
    • Fn, Windows Key, and Spacebar: This method is suitable for older Surface models and saves the screenshot to the clipboard​​.
  3. Snipping Tool and Windows Logo Key + Shift + S: Both methods allow capturing a specific part of the screen. The Snipping Tool offers additional features like delayed screenshots and annotations​​.
  4. Surface Pen: On compatible models, double-clicking the top of the Surface Pen will capture a screenshot and save it to the OneDrive folder​​.
  5. Xbox Game Bar: Useful for recording gameplay videos or taking screenshots. Press the Windows Button and G Key to open the Xbox Game Bar, then use the Captures tab to take a screenshot​​.

Saving and Managing Screenshots

  • Clipboard: Screenshots captured using PrtScn or Alt + PrtScn are saved to the clipboard. You can paste these into an image editing program or directly into documents.
  • Automatically Saved: Screenshots taken using Windows Logo + PrtScn or hardware buttons are saved to the Screenshots folder in the Pictures library.
  • OneDrive: Certain methods, like using the Alt + PrtScn key or the Surface Pen, automatically save screenshots to OneDrive.

Annotating and Sharing Screenshots

  • Editing: Use the Snipping Tool or image editing programs to annotate screenshots with text, highlights, or arrows.
  • Sharing : Screenshots can be shared via email, social media, or uploaded to cloud storage services for easy access and sharing.

Additional Tips for Effective Screenshotting

  • Screen Resolution: Ensure a high screen resolution for clearer screenshots.
  • Window Size Optimization: Resize windows before capturing to avoid unnecessary space or cropped content.
  • Snipping Tool Precision: Use the Snipping Tool for more control over the area being captured.


Microsoft Surface devices provide a versatile range of options for taking screenshots, from simple keyboard shortcuts to advanced tools like the Snipping Tool and Surface Pen. By understanding the various methods available and their appropriate uses, you can effectively capture and manage screenshots on your Surface device. Remember, different Surface models may have specific methods, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your device and needs.

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