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The Orbital update for No Man’s Sky now allows players to customize their starships in new ways. This update fulfills a long-standing request from the community by offering various tools and options for modifying ships to suit individual preferences and playstyles. The customization options not only change the appearance of the ships but also affect gameplay, giving players the ability to personalize their space adventures. Hello Games, the studio behind No Man’s Sky, has been consistently updating and improving the game since its launch. The ship customization process introduced in the Orbital update allows players to modify both the function and appearance of their starships by using salvageable modules and in-game mechanisms. These new tools add depth to the game, providing a fresh incentive for both experienced players and newcomers to explore the vast procedurally generated universe of No Man’s Sky.

Taking Your Starship to the Next Level: Customization in No Man’s Sky

Unlock the Starship Outfitter

To embark on your customization journey, you’ll need to unlock the Starship Outfitter. This feature becomes available after completing a few initial missions in the game. Once unlocked, you can access it at any space station’s landing pad.

Gather Ship Parts

The key to customization is collecting ship parts. You can acquire them by:

  • Scrapping Ships: Dismantle unwanted ships at the Starship Outfitting Terminal to obtain various parts.
  • Trading: Exchange units with other players or at trading posts to get specific parts.
  • Exploration: Discover abandoned freighters or crash sites, which often contain valuable parts.

Craft Your Dream Starship

The Starship Outfitter lets you create your dream ship from scratch:

  1. Choose Your Base Model: Start by selecting the type of ship you want to build (Fighter, Explorer, Hauler, etc.).
  2. Add Customization Modules: Attach different modules to modify the ship’s appearance, such as wings, cockpits, engines, and cargo pods. Each module comes with its own stats and bonuses.
  3. Paint and Decals: Personalize your ship’s colors and add decals to make it truly unique.
  4. Install Technology Upgrades: Enhance your ship’s performance with technology upgrades like shields, weapons, and hyperdrive enhancements.

Customization Tips

Variety is Key:Collect a variety of ship parts to have more options for customization.
Balance is Important:Consider both aesthetics and functionality when customizing your ship.
Experiment:Don’t be afraid to try different combinations to find your perfect design.
Show Off:Share your creations with the No Man’s Sky community!

The Orbital Update

With the Orbital update (released 3/28/2024) ship customization has been completely revamped in No Man’s Sky. Here’s a breakdown of how it changed the game:

The Ship Customizer

  • How to access: Find the new Ship Customizer at every space station, usually situated near where you scrap your ships.
  • Interface: Here you’ll see options to customize parts, colors, decals, and more for your selected ship.

Part Customization

  • Body Parts: Swap out the core body, wings, boosters, and nose cone of eligible ships, unlocking different silhouettes.
  • Unlocking Parts: Each new ship you scrap gives you customization blueprints for its specific parts. You need to find the ships you like to collect these parts.
  • Rarity: Some parts might be rarer, requiring specific ship discoveries.

Color and Decals

  • Expanded Palette: Change the primary and secondary colors of your ship, now with a greater range of choice.
  • Decals: Add stickers, patterns, and symbols to personalize your ship’s look further.

Cost of Customization

  • Scrapping Currency: To change parts, you need to have BST (Base Salvage Technology) units. These are earned from scrapping unwanted ships.
  • Color Changes: These typically require Nanites for payment.


  • Not All Ships: Some starship types, like Exotics or Living Ships, may not have all customization options available.
  • Ship Class Matters: Even within customizable ship types, lower class ships (C, B, A) will have fewer unlocked parts at the start.

Key Changes: Ownership and Creativity

The biggest shift lies in how ships are viewed:

  • Personal Expression: Ship customization truly makes each ship feel like your own, rather than simply a purchased item.
  • The Hunt for Parts: The fun is in exploring to find exotic ships, scrapping them for unique parts, and then rebuilding your perfect ship piece by piece.

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Key Takeaways

  • No Man’s Sky’s Orbital update has expanded personalization with ship customization.
  • Players can alter their ships’ appearance and functionality to impact gameplay.
  • Hello Games continues to support No Man’s Sky with updates responding to community feedback.

Customization Mechanics

No Man’s Sky offers players a rich experience when it comes to customizing ships. Here, they can access advanced features, choose specific parts for their starship, and decide on the perfect look to match their identity in this expansive universe.

Accessing the Ship Customizer

Players can find the Ship Customizer in No Man’s Sky at any space station. These stations float among the stars and serve as hubs for trade, information, and now, customizing your starship. To start the customization process, locate the Starship Outfitting terminal. Next to it, you’ll notice the Starship Fabricator. Interact with this fabricator to begin shaping your ship to your liking.

Ship Parts and Upgrades

Ship customization in No Man’s Sky is not just about aesthetics. Players can select from various parts to enhance their ship’s performance. These parts include engines, shields, and weapons, classified under different categories like Fighters, Explorers, and Haulers. Each part plays a role in how your ship performs in the vastness of space. Upgrades can be applied to improve these functionalities, making your journey through the galaxy smoother and safer.

Ship Aesthetics and Identity

When it comes to the look of your starship, the choices are as endless as the universe. Players can change colors, apply decals, and choose different texture modes to make their ships stand out. Every adjustment contributes to the ship’s unique identity. From deep space black to vibrant red, the ship can reflect your style. Along with the visual customization, ships can also be named, further cementing your personal touch. Each customization carries a specific seed value, which dictates the procedural generation, ensuring that each ship is distinct from the next.

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