Intel i5 13400 CPU

Gaming performance is largely determined by your GPU, but picking the right CPU so you don’t run into any bottlenecks is still important. Our pick for the best Gaming CPU of 2023? The Intel i5-13400. This chip has everything you need to seamlessly run any program and make sure your performance is not capped prematurely. The i5-13400 retails for a little over $210 and is from the 13th Gen Intel Core i5 line. This CPU features PCIe 5.0 & 4.0 support, DDR5 and DDR4 support, and is optimized for gamers and productivity users. Compatible with Intel 700 Series and Intel 600 Series Chipset based motherboards, this 65W processor will power your gaming rig to the max.

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For the price, it’s unbeatable. And given the fact that you can still use DDR4 you’ll save a lot of money on the build without much performance loss. With the i5-13400 you’re going to get the most performance per dollar over almost any other alternative.

The i5 13400 has 6 “P” cores with hyperthreading and 4 E cores for a total of 10 physical cores (16 threads). The i5 13400 has the same base power rating of 65 W but it has a maximum turbo power rating of 154 W which is very impressive for a mid-range i5. This chip will run cool, draw only a small amount of power given the output, and make your overall build that much better.

In Closing
Identifying the best CPU for gaming requires evaluating one’s needs, budget, and preferred brands. Whether you’re seeking the ultimate gaming experience, budget-friendly options, or mid-range powerhouses, 2023 presents a plethora of choices. Always remember to complement your CPU purchase with quality thermal paste, ensuring optimal performance.

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