Chrome Dino Game
Chrome Dino Game

The Chrome Dino game, an endearing pixelated runner game featuring a T-Rex, is a hidden gem within the Google Chrome browser. This simple yet addictive game is designed to keep you entertained during those moments when you find yourself without an internet connection. Let’s dive into how you can access and enjoy this game, whether online or offline.

Accessing the Game

To start playing the Chrome Dino game, you have a couple of options:

  1. Offline Mode: The game is originally designed to appear when you’re disconnected from the internet. Simply open your Google Chrome browser, try to navigate to any website, and you’ll be greeted with a “No internet” message along with the pixelated T-Rex.
  2. Online Access: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be offline to enjoy this game. Type chrome://dino into your Chrome browser’s address bar and hit Enter. This will launch the game in a full window, ready to be played​​​​.

Playing the Game

Once you’ve accessed the game, the controls are straightforward:

  • On a Desktop: Press the Space bar to start the game. Use the Space bar to make the T-Rex jump over obstacles, such as cacti, and the Down arrow key to duck under obstacles​​​​.
  • On a Mobile Device: Tap on the screen to start the game and to make the T-Rex jump. The game mechanics remain the same – avoid obstacles to keep the dinosaur running as long as possible​​.

Game Features

The Chrome Dino game is a continuous runner game where the T-Rex must avoid obstacles in a desert landscape. The challenge and fun lie in the increasing speed of the game and the random appearance of obstacles. The game lasts until the T-Rex collides with an obstacle, marking the end of that run.

Tips and Tricks

  • Practice: Like any game, your skill improves as you get used to the timing of jumps and ducks.
  • Stay Focused: The game speeds up over time, so keeping your focus is key to achieving a high score.
  • Timing is Everything: Learn the right moment to jump or duck. Sometimes, it’s better to stay on the ground rather than jumping too early or too late.


  1. How do I access the Chrome Dino game? Type chrome://dino into the address bar of Google Chrome or disconnect from the internet​​​​.
  2. Can I play the Chrome Dino game online? Yes, you can play it online by typing chrome://dino in your Chrome browser​​.
  3. What are the controls for the Chrome Dino game on desktop? Use the Space bar to start and jump, and the Down arrow key to duck​​.
  4. How do I play the Chrome Dino game on a mobile device? Tap on the screen to start the game and to make the dinosaur jump​​.
  5. Is the Chrome Dino game available on all browsers? The Chrome Dino game is exclusive to the Google Chrome browser​​.
  6. Does the game require any downloads or installations? No, the game is built into the Chrome browser and requires no additional downloads​​.
  7. Is there an end to the Chrome Dino game? The game continues until the T-Rex hits an obstacle, but there’s technically no end to the game​​.
  8. Can I play the Chrome Dino game if I’m connected to the internet? Yes, by typing chrome://dino in the address bar of Chrome, you can play it while online​​.
  9. Are there different levels in the Chrome Dino game? The game doesn’t have levels but gets progressively faster and more challenging​​.
  10. What happens if I score very high in the Chrome Dino game? The game becomes faster and more challenging as you score higher, but there is no specific reward or end game.

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