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Apple AirTags offer a sleek design and impressive technology for tracking and ease of setup, but it’s the accessories that provide users with the flexibility and personal touch to incorporate these devices into their daily lives. From protective cases to stylish key rings, the accessory market has expanded, allowing users to secure their AirTags to almost anything while reflecting their personal style. Here, we’ll showcase a selection of popular AirTag accessories, integrating user opinions from our team and discussions on the web to provide real-world context and recommendations.

AirTag Accessories and Customization

CategoryOptionDescriptionProsConsPrice Range
Keychains & HoldersApple Leather Key RingPremium leather with secure snap closureStylish, durableExpensive$35
Belkin Secure Holder with Key RingTwist-and-lock design, raised edges for protectionSecure, multiple colorsCan become loose over time$10-$25
Orbitkey Slim CaseMinimalist design, lightweightDiscreet, adds minimal bulkNot as protective$15-$25
elago W5 Case KeychainRetro game console design, protects from dropsUnique, funBulky$13-$15
Loops & StrapsApple AirTag LoopPolyurethane, secure attachmentSimple, versatileNot customizable$29
Nomad Leather Keychain for AirTagFull-grain leather, multiple colorsStylish, high-qualityBulky, expensive$30
Caseology AirTag VaultSilicone material, snap closureProtective, affordableNot as stylish$14
Mounts & HoldersPelican Stick-On AirTag MountStrong adhesive, weatherproofSecure, versatileDifficult to remove$17
Moment Hard Shell MountSecurely screws onto various surfacesDurable, customizableBulky, requires tools$25
Cyrill AirTag Case CoverVegan leather, magnetic closureStylish, protects from scratchesNot as secure$27
CustomizationEngravingpersonalize your AirTag with text or emojisMakes it unique, easy to identifyLimited charactersFree with Apple purchase
Colored KeychainsAvailable in various colors and materialsAdds personality, matches styleLess secure than some options$5-$20
DIY optionsUse paint, stickers, or other creative methodsUnique, personalizedMay damage AirTag, not as durableVaries

Additional notes:

  • Consider the intended use and your personal preferences when choosing an accessory.
  • Some accessories offer better protection than others, while others prioritize style or affordability.
  • Customization options can make your AirTag stand out and easier to identify.
  • Always remember to be responsible and respectful of privacy when using AirTags

Key Rings and Holders

The most common AirTag accessories are key rings and holders, designed to securely attach your AirTag to keys, backpacks, and other items. These accessories typically feature a small loop or ring and a pocket or enclosure for the AirTag.

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Crafted from specially tanned European leather, this key ring adds a touch of elegance to your AirTag. It’s available in several colors to match your style and comes with Apple’s stamp of quality. However, users on Reddit have noted that it may show wear over time, which some consider adding character, while others prefer more durable options.

Belkin Secure Holder with Strap for AirTag

This accessory provides a secure fit for your AirTag and has an easy twist-and-lock closure. Its strap design makes it versatile for attaching to various items. Redditors have pointed out its durability and affordable price as significant advantages.

Spigen Valentinus with Keychain Ring for AirTag

The Spigen Valentinus is a rugged option that encases the AirTag in a protective layer while keeping its signal strength unimpeded. Reddit users appreciate the carabiner-style ring for easy attachment and the overall protection it offers.

Cases and Sleeves

For those looking to add an extra layer of protection or to express their aesthetic preferences, cases and sleeves are perfect.

Nomad Leather Loop for AirTag

Merging style and protection, the Nomad Leather Loop wraps the AirTag in high-quality Horween leather, offering a stylish look while keeping it snug and secure. According to Redditors, the patina it develops over time makes it uniquely personal.

ElevationLab TagVault

Designed for the outdoors, this waterproof and dustproof case is one of the most rugged options available for AirTags. It comes highly recommended by adventure-seeking Reddit users who require extra protection for their devices.

Dbrand Grip Case for AirTag

Known for their customization, Dbrand offers a Grip Case that provides a solid grip and a variety of skins for personalization. Users on Reddit highlight the fun aspect of customizing the case with different skins and the case’s added security.

a person holding a small device in their hand
Nomad Airtag Wallet

Wallet Card Holders

Slim and discreet, wallet card holders are a favorite for those who wish to track their wallets or bags without adding bulk.

Chipolo CARD Spot Wallet Finder

While not an official Apple product, this wallet finder is Find My-compatible and fits neatly into your wallet like a credit card. Reddit users who prefer minimalism recommend this for its unobtrusive design and functionality within the Apple ecosystem.

Specialty Attachments

For specific applications, specialty attachments offer solutions that go beyond the standard key ring or pouch.

Twelve South Curva AirTag Holder for Glasses

This innovative holder attaches an AirTag to your eyeglasses, perfect for those who frequently misplace them. A niche product that has received attention on Reddit for its unique approach to solving a common problem.

Moment Stretch Fabric Mount for AirTag

This mount is designed to attach an AirTag to fabrics or under clothes, ideal for discreet tracking. It has been noted on Reddit for its practical design for children’s items or for travelers keeping tabs on their belongings.

Customization: Engraving and Skins

Personalization is a significant aspect of the AirTag experience. Apple offers free engraving upon purchase, allowing users to add text or emojis to their AirTags for a personal touch. On Reddit, users have shared their engraved messages and icons, with many opting for practical identifiers like phone numbers or playful designs that reflect their personality.

Additionally, skins and wraps are available from various brands like Dbrand or Slickwraps, providing colorful and textured options to make your AirTag uniquely yours. These customizations have been a hit in the community, with Redditors often sharing their custom-designed AirTags and discussing the best ways to apply these skins without interfering with functionality.

Track your Keys With Airtag
Track your Keys With Airtag

Staff Recommended AirTag Accessories

Here’s a glance at some popular AirTag accessories, factoring in user feedback for an authentic look at what’s trending:

Apple AirTag LoopSoft-touch silicone loop available in multiple colors.Praised for its durability and Apple’s color options.
Belkin Secure Holder with Key RingSimple twist-and-lock design for easy AirTag attachment.Affordable and reliable, with positive feedback on sturdiness.
Nomad Glasses Strap with AirTag HolderLeather strap designed to attach an AirTag to glasses or sunglasses.Users appreciate its dual functionality and stylish design.
Catalyst Waterproof CaseA fully waterproof and drop-proof case for extreme conditions.Recommended by outdoor enthusiasts for its ruggedness.
Hermes AirTag Key RingLuxurious leather design from the renowned fashion brand.Often noted for its status appeal and exceptional craftsmanship.

The accessibility of various AirTag accessories has sparked a wave of creativity among Apple users, seen across forums and social media. By choosing the right accessory, AirTag users not only secure their belongings but also express their style, making the practical gadget a personal statement piece.

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