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Vizio Smart TVs have certainly made a mark in the world of home entertainment with their sleek designs and user-friendly features. But when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, things get a bit more specific. Let’s break down what you can and can’t do with Bluetooth on your Vizio Smart TV.

How to Check for Bluetooth on Your Vizio Smart TV

Many Vizio Smart TV models offer Bluetooth connectivity. This lets you connect things like wireless headphones, speakers, and even keyboards. But not every Vizio TV has this feature. Here’s how to find out if yours does, and how to pair a Bluetooth device if you can!

How to Find Out if Your Vizio TV Has Bluetooth

The easiest way to find out is to look at the user manual. Here’s how to do it on Vizio’s website:

  1. Head to
  2. Find the search bar and enter your TV’s model number.
  3. Once you’re on your model’s support page, look for the user manual.
  4. Download the manual and search for mentions of Bluetooth.

If you don’t have your manual, there’s another way to check:

  1. Grab your Vizio remote.
  2. Press the menu button.
  3. Look for settings related to Bluetooth or wireless speakers. If you see these options, your TV has Bluetooth!
Vizio TV
Vizio TV

How to Pair a Bluetooth Device With Your Vizio TV

If you found out your Vizio TV has Bluetooth, here’s how to pair a device:

  1. Make sure your Bluetooth device is in pairing mode. You can normally find this information in the device’s manual.
  2. On your Vizio TV, go to the Bluetooth settings menu.
  3. Select “Search for Devices” or something similar.
  4. Your TV should find your Bluetooth device. Select it to pair.
  5. You might need to enter a pairing code. If so, it will likely display on your TV.

Here’s a table outlining some of the devices you can typically connect to a Vizio TV using Bluetooth:

Device TypeExample
HeadphonesSony WH-1000XM4
SpeakersJBL Flip 5
SoundbarVizio Elevate
KeyboardLogitech K380
Game controllerXbox Wireless Controller

Remember: Not all Vizio Smart TVs have Bluetooth. If yours doesn’t, you can still often connect Bluetooth devices using a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the headphone jack or optical audio output.

Understanding Vizio Smart TV’s Bluetooth Compatibility

Vizio Smart TVs are known for their limited Bluetooth compatibility. What does this mean for you as a user? Well, you can connect low-energy Bluetooth devices, like certain headphones, to your Vizio TV using its built-in Bluetooth feature. This functionality is quite handy, especially if you want to enjoy your favorite shows without disturbing others around you.

However, it’s important to note that not all Bluetooth devices are compatible. For instance, high-energy Bluetooth devices, such as soundbars or regular speakers, won’t pair with your Vizio Smart TV’s Bluetooth​​. This limitation stems from the type of Bluetooth technology used in these TVs.

Low-Energy Bluetooth: A Closer Look

Vizio Smart TVs employ Low-Energy (LE) Bluetooth technology. This variant of Bluetooth, while similar in range and functionality to regular Bluetooth, is distinct in its lower energy consumption. This efficiency is great for battery-powered devices like headphones but does mean that LE Bluetooth isn’t compatible with all Bluetooth devices​​.

In practical terms, this means your options for wirelessly connecting devices to your Vizio Smart TV are somewhat limited. You can pair your TV with devices like the Vizio Mobile application, AirPods, iPads, tablets, and other low-energy consuming devices​​.

Checking Your TV’s Bluetooth Capabilities

If you’re unsure whether your Vizio Smart TV supports Bluetooth headphones or other specific devices, there’s an easy way to check. Simply grab your Vizio TV remote, press the Menu or Settings button, and navigate to the Bluetooth Headphones option. This will reveal whether your TV model supports Bluetooth pairing and, if so, what types of devices it can connect to​​.

Enhancing Your TV Experience with Bluetooth

Despite these limitations, the built-in Bluetooth technology in Vizio Smart TVs does open up several possibilities for enhancing your TV viewing experience. For instance, connecting compatible wireless headphones can provide a more immersive and private listening experience. Moreover, the ease of connecting compatible devices wirelessly adds a level of convenience to your home entertainment setup​​.


In conclusion, while Vizio Smart TVs do offer Bluetooth connectivity, it’s crucial to understand the limitations and compatibilities of this feature. The focus on low-energy Bluetooth means that while you can connect a variety of low-energy devices like headphones, you might face limitations with other types of Bluetooth devices.

FAQs About Vizio Smart TV’s Bluetooth Functionality

  1. Can I connect any Bluetooth headphones to my Vizio Smart TV? Only headphones compatible with low-energy Bluetooth can connect to Vizio Smart TVs.
  2. Why can’t I pair my Bluetooth soundbar with my Vizio Smart TV? Vizio Smart TVs are compatible only with low-energy Bluetooth devices, which excludes most soundbars.
  3. How do I check if my Vizio TV has Bluetooth? Press the Menu or Settings button on your Vizio TV remote and look for the Bluetooth Headphones option.
  4. Can I connect my iPad to my Vizio Smart TV via Bluetooth? Yes, iPads and similar low-energy devices can typically connect to Vizio Smart TVs via Bluetooth.
  5. Is there a difference between regular Bluetooth and the Bluetooth in Vizio TVs? Yes, Vizio TVs use Low-Energy Bluetooth, which consumes less energy but is not compatible with all devices.
  6. Can Bluetooth be used for streaming audio from my Vizio TV to a speaker? Generally, no, as most speakers require high-energy Bluetooth, which Vizio TVs do not support.
  7. What are the benefits of Low-Energy Bluetooth in Vizio Smart TVs? Low-Energy Bluetooth offers efficient power consumption, making it ideal for devices like headphones.
  8. Are all models of Vizio Smart TVs equipped with Bluetooth? Most, but not all. It’s best to check your specific model’s manual or settings.
  9. Can I use Bluetooth to connect my phone to my Vizio Smart TV? It depends on the phone and its compatibility with low-energy Bluetooth.
  10. Is it possible to upgrade my Vizio Smart TV to support high-energy Bluetooth devices? Unfortunately, no. The Bluetooth capability is hardware-dependent and cannot be upgraded through software or other means.

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