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Setting up a Paramount Plus account is simple, giving you access to a massive library of TV shows, movies, and originals. Here’s how to get started.

How to Get Started with Paramount Plus

What You’ll Need

  • A computer, phone, tablet, or compatible TV device
  • A good internet connection
  • An email address to use for your account
  • A credit card or other accepted payment method (PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.) if not using a free trial

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to the Paramount Plus website: Visit the website at
  2. Click “Try it Free”: You’ll find this in the top right corner, typically a blue button.
  3. Choose a Plan: Paramount Plus offers options like its Essential Plan (with ads) and a Premium Plan (ad-free, with more features). Decide which one is right for you.
  4. Create Your Account: Enter your:
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Password (create a secure one)
  5. Payment Info: Enter your credit card details or choose another supported payment method. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until the free trial ends (if you chose that option).
  6. Start Watching!: Your Paramount Plus account is ready! Log in and start binging all those awesome shows and movies.

Where to Sign Up: Supported Devices

Device TypeHow to Sign Up
Computer (Web Browser)Visit and follow the steps above
Smartphones & Tablets (iOS/Android)Download the app, open it, follow the on-screen prompts.
Smart TVs and Streaming Devices (Roku, Fire TV, etc.)Search for “Paramount Plus”, download the app, open it, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Paramount Plus Overview

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that provides a wide array of entertainment options. Under one subscription, users gain access to original series, blockbuster movies, live sports, and more.

Service Introduction

Paramount Plus offers two main subscription plans: an Essential plan and a plan that includes Showtime. The Essential plan is priced at $5.99 per month and provides a cost-effective way for users to enjoy the service’s wide range of content. On the higher end, the combined Paramount Plus with Showtime plan costs $11.99 per month for a more comprehensive entertainment package.

Content Offering

Subscribers can indulge in various genres, from nail-biting dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies. Viewers also benefit by being able to watch on up to three devices simultaneously and can create separate profiles for family members, allowing for personalized viewing experiences. Paramount Plus allows for offline viewing by enabling subscribers to download shows and movies. However, it’s essential to note that while streaming is ad-free for most content, live TV and some shows still include commercials.

Subscription Plans

Paramount+ offers a variety of plans tailored to suit diverse preferences and budgets, providing a rich selection of content with different levels of access and perks.

Plan Options

Essential Plan:

  • Primarily includes on-demand content with limited ads
  • Excludes local live CBS stations

Premium Plan:

  • Provides mostly ad-free on-demand content
  • Includes access to your local live CBS station

Pricing Structure

Monthly Essential: $5.99/month

  • Access over 45,000 episodes and movies
  • Live NFL & UEFA Champions Leagues available via separate feeds

Annual Essential: $59.99/year

  • Saves approximately 16% compared to the monthly option

Final Thoughts: Paramount+ provides flexible subscription options to cater to both casual viewers and dedicated fans of CBS content. Eager subscribers can enjoy a vast library of shows, live sports, and movies at competitive prices, choosing a plan that aligns with their viewing habits and budget.

Exclusive Content

Paramount Plus stands out for its library of exclusive content that keeps viewers glued to their screens. From widely acclaimed original series to captivating movies and documentaries, the platform offers a unique blend of entertainment.

Original Series

Subscribers can dive into a vast array of original series. Paramount Plus has made a mark with hit shows such as Star Trek: Discovery, drawing fans of the iconic franchise and newcomers alike. This dedication to developing original content helps distinguish Paramount Plus in a sea of streaming options.

Movies and Documentaries

In addition to series, Paramount Plus features an impressive lineup of movies and documentaries exclusive to the platform. These offerings broaden the appeal of the service, catering to a wide range of tastes—from movie buffs to documentary enthusiasts. Paramount Plus understands that variety is the spice of life, and their collection of films and documentaries proves just that.

Access and Availability

Paramount Plus is readily accessible on a variety of devices and across many regions, making it a flexible option for streaming enthusiasts.

Supported Devices

Paramount Plus can be enjoyed on a wide array of devices. Users can stream their favorite shows and movies using:

  • Smartphones and Tablets: Including iOS and Android devices.
  • Computers: Through web browsers on Windows or Mac systems.
  • Smart TVs and Streaming Devices: Such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV.
  • Gaming Consoles: Including PlayStation and Xbox models.

Geographic Availability

The service offers its content in several countries, with expansion plans to bring entertainment to an even broader audience. As of now, you can subscribe to Paramount Plus if you are in:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Additionally, select European and Latin American regions

Content and local offerings may vary, with some areas receiving additional benefits like bundled deals with other services.

Content Premieres and Releases

February brings a fresh lineup of entertainment to Paramount Plus subscribers, with exciting original content, exclusive shows, and anticipated premieres marking the calendar.

Upcoming Titles

Originals and Exclusives:

  • The beginning of February introduces new original series and films to the platform, building on the robust selection Paramount Plus is known for.


  • Paramount Plus with Showtime subscribers can look forward to special events and premieres that are scheduled throughout the month, providing a range of content from drama to comedy.

Release Schedule

February 1st:

  • A diverse array of original content kicks off the month, offering viewers fresh material to explore right from the start.

Throughout February:

  • Subscribers can anticipate a consistent rollout of premieres and exclusive events, with details available via the live CBS feed or directly through the on-demand section.

Account Management

Managing a Paramount+ account is straightforward, with options for creating a new account, adjusting subscription settings, and accessing technical support should any issues arise.

Creating an Account

To start enjoying content on Paramount+, new users need to create an account. This process involves visiting the Paramount+ website, clicking on the Sign In With Paramount+ button, and then selecting the option to create a new account. Users will then provide necessary information such as their email address and create a password.

Subscription Modification

Once users have an active account, they may need to change subscription details from time to time. This could include updating billing information or altering the subscription plan. Users can manage their subscription by signing into their account on the Paramount+ website and navigating to the Account & Billing section. From there, they can update their payment method or choose a different subscription package as needed.

Technical Support

If users encounter technical problems with their Paramount+ account, the service offers support to resolve such issues. The Help Center on the Paramount+ website provides solutions to common problems, and there’s also an option to reach out for personalized help if users don’t find answers in the FAQs.

Managing a Paramount+ account is designed to be user-friendly — from initial setup to customizing subscription preferences and seeking help if things don’t go as planned.

User Experience

The Paramount+ platform ensures a user-friendly experience with an emphasis on smooth navigation and robust personalization features.

Interface Navigation

The design of Paramount+ allows users to quickly find and enjoy their desired content. Visually, the layout is intuitive, making use of menus and search functions to guide viewers to movies, TV shows, and live TV streaming. Key touchpoints include:

  • Home: Where featured content and recommendations are displayed.
  • Search bar: At the top for direct content lookup.
  • Categories: Organized sections for genres or types of programming.
  • Settings: For account and playback adjustments.

The interface is responsive, meaning it adapts well whether you’re on a computer, a smartphone, or a smart TV, granting flexibility across devices.

Personalization Features

Each account on Paramount+ can be tailored to the preferences of different users, enhancing their personal viewing experience. Paramount+ offers:

  • Profiles: Users can create individual profiles, each with unique viewing histories and recommendations.
  • Kids Mode: A feature that allows parents to control what content their children can access.

By supporting multiple profiles, Paramount+ ensures that each family member’s watch list and suggestions are kept separate, preserving the personal touch for everyone’s entertainment preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting answers to your questions about Paramount Plus is easy. Here’s a roundup of what you might need to know.

How can I cancel my Paramount Plus subscription?

To cancel your Paramount Plus subscription, you need to go to your account settings on the Paramount Plus website or through the app, find the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option, and follow the instructions listed there.

What steps do I follow to activate my Paramount Plus account?

Activating a Paramount Plus account often involves entering a unique code on the Paramount Plus website provided when you download and open the app on a connected device. Your device should display instructions to guide you through this process.

How do I manage my Paramount Plus account settings?

Managing your account settings can be done through the app or website by accessing the ‘Account’ page, where you can change your password, billing methods, and subscription plans.

In what ways can I contact Paramount Plus customer service for assistance?

If you need help from Paramount Plus customer service, you can reach them through their help center online, by email, or sometimes by phone. Specific contact options are available at

What is the process to reactivate a previously canceled Paramount Plus account?

To reactivate a canceled account, log in to Paramount Plus with your former credentials and select an appropriate subscription plan. You might have to re-enter payment information as well.

How do I access content on the Paramount Plus app?

To access content, download the Paramount Plus app, sign in with your account details, and start streaming your preferred shows and movies on supported devices.

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