Youtube on Vizio TV
Youtube on Vizio TV

Blocking YouTube on a Vizio Smart TV can be a necessary step for parents looking to manage their children’s screen time or limit access to certain content. While Vizio Smart TVs do not always have built-in parental controls specifically for blocking individual apps, there are several methods you can use to restrict access to YouTube. Here’s a guide to help you with this process.

Method 1: Using Vizio’s Built-in Parental Controls

  1. Access Parental Controls: Go to your TV’s main menu and find the ‘Parental Controls’ section. This is usually found under ‘Settings’ or ‘System’.
  2. Set a PIN: If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a PIN to enable parental controls.
  3. Block Specific Content: Look for options to restrict content based on ratings or other criteria. While this might not block YouTube specifically, it can limit the type of content accessible on the TV.

Method 2: Restricting YouTube via Network Settings

  1. Router Settings: Some routers allow you to block specific websites or services across your network. Access your router’s settings and look for a section on website filtering or access controls where you can add YouTube to a block list.
  2. Third-Party Services: Consider using third-party parental control services that can be configured to block specific sites or apps, including YouTube, on your home network.

Method 3: Remove YouTube App from Vizio Smart TV

  1. Uninstall the App: If you want to temporarily block access, you can uninstall the YouTube app from your Vizio Smart TV. However, this can be reversed easily if someone knows how to reinstall the app.

Method 4: Using External Devices with Parental Controls

  • If your Vizio TV is connected to an external streaming device (like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.), many of these devices have their own parental control settings that might allow for more specific app restrictions, including blocking YouTube.

Additional Tips


Blocking YouTube on a Vizio Smart TV requires a bit of creativity since there’s no direct way to block individual apps. Utilizing parental controls, adjusting network settings, uninstalling the app, or using external devices with more robust parental controls are all viable methods.


  1. Can I block specific apps like YouTube directly on my Vizio Smart TV? Directly blocking specific apps like YouTube is not typically an option on Vizio Smart TVs, but you can use other methods to restrict access.
  2. Is uninstalling the YouTube app a permanent solution? Uninstalling the app is not a permanent solution, as it can be reinstalled.
  3. Can parental controls on external devices be used to block YouTube? Yes, if you use an external streaming device, it might offer more specific parental control options, including app restrictions.
  4. How effective are router settings in blocking YouTube? Adjusting router settings to block YouTube can be effective, but it requires some technical knowledge and applies to all devices on your network.
  5. Should I communicate with my family about blocking YouTube? Yes, it’s important to communicate with your family about why YouTube is being blocked and the rules around TV and app usage.
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