Netflix Account Sharing
Netflix Account Sharing

With the crackdown on Netflix password and account sharing – using your streaming service with family & friends has become much more difficult (and potentially more costly). Whether you want your best friend to binge that latest series with you, or ensure your family members have their profiles, updating your Netflix household settings is crucial. This guide walks you through the steps to effortlessly allow users to access your Netflix account. If you want to grant access to a user outside of your primary location, here are the steps you need to take.

1. Signing In: The First Step

Before making any modifications, ensure that the user wanting access is logged into your Netflix account:

  • Visit the Netflix website or open up the Netflix App on your device.
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button on the top right (or login to the App)
  • Enter your email address and password.

2. Error or No Errror?

After you’ve logged in, if you don’t get an error and Netflix just works then there is nothing you need to do further. However, if you do get any of the following errors:

netflix account is for people in the same location

A Netflix account is for people who live in the same location

netflix is meant for the people who live with you

Netflix is meant for you and the people who live with you

confirm this tv is in your netflix household

Confirm this TV is in your Netflix Household

Then move on to Step 3

3. Confirm Your Netflix Household

  • Tell your user getting the error to continue on past the error to confirm that they are part of your household
  • Netflix will email the account holder an email titled: Did you request to update your Netflix Household?
  • Follow the steps in that email to add the household to your account
netflix email

4. Confirmation From Netflix

If you do everything the email says correctly you’ll get a confirmation from Netflix that says:

  • You’ve updated your Netflix Household
  • Your streaming device will start working momentarily
youve updated your netflix household

5. Be Aware Of Pricing Changes

Netflix may charge you more if they determine that users added to your household are not truly part of your household.

  • Netflix has not consistently enforced this rule, but they can now charge you for added users/households (password sharing)
  • Monitor your bill to make sure that you’re OK with the changes you’ve made.

Conclusion: Share with Care

Netflix has made it slightly more difficult (or more costly) to share your account with other households. Just remember, while sharing is caring, it’s essential to prioritize account security and make sure you’re OK with the new charges before doing so. Always monitor your account activity and ensure you’re sharing your credentials with trusted individuals and check your bill to ensure you’re OK with the fees assessed. Happy streaming!

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