Add photos to apple watch face
Add photos to apple watch face

An Apple Watch is much more than just a time-telling device; it’s also a fashion statement and a constant companion in your digital life. The ability to personalize watch faces is only one of its many fantastic features. This tutorial shows you step-by-step how to add your own photos to the Apple Watch face, giving your gadget a more unique look. The Apple Watch offers a cool feature that allows you to customize your watch face using pictures from your photo library. Here’s how to do it:

Summary Instructions

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the ‘Face Gallery’ button located at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Navigate to the ‘Photos’ row by scrolling down, and tap any face in the row. This will lead you to the customization screen.
  4. Here, decide if you want your Photos watch face to rotate through images in your synced album or if you prefer to select up to 10 specific images from your library.
  5. If you want to sync your album, go to ‘My Watch’ > ‘Photos’ > ‘Synced Album’. For instance, you could choose to sync your ‘Favorites’ album.
  6. On the Photos customization screen, configure the ‘Time Position’ and ‘Complications’ by scrolling down.
  7. Once you’ve finished setting up, scroll back to the top and tap ‘Add’. This will install your newly personalized Photos face on your Apple Watch.

And voila! You can now have your favorite pictures as your Apple Watch face.

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Detailed Instructions:

Step 1: Open the Watch App on Your iPhone

Start by opening the Watch app on your iPhone. The Watch app is the primary hub for all things related to your Apple Watch, including customizing the watch face.

Step 2: Navigate to Face Gallery

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a button labeled ‘Face Gallery.’ Tap this button to explore an array of available watch faces.

Step 3: Select the Photos Watch Face

Once you’re in the Face Gallery, scroll down until you reach the Photos row. Tap any face in this row, and you’ll be led to a customization screen.

Step 4: Choose Your Photos

Now, it’s time to select the photos you wish to display on your Apple Watch face. You have two options: you can either let the Photos watch face rotate through images in your synced album or pick up to 10 images from your photo library.

To sync an album, navigate to ‘My Watch’ > ‘Photos’ > ‘Synced Album.’ You could, for instance, opt to sync your ‘Favorites’ album.

Step 5: Configure Your Watch Face

Once you’ve chosen your photos, scroll down on the Photos customization screen. Here, you can adjust the ‘Time Position’ and ‘Complications.’ These are additional display features, like the date or weather, that you might want to have on your watch face.

Step 6: Add Your New Watch Face

Finally, after you’ve personalized everything to your liking, scroll back to the top and tap ‘Add.’ This will install your newly created Photos face on your Apple Watch.

Advanced Advice

  1. How to Make a Photo Album Watch Face

You can make a “Photo Album Watch Face” if you want your watch face to show a different picture each time you elevate your wrist. This involves performing the Part 1-described Apple Watch photo album sync. Once the album is synced, proceed as follows:

On your iPhone, launch the Watch app and select “Face Gallery.” Click “Photos” after scrolling down. Now select “Album” rather than “Custom.” To add this face to your watch, tap “Add.”

  1. Use Live Images

Live Images can give your watch face a unique and entertaining twist. A Live Picture creates a short video-like clip by recording movement and sound for 1.5 seconds before and after the photo is taken. The same procedures as above must be followed in order to add a Live Picture to your watch face. Keep in mind that every time you elevate your wrist, the Live Picture will animate.

  1. Use the Portraits Watch Face

You can use the Portraits watch face if you have an Apple Watch Series 4 or later. This watch face presents portrait images in an artful manner by adding depth and highlighting the subject. Go to the Face Gallery in the Watch app, pick Portraits, and then select your chosen images to add a Portraits watch face.


In conclusion, personalizing your Apple Watch face with photos can add a touch of sentimentality and uniqueness to your device. Whether it’s a picture of a loved one, a cherished moment, or a favorite landscape, knowing how to add photos to the Apple Watch face can truly elevate your user experience. With just a few simple steps, you can select photos from your library, configure them, and install your personalized watch face. Remember, you’re not limited to a single image; you can choose to alternate between multiple pictures, adding even more versatility to your watch face.

Having the ability to add pictures to your Apple Watch not only provides you with an opportunity for customization but also brings you closer to your cherished memories. These photos can be a constant reminder of the people, places, or moments that have made a significant impact on your life. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I add photos to my Apple Watch face?” – now you know. So, dive in, and start exploring this wonderful feature. After all, technology is best enjoyed when it’s personalized to your liking.

The Essential FAQ for Customizing Your Apple Watch Face

What is the Apple Watch Face?

Your watch face is the first thing you see on your device – it displays time, notifications, and apps. The way you interact with your watch involves some simple gestures, like tapping, swiping, and pressing.

How do I get to the Customization Menu on the watch?

The first step towards customization is accessing the Watch Face gallery on your iPhone. Select ‘My Watch’ then ‘Face Gallery’, and voila! A plethora of styles await you. The Watch Face gallery on your iPhone is your go-to place for exploring more faces. Alternatively, you can download third-party apps or browse the internet for more unique options.

What are complications on the Apple Watch?

Apple lets you add and customize ‘complications’ – those little extra pieces of information like weather or calendar events. You can even set the time display to your liking. Complications are extra pieces of information you can display on your watch face. They can range from the weather forecast to your next calendar event.

What are the watch face options?

The beauty of the Apple Watch lies in the diversity of face options. The Infograph face offers an elegant, data-heavy display. The Modular face has a more digital look, while the Chronograph face appeals to lovers of classic timepieces. And the Utility face? Well, it’s as practical as it sounds.

How do you sync the custom watch face with iPhone?

Next on the list is syncing your custom watch face with your iPhone. Simply press and hold your watch face, swipe left or right to select your design, and press the Digital Crown to save.

How do you share your custom watch face?

If you want to share your watch face with your your friends, just long-press the watch face, tap on the share button, and select a contact. Easy-peasy.

How should I protect my Apple Watch from damage?

Use a screen protector to fend off scratches and avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures. Your Apple Watch is water resistant, but every electronics device has its limits. Try to avoid submerging it in water for a long period of time or you’ll need to get water damage repair. Also avoid heavy impacts or shocks to the phone as you can break the outer casing/electronics or rattle the insides.

What should I do if my customized watch face isn’t syncing with my iPhone?

Ensure both devices are updated to the latest OS version. If the problem persists, try restarting both devices.

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