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Sony hasn’t yet announced a timeline or official release date for their next VR headset (the PS VR3) and they likely won’t for a LONG time. By all accounts sales, of the PS VR2 have been very poor and demand for a new headset is lukewarm at best. With huge competition in the VR space coming from the likes of Meta and Apple, there really hasn’t been much of a reason for people to go with the Sony option yet. Oh, and it’s really expensive too – $549.99 New and $399.99 Refurbished.

Sony seems to have all but paused their headset business with reports of production halts to clear out a backlog of inventory, game cancellations that were intended for the VR side of the business, and very little to no information about the VR3.

PS VR3 Possible Release Window (Speculation)

ScenarioReasoningRelease EstimateChance
OptimisticSony maintains a similar gap between PSVR generations.2026-2027 (Might be overly ambitious)0%
On CycleFactoring in development cycles and console availability.2028-20295%
ConservativeAligns with a potential PS6 launch.203035%
DiscontinuedSony scraps VR Hardware and VR3 never gets made.N/A60%
*Sony Hasn’t Officially Announced Anything About The VR3. Chances are our projections.

A Future in Flux for Sony’s VR Ambitions

The PlayStation VR2 was impressive in terms of its technical advancements. However, the recent struggles have raised doubts about the future of Sony’s VR efforts. Sales figures have failed to meet expectations, and production has reportedly halted due to inventory issues. This slowdown indicates that Sony may need to reconsider its VR strategy, which could result in a significant delay or a significant shift in direction before we see a potential PSVR3.


PS VR2: A Promising Start Followed by a Rough Landing

The PSVR2 launched with critical praise. Reviewers lauded its improved tracking, higher resolution displays, and impressive haptics. However, several factors have seemingly contributed to the headset’s underperformance:

  • High Price Point: The PSVR2’s $549.99 price tag makes it a luxury purchase, especially considering the required PS5 console investment.
  • Limited Launch Lineup: While the PSVR2 has some interesting launch titles, a lack of truly blockbuster experiences might have dampened the initial hype.
  • Economic Climate: The current economic downturn might make consumers more hesitant about expensive entertainment purchases.

A Turning Point for PlayStation VR?

Sony’s reported pause in PSVR2 production highlights a need for recalibration. This presents a few possible scenarios for the future of PlayStation VR:

  • Reassessment & Recommitment: Sony might take this time to analyze consumer feedback, bolster its VR game development, and re-launch the PSVR2 with a stronger lineup and perhaps a more attractive price.
  • Delayed PSVR3: The PSVR3 might be put on hold for an extended period. Sony could focus on improving the PSVR2 experience before committing to a next-generation headset.
  • Focus Shift after PS6: We might not see a PSVR3 until well after the PS6’s release. Sony could take more time to observe the evolving VR landscape and develop technology to better compete in the market.

The Uncertain Future of Console VR

The PSVR2’s struggles raise questions about the long-term viability of console-based VR. While VR technology has significantly advanced, it remains a niche market. Here’s why the PSVR3’s fate is up in the air:

Market SizeThe VR market is still relatively small compared to traditional console gaming.
Cost BarrierHigh-end VR headsets and the necessary hardware create a significant entry barrier for many consumers.
Game DevelopmentCreating compelling VR experiences can be costly and time-consuming.
Comfort & AccessibilityNot everyone finds VR comfortable, and motion sickness remains an issue for some.

What Needs To Happen

Sony likely needs a major shift in approach if it wants to see mainstream VR success alongside its PlayStation consoles. The PSVR3’s release date, and perhaps its entire existence, hangs in the balance. While the future of VR holds potential, Sony’s next move will be closely watched as a signifier of VR’s place within the gaming industry.

PSVR3: Potential Features and Enhancements

  • Foveated Rendering: Eye-tracking for improved graphics and performance.
  • Inside-Out Tracking: More freedom of movement without external cameras.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Eliminate tethering cables for increased immersion.
  • Higher Resolution and Refresh Rate: Sharper visuals, reduced motion sickness.
  • Advanced Haptics and Controllers: Enhanced sense of touch and interaction.

Key Factors Influencing the Release Date

  • PS6 Development: A new console launch could closely align with a new VR headset. However, Sony might stagger releases.
  • Supply Chain Constraints: The PSVR2 launch faced stock issues, which could impact Sony’s timeline for its next headset.
  • Technological Advancements: Sony could wait for breakthroughs in areas like wireless connectivity and display density before launching.

Technical Specifications

No Technical Specifications have been released for a Possible PS VR3 yet.

Content and Experiences

No Content or Other Information has been released for a Possible PS VR3 yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries about the anticipated PlayStation VR‘s (PSVR3) features, pricing, and release.

What are the expected features of the future PlayStation VR3 model?

Sony hasn’t made anything official yet, but we would anticipate if a VR3 would get made it would be built on whatever technology is available at the time. It would be so far in the future that the entire industry will have shifted several times until then.

What is the anticipated price point for the next generation of PlayStation VR?

Nothing is known about a possible VR3. The VR2 has been plagued by pricing bing too high so it’s possible Sony will adjust to a more appropriate price point for a possible future release.

What are the release windows discussed for future PlayStation VR hardware?

There haven’t been official announcements about PSVR3’s release date, but in all likelihood it would launch at the same time or shortly after the PS6 launches (not announced yet).

How do sales of the most recent PlayStation VR version inform expectations for the next release?

The poor performance of PSVR 2 puts a bit of a damper on expectations for a future VR headset. It’s very possible Sony could completely scrap their VR hardware business if things continue this way.

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