Turn Off Audio Description
Turn Off Audio Description

Audio description (AD) is a feature designed to assist visually impaired viewers. It provides narration that describes visual elements not conveyed through dialogue. While beneficial for some, others might find it disruptive.

Disable Audio Description for a More Streamlined Viewing Experience

Steps to Turn Off Audio Description on CBS

  1. Launch the CBS app or website on your device.
  2. Start playing the video content you want to watch.
  3. Look for the audio or subtitle settings. This is usually represented by a speech bubble or gear icon.
  4. Within the settings, you should find an option to turn off audio description. It may be labeled as “AD,” “Audio Description,” or “Descriptive Video Service.”
  5. Toggle the setting to “Off.” The audio description should stop immediately.


  • If you can’t find the audio description settings within the CBS app or website, try adjusting the settings on your device itself. Many streaming devices, smart TVs, and operating systems have accessibility options that control audio description for all apps.
  • If you’re still having trouble, refer to the CBS help center or contact their customer support for further assistance.

Turning off Audio Description on CBS

To turn off audio description on CBS, you can either use your remote control for direct audio settings or go through the TV’s settings menu. Both methods are straightforward and will help enhance your viewing experience by disabling the audio narration designed for viewers who are visually impaired.

Using Remote Control for Audio Settings

Most TV remotes come equipped with a quick access button for audio settings. If you’re watching CBS and want to turn off audio descriptions, here’s what you can do:

  1. Press the Menu or Settings button on your remote.
  2. Look for an option like Accessibility, Audio, or Language.
  3. Under this menu, find and select Audio Description or Secondary Audio.
  4. Set this feature to Off or Primary to disable the audio descriptions.

For specific TV brands, such as Samsung TVs, you may need to locate the Voice Guide settings within the Accessibility menu and turn it off.

Navigating TV Settings Menu

If the remote control doesn’t have a direct option, you can turn off audio descriptions using the TV’s settings menu:

  1. Start by pressing the Menu, Settings, or Gear icon button on your remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings, then select General followed by Accessibility (this can vary by brand, but is generally found within the primary settings).
  3. Choose Closed Captions and SDH or simply Audio Descriptions.
  4. Toggle the feature to On to enable or Off to disable audio descriptions for your CBS viewing.

On TVs like Sony, often you’ll find the accessibility features grouped together, allowing you to manage closed captioning and audio descriptions in the same place.

Remember that these instructions can also apply to CBS streaming services like CBS All Access on various devices, where the settings menu will often function similarly.

Understanding Audio Description Features

Audio description is a game-changer for individuals who are blind or visually impaired, allowing them access to TV shows by narrating visual elements during natural pauses in dialogue.

Audio Description in TV Programming

What is Audio Description?
Audio description is a feature that provides narrations of the key visual components of a TV program. These narrations are inserted into pauses in the dialogue. This means that important actions, characters’ expressions, and scene changes are described aloud to the viewers who might not be able to see them. This service is often available as a secondary audio track and can be typically accessed through the TV’s audio or language feature.

  • How to Access: Viewers can turn this feature on or off by navigating to the TV’s settings menu and finding options labeled ‘Audio Description’, ‘AD’, ‘Descriptive Audio’, or a similar term. Once located, the feature can be toggled to either enable or disable the audio narration.

  • Types of Programs: A range of programming includes audio description, from dramas to documentaries, making them more accessible for everyone.

Legal Requirements and Accessibility Standards

Closed Captions (CC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Standards:
In the United States, the FCC sets certain standards to ensure that television is accessible to all. One of these standards mandates that certain broadcasters and TV programs include closed captioning and audio description. These features are essential for people with hearing impairments or those who have impaired vision, providing a way to follow along with a program’s dialogue or action.

  • Accessibility Features: The FCC not only mandates closed captions but also requires broadcasters to offer a certain amount of audio-described content each week. This impacts not just national networks but also local TV stations and streaming services.

  • Customer Service: Should viewers have trouble accessing these features, customer service for the TV network or the device manufacturer can often provide assistance.

Implementing these features not only meets legal requirements but also demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity, allowing people with disabilities to fully enjoy television programming.

Technical Support and Additional Resources

Tackling technical issues with CBS’s audio description feature can be smooth with the right resources. For subscribers wishing to disable the voice guide or navigate complex menu systems, the support provided through manuals and customer services proves invaluable.

Manufacturer’s User Manual

Each television or receiver comes with a user manual; this should be the first stop for any subscriber experiencing trouble with audio descriptions. The manual typically includes a section on sound settings with step-by-step instructions on how to access and toggle off the audio description. Look for terms such as “Accessibility”, “Voice Guide”, or “Screen Reader” which are often used in the context of audio features.

Customer Service and Online Support

When the user manual doesn’t cut it, reaching out to customer service might quickly resolve the issue. Many subscribers find that talking to a representative can provide direct steps tailored to their specific cable or satellite service. Additionally, CBS’s online support often features guides that explain how to use remote control functions to disable audio descriptions. For those who prefer digital support, these resources include on-screen text instructions and solutions for various devices, from traditional TVs to computers and streaming devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the audio settings on your favorite CBS shows can sometimes be confusing. This section covers the common questions about managing audio description and closed captioning to enhance your viewing experience.

How can I disable audio narration on CBS broadcasts?

To turn off audio narration for CBS broadcasts, access the accessibility settings in your TV menu or directly on your device’s CBS streaming app. Look for options labeled as Audio Descriptions and toggle them off to disable the narration.

What are the steps to remove TV narration for CBS shows?

Removing narration involves navigating to your TV’s settings menu, selecting Accessibility, and locating the Audio Description or Descriptive Audio settings. Here, you can switch off the feature to eliminate the narration during CBS shows.

How can I turn off audio description on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus, which hosts CBS content, allows users to disable audio descriptions through the video player. While streaming, tap the screen to bring up the player controls and find the “CC” button for closed captions and audio options, where you can turn off the feature.

Why is there a narrator speaking during CBS programs?

A narrator speaks during CBS programs to provide audio descriptions, which are designed to assist viewers who are visually impaired. These descriptions offer context by explaining visually important details occurring on the screen.

How do I deactivate closed captioning on the CBS application?

To deactivate closed captioning, open the CBS app, start your show, and look for the video controls. Tap to access closed captions settings and toggle them off. Some apps may require you to do this from the main settings menu instead.

How do I stop the Audio Description feature on my television for CBS content?

Stopping the Audio Description feature for CBS content depends on your television model. Typically, you can press the menu or settings button on your remote, scroll down to accessibility, and find the option to disable Audio Description or Secondary Audio Programming.

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