Are Airtags Magnetic
Are Airtags Magnetic

When it comes to AirTags, a common question that arises is whether they are magnetic or not. The answer is – no, they aren’t magnetic in the sense that you can stick them to something metal. Technically there is a tiny magnet inside the AirTag’s built-in speaker, but that is not powerful enough to do anything externally. If your intention is to stick your AirTag to something using magnets, you would have to purchase a case or attach an external magnet to the tag itself. Let’s look at the details to understand the magnetic properties of AirTags.

AirTags and Magnetism

  1. Small Magnet in the Speaker: AirTags do have a small piece of magnet inside their built-in speaker. However, this magnet is tiny and not powerful enough to make the AirTag inherently magnetic. So, while there is a presence of a magnet, it does not contribute significantly to the overall magnetic properties of the device​​.
  2. Magnetic Accessories: While AirTags themselves are not magnetic, you can purchase magnetic cases for them. These accessories are designed to help you attach your AirTags to metal surfaces more securely. The accessory, rather than the AirTag itself, is what provides the magnetic capability​​.
  3. Material Composition: The main body of an AirTag is made of plastic, which is not a magnetic material. This design choice means that, in its basic form without any accessories, an AirTag does not have magnetic properties significant enough to adhere to metal surfaces on its own​​.
  4. Functional Magnetism: There is a slight contradiction in the information available. One source mentions that AirTags have a little magnet in the back, which helps them stay attached to a surface, especially a metal one, to some extent. This magnet may play a role in preventing the AirTag from moving around or being shaken out of place​​. However, this seems to be a minor feature and not the primary function of the AirTag.
  5. Magnetic Interference: It’s important to note that while the magnets in AirTags are not strong enough to cause harm to electronic or medical devices, they might interfere with the functionality of these devices if placed too close together​​.


In summary, Apple’s AirTags are not magnetic in the traditional sense. They contain a small magnet in the speaker, but this does not make the device magnetic enough to adhere to surfaces. For attaching AirTags to metal surfaces, magnetic accessories are available. The primary composition of AirTags is plastic, which lacks magnetic properties. The slight magnetic feature in AirTags seems to be more functional than a primary characteristic, aiding in minimal attachment and stability rather than strong magnetic adherence.

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