How To Share Location On iPhone
How To Share Location On iPhone

Sharing your location using an iPhone involves a few different methods, each suitable for different scenarios and compatible with various apps and devices. Here’s a comprehensive guide based on information from Apple Support and How-To Geek:

Sharing Location on iPhone

  1. Using Messages or Maps for One-Time Sharing:
    • In Messages or Maps, share a one-time view of your current location​​.
    • To do this in Messages, open a conversation, tap the Plus button, then tap Location, followed by the Map Pin button, and select Send Pin​​.
  2. Sharing ETA in Maps:
    • While following directions in Maps, share your estimated time of arrival (ETA), including turn-by-turn directions and all stops along your route​​​​.
  3. Live Location Sharing:
    • In Find My or Messages, share your Live Location for a specified duration: an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely​​.
    • In Find My, tap the Me tab, turn on Share My Location, go to the People tab, tap Add, then Share My Location​​.
    • In Messages, tap the Plus button to share Live Location in the conversation, or tap the contact’s name and select Share My Location​​.
  4. Via Find My App:
    • Launch Find My, ensure you’re on the People tab, tap Share My Location, and enter the contact details of the person you want to share with​​.
  5. Through Messages App:
    • Open a conversation, tap the contact’s name, followed by the Info button, and select Share My Location. Choose a timeframe for sharing​​.

Sharing Location with Android Users

  1. Using Third-Party Apps:
    • For sharing with Android users, use services like Google Maps or WhatsApp.
    • In WhatsApp, you can share your location with an entire group chat if needed​​.
  2. Location Sharing via Google Maps:
    • Download and log into Google Maps. Tap your user icon, select “Location Sharing,” then “Share Location.
    • Decide the duration for which you want to share your location or select “Until you turn this off” for indefinite sharing. Choose a contact or share a link via Messages or another app​​.


  • Privacy and Trust: Always consider privacy and trust when sharing your location. Only share with people you trust and be mindful of the information you’re revealing.
  • Device Compatibility: Ensure the receiving party’s device is compatible with the method you choose for sharing your location.
  • App Permissions: For third-party apps like Google Maps or WhatsApp, ensure you have granted the necessary permissions for location sharing.

By using these methods, you can effectively share your location from your iPhone with others, whether they are using Apple devices or not. Remember to manage your location sharing settings regularly to maintain your privacy and security.

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