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Keep your children safe while enjoying their favorite shows on LG Smart TVs with parental control features. You can manage screen time, restrict access to inappropriate content, and monitor their TV usage. Creating a kid-friendly environment on LG Smart TVs involves several steps to ensure safe and appropriate content for children. This guide will walk you through the process and highlight key features and settings to tailor the TV experience for younger viewers.

Creating a Safe Viewing Environment on LG Smart TVs

Setting Up a PIN

Before accessing parental controls, you’ll need to create a PIN. This is a crucial step to prevent unauthorized changes to your settings. Head to All Settings > General > Safety and select Set Password. Choose a PIN that your child won’t easily guess.

Blocking Specific Channels or Programs

LG TVs allow you to block individual channels or programs based on their ratings. Navigate to All Settings > Safety > Program Lock. Here, you can choose the rating system you prefer (TV Rating or MPAA) and select the maximum rating level allowed.

App Restrictions

To control which apps your child can access, go to All Settings > Safety > Application Lock. You can lock specific apps or set an age limit for app usage. This prevents your child from accessing apps with inappropriate content.

Input Blocking

If you want to restrict access to specific input sources, such as HDMI or USB ports, head to All Settings > Safety > Input Block. Simply select the inputs you want to block and confirm your choice.

Setting Time Limits

LG TVs offer a “Screen Time” feature that allows you to set daily or weekly time limits for TV usage. Go to All Settings > General > Family Settings and enable Screen Time. You can customize the allowed duration and schedule for each day of the week.

Monitoring Usage

The “Screen Time Report” feature provides insights into your child’s TV usage. It tracks the total time spent watching TV and lists the apps used. This information can help you monitor their viewing habits and make necessary adjustments to the parental controls.

Additional Tips

  • Use the “Eye Comfort Mode” to reduce blue light emission and protect your child’s eyes.
  • Explore other parental control features like “Game Mode” and “Data Saver” to further customize the viewing experience.

Table: LG TV Parental Control Features

PINSecure your settings with a password
Program LockBlock channels or programs based on ratings
Application LockRestrict access to specific apps
Input BlockBlock specific input sources
Screen TimeSet daily or weekly time limits
Screen Time ReportMonitor TV usage and app activity

Understanding LG’s Family Settings Feature

LG Smart TVs come with a dedicated Family Settings feature, designed to create a child-friendly viewing environment. This feature includes several tools and options that parents can use to control and monitor TV usage.

Time Limit Settings

One of the core components of Family Settings is the Time Limit feature. This allows parents to set specific start and end times for TV viewing, ensuring children are not watching TV beyond designated hours. If the set time limit is exceeded, the TV will require a password to unlock, preventing further viewing. The default password for this setting is typically ‘0000’, but it can be changed for added security​​.

Eye Care Mode

Eye Care Mode is another vital feature in LG Smart TVs, designed to reduce blue light emission. This helps in preventing eye strain and fatigue, particularly important for children who might spend long hours in front of the screen. It’s similar to the Blue Light Reduction option found in the Picture Quality settings but is specifically tailored for a safer viewing experience for kids​​.

Volume Limit Mode

To protect children’s hearing, LG Smart TVs have a Volume Limit Mode. This setting restricts the maximum volume level to prevent it from being too loud, which is particularly useful if children accidentally or intentionally try to increase the volume too much. The volume cannot be set above a certain level (typically 60), ensuring a safe listening environment​​.

Screen Time Report

The Screen Time Report feature in LG’s Family Settings provides a detailed overview of TV usage. It tracks the total time spent on the TV and breaks it down by app usage. This information is presented in a graph format, making it easy for parents to monitor and manage their children’s viewing habits​​.

Setting Up Family Settings on Your LG Smart TV

To activate and configure these features, follow these steps:

  1. Accessing Family Settings: Turn on your LG Smart TV and press the ‘Settings’ button on the remote. Navigate to ‘All Settings’ → ‘General’ → ‘Family Settings’.
  2. Using Time Limit Settings: In the Family Settings menu, select ‘Usage Limit Setting’. Here, you can set specific viewing times and the required password.
  3. Activating Eye Care Mode: Within the Family Settings, select ‘Eye Care Mode’ to reduce blue light emission.
  4. Setting Volume Limit Mode: Choose ‘Volume Limit Mode’ in the Family Settings to set a maximum volume limit.
  5. Viewing Screen Time Report: Select ‘Screen Time Report’ in the Family Settings to access detailed usage statistics.

Additional Tips for Kid-Friendly Viewing

Besides these specific Family Settings, there are a few additional tips that can help make your LG Smart TV more kid-friendly:

  • Content Filtering: Use the built-in content filtering and parental control options to restrict access to inappropriate content. You can block specific channels, apps, or types of content based on ratings.
  • App Management: Regularly review and manage the apps available on your TV. Uninstall or restrict apps that are not suitable for children.
  • Educational Content: Focus on adding educational and age-appropriate apps and channels that offer value to your child’s learning and entertainment.
  • Regular Monitoring: Regularly check the Screen Time Report and adjust settings as needed based on your child’s viewing habits.


  1. How do I set a viewing time limit on an LG Smart TV?
    • Access Family Settings and select ‘Usage Limit Setting’ to set start and end times for TV viewing.
  2. What is the default password for LG TV’s Family Settings?
    • The default password is usually ‘0000’, but it’s recommended to change it for added security.
  3. Can I control the volume level on my LG Smart TV to protect my child’s hearing?
    • Yes, activate the Volume Limit Mode in Family Settings to restrict the maximum volume level.
  4. How does Eye Care Mode help in kid-friendly viewing?
    • It reduces blue light emission, preventing eye strain and fatigue during prolonged viewing.
  5. Is there a way to track my child’s TV usage on an LG Smart TV?
    • Yes, use the Screen Time Report feature in Family Settings to monitor TV and app usage.
  6. Can I block specific channels or content on my LG Smart TV?
    • Yes, utilize the content filtering and parental controls to restrict access to inappropriate content.
  7. How can I ensure my child accesses only educational content?
    • Focus on installing educational apps and channels, and regularly review the content available on your TV.

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