Google Maps Share Location
Google Maps Share Location

In an interconnected world, sharing your location with friends and family can be crucial. But can a Samsung phone share its location with an iPhone? The short answer is YES, but you would have to use an App like Google Maps or 3rd party Apps like WhatsApp to do it. You can’t use Apple’s “Find My” / “Share My Location” or Samsung’s “Share Live Location” functionality as those are not cross-platform compatible. Whether you’re trying to meet up with a friend in a crowded city or ensuring the safety of a loved one, location sharing can be a lifesaver. Let’s learn more about how Samsung phones, which run on Android, can share their locations with an iPhone.

Introduction to Location Sharing

Location sharing has become an indispensable feature for many, from ensuring safety during solo trips to coordinating meet-ups in crowded places. Parents use this functionality all the time to keep tabs on their kids and make sure they know where they are at all times. With the smartphone market dominated by Android (like Samsung) and iOS (iPhone), the question arises: Can these two platforms seamlessly share locations with each other?

Understanding the Basics

Modern smartphones come equipped with a plethora of features, one of which is the ability to share your real-time location with others. This feature is not just limited to phones of the same brand or operating system. Both Android and iOS devices have built-in and third-party apps that allow for seamless location sharing between them.

The Mechanics of Cross-Platform Location Sharing

  1. Built-in Features: Both Samsung and iPhone have built-in location-sharing features. Samsung has its “Share Live Location” via Samsung’s Messages app, while iPhone uses “Share My Location” in the Find My app. However, these native features aren’t directly compatible across platforms.
  2. Third-Party Apps: This is where the magic happens. Apps like Google Maps, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are available on both platforms and allow for seamless location sharing between Samsung phones and iPhones.

Steps to Share Location Between Samsung and iPhone

  1. Using Google Maps:
    • Open Google Maps and click on the blue dot that shows your location.
    • Choose “Share location” and select the duration.
    • Share the link via message or any other method.
  2. Using WhatsApp:
    • Open a chat with the person you want to share your location with.
    • Click on the attachment (clip) icon and select “Location.”
    • Choose “Share live location” and select the duration.

Benefits of Cross-Platform Location Sharing

  1. Safety: Share your live location during travels or late-night commutes for safety purposes.
  2. Convenience: Easily coordinate meet-ups or find friends in crowded places.
  3. Device Flexibility: No need to be restricted by the device brand or OS.

Built-in Solutions for Location Sharing

1. Google Maps: A Universal Choice

Google Maps, being the most popular mapping app globally, offers a straightforward method for location sharing. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, the process is pretty much the same:

  • Open Google Maps and tap on your profile picture or initials.
  • Navigate to ‘Location sharing’ and select ‘Share location.
  • Choose the duration and the contacts you want to share your location with.
  • For those without a Google account, you can share your location via a private link.

2. Find My: Exclusively for Apple Devices

For those in the Apple ecosystem, the ‘Find My’ app is the go-to solution. It allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users to share their location with ease:

  • Open the ‘Find My’ app and select the ‘People’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Start Sharing Location’ and enter the contact details.
  • Decide on the duration and confirm.

Third-Party Apps: Bridging the Gap

1. Glympse: Simple and Effective

Glympse is a free app that allows real-time location sharing without the need for the recipient to download the app. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms.

2. FamiSafe Family Locator: Comprehensive Parental Control

FamiSafe goes beyond just location sharing. It’s a parental control app that offers a range of features to ensure the safety of your loved ones. From real-time location tracking to geofencing and app blocking, FamiSafe has it all.

3. Life360: Creating Family Circles

Life360 is a popular app for family location sharing. By forming a private family circle, users can share their whereabouts anytime. It also offers additional features like driving reports and check-in/check-out notifications.

Emergency Situations: Safety First

Both Android and iOS devices come with features that allow users to share their location in emergencies:

  • iPhone’s Emergency SOS: By holding down specific buttons, users can send a text message and share their location with predefined emergency contacts.
  • Android’s Emergency Sharing: Depending on the phone manufacturer, Android devices offer various emergency sharing options. For instance, Samsung phones have ‘SOS Messages,’ while Google Pixel phones come with an ‘Emergency SOS’ function in the Personal Safety app.

Personal Experiences with Cross-Platform Location Sharing

I remember getting lost during a music festival, with my Samsung phone in hand and trying to locate my friend with an iPhone. Thanks to WhatsApp, I shared my live location, and we reunited amidst the sea of people, proving that brand barriers can’t hinder real-time connections. But it should be easier! I’d like to someday be able to do it over chat or something built-in.

Conclusion: Bridging the Samsung-iPhone Gap with Location Sharing

While Samsung phones and iPhones operate on different ecosystems, sharing location between them is somewhat easy to do thanks to Google Maps and third-party apps. In a world that’s more connected than ever, device boundaries are easily overcome, ensuring you’re always within reach.

So even though Samsung phones can indeed share their location with iPhones, it should be easier to do and more native to the phones. It would be nice in the future to see the two giants get together and allow “Share My Location” and “Share Live Location” to communicate cross-platform to make this process more seamless.


  • Do I need to install any apps to share my location?
    • For built-in solutions like Google Maps or Find My, the respective apps need to be installed. However, third-party apps like Glympse allow location sharing without the recipient needing the app.
  • Is location sharing safe?
    • While these apps prioritize user safety, it’s essential always to be cautious about whom you’re sharing your location with and for how long.
  • Can I stop sharing my location?
    • Yes, all apps provide an option to stop sharing your location whenever you choose.
  • Is there any cost associated with sharing location?
    • While the feature itself is free on most apps, it does use data. If you’re not on Wi-Fi, you might incur data charges.
  • Is it safe to share my location?
    • Always ensure you’re sharing your location with trusted individuals. Also, apps like Google Maps allow you to set a duration for location sharing, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Can I stop sharing my location?
    • Yes, you can stop sharing your location anytime through the respective app you’re using.
  • Is the location shared in real-time?
    • Yes, apps like Google Maps and WhatsApp share your live, real-time location.
  • How accurate is the shared location?
    • Accuracy largely depends on the GPS signal strength. In open areas, it’s usually very accurate, but indoors or in densely built areas, there might be slight discrepancies.
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