View Battery Health On iPad
View Battery Health On iPad

Want to optimize and extend the lifespan of your iPad battery? Discover if you can improve battery health on iPad and practical steps to do so.

Strategies to Boost Your iPad Battery Health

In the digital age, our electronic devices play a crucial role in our daily lives. From casual browsing to business operations, devices like the iPad have become indispensable. But nothing sours the user experience like a fast-draining battery. So, can you improve battery health on iPad? Absolutely! And in this article, we’ll be guiding you through actionable strategies to enhance and maintain your iPad’s battery health. Read on to discover the ins and outs of iPad battery care.

How to view your battery health

You can setup this shortcut:

To view your battery cycle information and other info you will need to determine the health of the battery.

Can you improve battery health on iPad?

Yes, you can! Apple devices, including iPads, have built-in features and best practices that users can employ to optimize battery health and performance. But why stop there? Let’s dive into these tried and tested strategies.

Understanding iPad Battery Health

  • What is Battery Health?: Battery health refers to the battery’s capacity to hold a charge compared to when it was new. Over time, all rechargeable batteries lose their efficacy, but understanding this concept is the first step towards better maintenance.
  • Factors Impacting Battery Health: Several factors can impact battery longevity, such as charge cycles, temperature, and usage patterns. Knowing these can help users avoid behaviors that degrade battery health.

Daily Habits to Improve Battery Health

  • Optimized Charging: Always aim to keep your iPad’s battery level between 20% and 80%. Charging to 100% or letting it drop to 0% can stress the battery.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: High temperatures can degrade battery health at a faster rate. Never leave your iPad in a hot car or direct sunlight.
  • Update Regularly: Apple frequently releases software updates that can improve battery performance. Ensure your iPad is running the latest iOS version.

Advanced Tips for Enhanced Battery Performance

  • Enable Low Power Mode: When your iPad’s battery starts running low, activating this feature can help extend its life until you’re able to charge it.
  • Monitor Battery Usage: Under settings, you can view which apps are consuming the most power. Consider limiting background activity for these apps.
  • Reset Settings: Sometimes, resetting all settings (without erasing data) can resolve any minor glitches affecting battery performance.

Myths about iPad Battery Health

Several myths circulate about battery health. Here are a few debunked:

  • Closing Apps Saves Battery: Contrary to popular belief, force closing apps can sometimes consume more power when you reopen them. It’s better to let iOS manage them.
  • Always Charge to 100%: As mentioned, it’s better to keep your iPad’s battery between 20% and 80% for optimal health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my iPad’s battery health? Apple introduced a feature in iOS 12 that allows users to check their battery health. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Does using my iPad while charging affect the battery health? It’s generally okay to use your iPad while it’s charging. However, if the device becomes too hot, it might be best to let it charge without using it.

Should I let my iPad die before charging? No. In fact, regularly letting your battery drop to 0% can reduce its lifespan. It’s best to charge when it falls to around 20%.

How often should I replace my iPad’s battery? If you notice significant degradation in battery performance and the device is no longer under warranty, consider replacing the battery. Typically, an iPad’s battery retains up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 full charge cycles.

Is it okay to use third-party chargers with my iPad? While third-party chargers can be used, it’s always safer to use Apple-certified products to ensure the health and safety of your device.

Does turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth save battery? Yes, turning off services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location services when not in use can help save battery.


Improving and maintaining your iPad’s battery health isn’t a herculean task. With a few simple habits and practices, you can significantly extend your device’s battery lifespan and performance. Remember, the battery is the heart of your iPad, and taking care of it ensures a seamless and efficient user experience.

External Source: For more detailed insights on battery health and best practices, you can visit Apple’s official page on batteries.

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