Cracked phone screens
Cracked phone screens

A cracked phone screen is like a windowpane hit by a baseball – it may still function, but its beauty and functionality can be greatly compromised. Let’s delve into the effects of a cracked screen on your phone.

Phone screens are more than just a visual display; they’re the primary interface for interacting with your device. A cracked screen can be compared to a pothole on your favorite driving route – it’s an annoyance that could potentially cause more serious problems.

Effects of a Cracked Screen

Physical Hazards

A cracked screen can be a safety risk, like walking barefoot on a broken glass. The cracked glass can cause minor cuts or injuries. Also, it might allow dust and moisture to seep in, potentially damaging the internal components of your phone.

Functional Issues

The functionality of your phone can also be affected. It’s like driving a car with a cracked windshield – you can still drive, but your view may be obscured, and the structural integrity of the vehicle is compromised. Similarly, a cracked screen can lead to display problems, touch sensitivity issues, and may even affect the facial recognition or front camera features.

Aesthetic Problems

Aesthetically, a cracked screen is not appealing. It’s like wearing a shirt with a visible stain – it does its job, but it doesn’t look good. The sleekness and beauty of your device will be compromised by a cracked screen.

Dealing with a Cracked Screen

Using a Screen Protector

Applying a screen protector on a cracked screen is like applying a band-aid on a wound. It can prevent further cracking and protect your fingers from the broken glass, but it’s not a permanent fix.

Seeking Professional Help

For a definitive solution, you might need to seek professional help. Getting your screen replaced is like getting a broken window fixed – it brings your device back to its original state.


In conclusion, a cracked screen does affect your phone in several ways – from physical hazards and functional issues to aesthetic problems. To ensure your device’s longevity and maintain its beauty, it’s advisable to deal with a cracked screen promptly and professionally.


  1. Does a cracked screen affect my phone? Yes, a cracked screen can present physical hazards, cause functional issues, and compromise your phone’s aesthetics.
  2. Can a cracked screen damage the internals of my phone? Yes, a cracked screen can allow dust and moisture to enter, potentially damaging your phone’s internal components.
  3. Can a screen protector fix a cracked screen? A screen protector can prevent further cracking and protect your fingers from broken glass, but it is not a permanent solution.
  4. Can a cracked screen be replaced? Yes, you can have your phone’s cracked screen replaced by a professional.
  5. Is it safe to use a phone with a cracked screen? It’s generally not recommended as it could potentially cause minor injuries and further damage to your phone.

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