Hisense 65 inch TV
Hisense 65 inch TV

If your Hisense TV displays blinking codes, it’s signaling a specific issue that needs your attention. Let’s dive into the world of Hisense TV blinking codes, exploring their meanings and solutions, to ensure your TV continues to provide an excellent viewing experience.

Hisense TV Blinking Codes: Lookup Table

Here’s a table of common Hisense TV blinking codes and their potential causes:

Number of BlinksPossible Issue
1 BlinkPower supply problems (shortfalls)
2 BlinksMinor mainboard issues
3 BlinksBacklight inverter breakdowns
4 BlinksBacklight inverter wiring failure
5 BlinksSerious mainboard malfunctions
6 BlinksT-Con board failure
10 BlinksInverter board wires or main logic board issues

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Hard Reset:
    • Unplug your TV from the power outlet for 30-40 seconds.
    • Press and hold the power button on the TV for a few seconds.
    • Plug the TV back in and turn it on.
  2. Check Cables and Connections:
    • Ensure all cables (power, HDMI, etc.) are securely connected.
    • Inspect cables for damage and replace if necessary.
  3. Update Firmware:
    • Check for firmware updates in your TV’s settings menu.
    • Install any available updates to address potential software issues.
  4. Contact Hisense Support:
    • If the blinking persists or you’re unsure about the cause, contact Hisense customer support for further guidance and potential repair options.

Additional Tips:

  • Note the exact number of blinks to accurately diagnose the problem.
  • If you attempt any repairs yourself, proceed with caution and consult professional assistance if needed.
  • Provide detailed information about the blinking code and any other symptoms to Hisense support for efficient troubleshooting.

What are Hisense TV Blinking Codes?

Hisense TVs, like many modern televisions, use blinking codes as part of a self-diagnosis system. These codes are sequences of blinks from the standby light, each pattern indicating a specific problem.

Common Blinking Codes and Their Meanings

  1. Blinking Once: Standby Mode
    • Your TV is in standby mode, simply waiting for your command.
    • Fix: Press the power button on your remote or TV.
  2. Blinking Twice: Power Supply Issue
    • Indicates potential problems with the power supply.
    • Fix: Unplug the TV, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in.
  3. Blinking Three Times: Backlight or Inverter Issue
    • A problem with the backlight or inverter circuit, affecting screen illumination.
    • Fix: Requires professional repair or replacement.
  4. Blinking Four Times: Mainboard or Video Processing Problem
    • Issues related to the mainboard or video processing can lead to display problems.
    • Fix: Seek professional assistance.
  5. Blinking Five Times: T-CON Board Issue
    • This relates to the Timing Controller board, crucial for image display.
    • Fix: Professional repair or replacement is needed.
  6. Blinking Six Times: Overheating or Ventilation Problem
    • Indicates overheating due to poor ventilation or a faulty temperature sensor.
    • Fix: Ensure proper ventilation and consider professional help if it persists.
  7. Blinking Seven or Eight Times: Backlight Issue
    • A more severe backlight problem.
    • Fix: Professional repair or replacement of the backlight system.
  8. Blinking Nine Times: Backlight Voltage Issue
    • Similar to the 3, 7, or 8 blinks, indicating a voltage problem with the backlight.
    • Fix: Same as for 3, 7, or 8 blinks.
  9. Blinking Ten Times: Multiple Possible Causes
    • Can indicate problems with the LED driver/LED strips, power board, or mainboard.
    • Fix: Test the LED strips and consider replacing the LED driver or power supply board.
  10. Blinking 19 Times: Faulty Power Board
    • Indicates a need to replace the power board.
    • Fix: Replace the power board or contact Hisense support if under warranty.
  11. Blinking 20 Times: Combination of Issues
    • Could mean faulty backlight, T-Con board, or mainboard.
    • Fix: Replace the faulty components as needed.
  12. Hisense Roku TV Specific Blinking
    • Continuous blinking indicates low power, while two blinks suggest network connection issues.
    • Fix: Check power sources and network connections.

Preventive Maintenance and Tips

To avoid encountering these issues, regular maintenance is key. Dust your TV, especially the vents, avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning, keep the firmware updated, and use a high-quality surge protector.

In Summary

Understanding the blinking codes of your Hisense TV is crucial for quick and effective troubleshooting. For complex issues, always seek professional assistance. Regular maintenance can prevent many of these problems, ensuring a long life for your television.


  1. Can I fix a Hisense TV blinking issue myself?
    • For simple issues like standby mode or basic power supply problems, yes. For more complex issues, it’s safer to consult a professional.
  2. What does continuous blinking on a Hisense Roku TV indicate?
    • It usually indicates low or insufficient power. Check the power source and cable connections.
  3. Is it safe to open up my TV for repairs?
    • Opening up your TV for anything beyond basic fixes is not recommended unless you have technical expertise. It’s best to contact a professional.
  4. Can software updates fix some blinking issues?
    • Yes, keeping your TV’s firmware up-to-date can resolve some issues and improve overall performance.
  5. Should I replace my Hisense TV if it shows complex blinking codes?
    • Not necessarily. Many blinking code issues can be resolved with professional repair. Consider the cost of repair versus replacement.

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