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Paramount Plus offers a variety of subscription plans, but it’s important to understand their cancellation policy before you sign up. Here’s what you need to know:

No Refunds (Usually)

Paramount Plus typically does not give refunds if you cancel your monthly or annual subscription early. Even if you cancel before your billing cycle ends, you won’t receive a prorated refund. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

When You May Get a Refund

  • Technical Issues: If you experience persistent technical difficulties preventing you from using the service, you might be eligible for a refund.
  • Accidental Renewal: If your subscription renewed automatically and you didn’t intend to continue, you may receive a refund if you contact customer service promptly.
  • Promotions: Some special promotions or introductory offers might include a limited refund window.

How to Cancel

The process for canceling your Paramount Plus subscription depends on how you signed up:

Where You Signed UpHow to Cancel
Paramount+ websiteVisit your account settings and click “Cancel Subscription.”
Apple App StoreManage subscriptions through your Apple account settings.
Google Play StoreManage subscriptions through your Google Play account settings.
RokuManage subscriptions through your Roku account settings.
AmazonManage subscriptions through your Amazon account settings.

Important to Note

  • You can still watch until the end of your billing cycle: After you cancel, you’ll keep access to Paramount Plus until your current subscription period ends.
  • It’s easy to resubscribe: If you change your mind, you can easily sign up for Paramount Plus again.

Let me know if you’d like more details on how to cancel through specific platforms!

Overview of Paramount Plus Cancellation Policy

Paramount Plus offers flexibility to its subscribers with a straightforward cancellation policy. Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. After cancellation, access to content remains available until the end of the current billing cycle. This approach means users won’t have any interruption in service until the paid period expires.

  • No Refunds: Paramount Plus typically does not issue refunds for cancellations. Whether you choose to end a monthly or annual subscription, expect the service to continue without any payment reimbursement until the billing period concludes.

  • End of Billing Cycle: Regardless of when you cancel during a billing period, your access persists. You can enjoy all your shows until the cycle’s end date rolls around.

  • Resubscription: If a subscriber changes their mind post-cancellation, reinstating the service is easy. Simply log in to the Paramount Plus account and follow the prompts to resubscribe.

To cancel, one must navigate through the account settings on the Paramount Plus website or, if the subscription was initiated through a third-party service (like Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Amazon, or Roku), the cancellation must be done through that specific service platform.

Remember, it’s crucial to confirm the details of cancellation directly through Paramount Plus’s terms of service or customer support to ensure you have the most updated information, as policies might vary slightly depending on your location or the platform used to subscribe.

Steps to Cancel Paramount Plus on Various Devices

Whether you’re using a smartphone or sitting in front of your TV, canceling your Paramount Plus subscription follows a similar, straightforward process tailored to each device. Here’s how to do it.

iOS Devices

On your iPhone or iPad, the process begins in the Settings app. Start by tapping your Apple ID, then select Subscriptions. Here you’ll see a list of all your active subscriptions. Find Paramount+ and choose to Cancel Subscription.

Android Devices

Grab your Android phone or tablet and open the Google Play Store app. Hit the menu bar (usually three lines or dots) and tap Subscriptions. You’ll see Paramount+ listed there; just tap on it and then select Cancel Subscription.

Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles

For those with smart TVs or gaming consoles, the approach can vary slightly based on the device model and manufacturer. However, generally, you would access the respective app store or settings menu, navigate to your account or subscriptions area, locate Paramount+, and opt to end your subscription.

Amazon Devices

If you’re using an Amazon device such as a Fire TV, you would typically start from the main screen, go to Settings or Your Account, and then to Manage Your Subscriptions in the Prime Video app. Here, find Paramount+ and cancel the service.

Roku Devices

Roku device owners will go to their Roku home screen and highlight the Paramount+ channel. Press the * button on your remote, and select ‘Manage Subscription’. You’ll have the option to cancel the subscription right there, simply follow the prompts to complete the process.

Canceling Through the Paramount+ Website

If a user decides to cancel their Paramount+ subscription, they can conveniently do so through the service’s official website. The process is straightforward and can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Firstly, one must access the Paramount+ website using any web browser of their choice. Navigating to the website is the initial action in the cancellation process. Once there, it is crucial to log in to the respective account by entering the correct credentials.

After securing access to the account, subscribers should look for an option or link titled ‘Account’. This section contains various settings and options related to the user’s subscription. Within this area, there’s a specific link labeled Cancel Subscription that needs to be located and clicked.

Upon selecting the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option, Paramount+ may present a series of prompts or questions. While these prompts typically aim to gather feedback or dissuade cancellation, the user should follow the instructions given, confirming their intent to cancel the subscription.

It’s important to note that even after choosing to cancel, members can enjoy the service until the end of the current billing cycle. Paramount+ does not offer refunds, but allows canceled subscriptions to remain active through the last paid period giving subscribers the benefit of the service until their next payment date. Therefore, canceling the service before a new cycle begins ensures that one is not charged further.

To recap, here are the key steps for cancellation:

  1. Visit the Paramount+ website in a web browser.
  2. Log in to the respective account.
  3. Go to Account settings.
  4. Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’.
  5. Confirm cancellation following the on-screen steps.

The cancellation will then be processed, ceasing any upcoming charges while still providing access until the end of the billing cycle.

Understanding Third-Party Billing and Cancellation

When subscribing to Paramount+ through a third-party billing provider, the process to cancel will differ depending on the platform used for the subscription. It’s crucial to follow the respective platform’s guidelines to ensure a smooth cancellation.

Via App Store and Google Play

To cancel a Paramount+ subscription billed through the App Store or Google Play Store, one must:

  • App Store: Open Settings, tap your name, and select Subscriptions. Then, choose Paramount+ and tap ‘Cancel Subscription.’
  • Google Play Store: Visit the Google Play store, access Subscriptions, select Paramount+, and click on ‘Cancel Subscription.’

Through Amazon and Prime Video Channels

For those billed via Amazon or Prime Video Channels:

  • Navigate to Your Memberships and Subscriptions on Amazon, find Paramount+, and opt to end the subscription.

Other Billing Providers

Subscribers who have utilized other billing providers should:

  • Return to the service they originally signed up through, such as Roku, and follow the cancellation process outlined there.

Post-Cancellation Account Access

When a user decides to cancel their Paramount+ subscription, they still keep their account rights until the end of the current billing cycle. This means that even after hitting the “cancel” button, the service doesn’t just vanish in an instant.

For Monthly and Annual Subscribers:
Those with a monthly or yearly plan won’t face immediate service interruption. Paramount+ ensures that subscribers can still enjoy their favorite shows and movies until the period they’ve paid for ends. There’s no cut-off the moment they opt out; the remaining days are theirs to savor.

No Refunds:
It’s important to note that Paramount+ doesn’t offer refunds upon cancellation. So, if a subscriber decides to cancel halfway through the billing month, there won’t be any money back on the table. However, making the most of the service for the time left is a wise move.

Access Duration:

  • Monthly Subscribers: Access until the next payment due date.
  • Annual Subscribers: Access until the year is up.

Subscribers can consider these points:

  • Full usage: Continue to use the service until the cycle ends.
  • No additional charges: After cancellation, there won’t be further billing.

In summary, canceling a Paramount+ subscription is worry-free when it comes to the remaining time. The account remains active until the next payment date rolls around, but the wallet remains uncharged for future cycles. If a user ever wants to return, restarting the subscription is straightforward and can be done anytime on their website.

Troubleshooting Cancellation Issues

When canceling your Paramount+ subscription, you might run into some hitches. But don’t fret; these steps should clear up any confusion and smooth out the process.

Support Page Assistance

Paramount+ has a dedicated support page that you can access for step-by-step instructions on how to manage your subscription. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Visit the Paramount+ Support Page.
  2. Look for the ‘Account & Billing’ section.
  3. Select the issue related to cancellation that is affecting you.
  4. If there’s a Troubleshooting Tips link available, click it for detailed guidance.

Make sure to complete these steps while logged into your Paramount+ account for a tailored experience.

Contacting Customer Service

Sometimes, the support page might not cut it, and you need direct interaction to solve your problem. Here’s what you do:

  • Call: Paramount+ provides a customer service phone number. Call them during business hours for assistance.
  • Email: Send an email detailing your issue if you prefer written communication. They’re pretty good at responding swiftly.
  • Live Chat: If you’re in need of an immediate response, use the live chat feature on their website.

Remember to have your account details ready to make the process as efficient as possible.

Legacy CBS All Access Accounts

If you signed up for CBS All Access before it became Paramount+, you’re part of the transition to the new service. Even though the brand has changed, managing your account remains straightforward.

Cancellation for Legacy Accounts
Cancelling a Paramount+ subscription for former CBS All Access account holders follows the same policy as for new Paramount+ subscribers.

  • Access: You retain access until the end of your billing cycle, even after cancellation.
  • No Refunds: Monthly and annual subscriptions offer no refunds after cancellation.
  • Resubscribe: If you decide to return to Paramount+, you can easily resubscribe through your account page.

Transition Process:
As CBS All Access evolved into Paramount+, automatic updates were implemented. This means:

  • Your CBS All Access app should have updated to Paramount+ automatically.
  • Your subscription and login credentials remained the same, allowing seamless access to the service.

If you’re using the service via a legacy CBS All Access account and wish to cancel your Paramount+ subscription, navigate to your account settings. The platform you signed up on (like iOS, Android, or Roku) might influence the cancellation steps slightly, so ensure you follow the specific instructions for your device.

Remember, policies may evolve, so for the most current information, always check directly on the Paramount+ official website or contact customer support for assistance.

Overview of Content Available After Cancellation

When a subscriber decides to cancel their Paramount+ membership, they’re often curious about what happens next, particularly in terms of content accessibility. Let’s clarify this. Paramount+ operates on a commitment-free basis, so viewers can cancel anytime. Upon cancellation, subscribers retain access to the streaming service and all its offerings until the end of their current billing cycle.

What this means is quite straightforward: Subscribers won’t find themselves immediately cut off from their favorite shows and movies. They have the luxury of continuing to watch Paramount+ channels and use the service just like they normally would. No new charges will be incurred post-cancellation, as the account simply transitions into a non-renewing status.

Here’s what you can expect in a simple breakdown:

  • Full Access: Continue streaming all content until the billing cycle ends.
  • No Partial Refunds: If you cancel, don’t expect a partial refund for unused days.
  • End of Billing Cycle: The service stops when the cycle reaches its end date.

It’s important to note, however, that the ability to watch depends on where you’ve subscribed from. If you’ve signed up through a third party, you’ll have to check with them on the specifics of post-cancellation content access. Paramount+ makes it a point to provide a seamless viewing experience, even as users say goodbye.

Frequently Asked Questions

When managing your Paramount Plus subscription, you might have some questions. Whether you need to cancel a trial, address a billing issue, or understand potential fees, the answers are straightforward.

How can I cancel my Paramount Plus subscription through Amazon?

To cancel your subscription through Amazon, navigate to ‘Your Memberships and Subscriptions’ within your Amazon account, then select ‘Manage Subscription’ next to Paramount Plus. From there, choose ‘End Subscription.’

What steps should be taken to cancel a Paramount Plus free trial before it expires?

Before your free trial expires, go to your account on the Paramount Plus website and find the option to cancel your subscription. Execute this action to ensure you’re not billed when the trial ends.

Are there any fees or penalties for terminating a Paramount Plus subscription early?

No, you won’t face any extra fees or penalties for ending your subscription before the end of the billing cycle. You maintain access until the period concludes.

In what cases does Paramount Plus issue refunds for cancelled subscriptions?

Refunds are rare and typically not provided. Once a subscription is cancelled, access continues to the end of the billing cycle, but money won’t be returned with few exceptions.

Why have I been charged after starting a Paramount Plus free trial, and how can I rectify this?

Charges immediately after starting a free trial may be an error or a pre-authorization check. Contact customer service to resolve this promptly.

What should I do if I encounter issues while trying to cancel my Paramount Plus subscription?

If you’re running into trouble, seek out customer support for help. The ‘Contact Us’ page on the Paramount Plus website is a great place to start.

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