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No, Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay in its stores. Instead, they want you to use their own mobile payment option, Walmart Pay. Walmart is one of the largest retail giants in the world so this question gets asked a lot. Will Walmart ever add Apple Pay to their lineup? It’s hard to tell. For now though, there doesn’t seem to be a plan to do so.

Walmart Apple Pay Status

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?StatusExplanation
Directly?NoAs of October 27, 2023, Walmart does not natively accept Apple Pay at its checkout systems. You cannot simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader to pay.
Workaround with Walmart Pay?Yes (limited)You can add your Apple Card to the Walmart app and use Walmart Pay at self-checkout kiosks in some Walmart stores. This essentially uses your Apple Card information through Walmart’s own payment system, not directly through Apple Pay.
Reasons for Not Accepting Apple Pay?SpeculationWalmart hasn’t explicitly stated why they don’t accept Apple Pay. Possible reasons include: – Transaction fees: Apple charges merchants a small fee for each Apple Pay transaction, which Walmart might want to avoid. – Competition with Walmart Pay: Walmart might want to push its own payment system, Walmart Pay, as the preferred method for in-store transactions.
Future Acceptance?UncertainThere’s no official confirmation from Walmart about whether they plan to accept Apple Pay in the future. It’s possible they might add it in the long run, but it’s also possible they’ll stick with their current approach.

In summary:

  • While Walmart doesn’t directly accept Apple Pay, you can use your Apple Card through Walmart Pay at self-checkout in some stores.
  • The official reason for not accepting Apple Pay is unclear, but transaction fees and promoting Walmart Pay are potential factors.
  • The future of Apple Pay at Walmart remains uncertain.


  • Check with your local Walmart to see if they have self-checkout kiosks and if they allow using Walmart Pay with your Apple Card.
  • You can always use other payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, or cash at Walmart.

Understanding Apple Pay’s Reach

Apple Pay, a beacon of contactless payment technology, has revolutionized how consumers interact with their purchases. This digital wallet allows iPhone and Apple Watch users to make payments effortlessly. However, its acceptance varies widely among retailers, leading to questions about its usability at major stores like Walmart.

Walmart’s Stance on Apple Pay

As of the latest insights, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay. This decision appears to stem from Walmart’s preference for its proprietary payment solution, Walmart Pay. Launched in 2016, Walmart Pay relies on QR code technology, differing from Apple Pay’s NFC (Near Field Communication) approach.

Consumer Reactions and Alternatives

The absence of Apple Pay at Walmart has sparked varied reactions among shoppers. While some express frustration and inconvenience, others have adapted by using Walmart’s alternative or opting for different retailers that support Apple Pay. This situation reflects a broader debate about retailer-specific payment systems versus universal digital wallets.

The Logic Behind Walmart’s Decision

Walmart’s refusal to adopt Apple Pay can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, transaction fees associated with Apple Pay could be a deterrent. Secondly, Walmart may aim to promote its digital ecosystem, exemplified by Walmart Pay. This strategy could be a move to enhance customer loyalty and reinforce its brand.

Walmart Pay: A Brief Overview

Walmart Pay functions similarly to other digital wallets but is exclusive to Walmart transactions. Users can link various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, to the Walmart app and pay by scanning a QR code at checkout. This system, while efficient within the Walmart context, limits payment flexibility compared to Apple Pay.

The Future of Payment at Walmart

Speculation abounds regarding whether Walmart will eventually adopt Apple Pay. Factors like consumer demand, competitive pressure, and technological advancements may influence Walmart’s future payment strategies. For now, Walmart Pay remains the primary mobile payment option at their stores.

Comparing Apple Pay and Walmart Pay

When evaluating Apple Pay against Walmart Pay, several aspects stand out. Apple Pay is known for its simplicity and security, offering a one-tap payment solution. In contrast, Walmart Pay, while efficient within its environment, requires a few more steps for transaction completion.

The Role of Convenience in Consumer Choices

The debate between Walmart Pay and Apple Pay underscores a critical aspect of modern retail: consumer convenience. Shoppers often prefer quick and straightforward payment methods, and retailers who align with these preferences may see increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reflecting on the Digital Payment Landscape

As digital payment methods evolve, retailers like Walmart face the challenge of balancing proprietary systems with the need to accommodate popular technologies like Apple Pay. This dynamic landscape suggests that flexibility and responsiveness to consumer preferences will be crucial for retail success.

Summary of Facts

  • Walmart does not currently accept Apple Pay.
  • Walmart Pay is Walmart’s alternative to Apple Pay, using QR code technology.
  • Consumer reactions to Walmart’s payment options vary, with some expressing dissatisfaction.
  • Walmart’s choice may be influenced by factors like transaction fees and a desire to promote its digital ecosystem.
  • The future of Apple Pay’s acceptance at Walmart remains uncertain.


Does Walmart accept any digital wallets other than Walmart Pay?

Walmart primarily promotes its Walmart Pay system but also accepts other payment forms like credit/debit cards, PayPal, and gift cards.

Can I use Apple Pay for online purchases at Walmart?

No, Walmart does not currently accept Apple Pay for online purchases. You can use other payment methods such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, or Walmart gift cards.

Is there a way to use Apple Pay indirectly at Walmart?

While you cannot use Apple Pay directly at Walmart, you can add your Apple Card as a payment method in the Walmart app and use Walmart Pay for transactions at Walmart stores.

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