Mcdonalds Food Purchased with Gift Card
Mcdonalds Food Purchased with Physical Gift Card

Currently, the McDonald’s app does not support the use of gift cards for mobile orders or during check-out via the app. If you wish to use a gift card at McDonald’s, you can use it at the Kiosk or standard ordering terminal inside the store, or at the Drive-Thru. However, most physical gift cards cannot be added directly to the McDonald’s app as they lack the necessary security features and balance tracking capabilities for secure in-app payments. If you have a physical McDonald’s gift card, it’s recommended that you transfer the balance to a reloadable Arch Card, which can be added to the app. Although some third-party apps might allow you to store and track the balance of your physical gift card, direct payment through the McDonald’s app is not possible.

Why Can’t You Use Gift Cards Via the App

This is a good question because it seems like all of the other fast-food establishments (like Burger King and Starbucks) allow you to pay for App orders via Gift Card. What’s especially unusual about it is that you can use the gift cards in store and even at the kiosk – so why not on the App? Hopefully McDonald’s is working on getting this functionality live.

Can You Use Gift Cards for Mobile Orders

At the moment, McDonald’s does not permit the use of gift cards for mobile orders. This implies that gift cards cannot be used as a payment mode for orders placed through the app or online. This limitation might be due to the fact that gift cards, such as the Arch Card, are physical cards and are not integrated as mobile payment methods.

Mcdonalds App No Gift Cards
Mcdonalds App No Gift Cards

Why McDonald’s Should Add Gift Cards to the App

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This limitation is a significant drawback for McDonald’s, making it inconvenient for those who exclusively use the app to buy or receive their gift cards. Allowing the cards to be used on the app would provide:

  1. Convenience: Easily keep track of your gift card balance and pay without needing to carry the physical card.
  2. Efficiency: Check your balance quickly before making in-store purchases.
  3. Simplicity: Simplifies the process of managing multiple McDonald’s gift cards.

Alternatives for Mobile Payments

For those looking to use mobile ordering, McDonald’s app supports other forms of payment:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • McDonald’s mobile deals and promotions
  • Apple Pay or other digital wallets (where available)
  • Paypal & Venmo


Can I use a McDonald’s gift card to pay for mobile orders?

No, McDonald’s gift cards cannot currently be used to pay for mobile orders.

How do I add a McDonald’s gift card to the app?

You can’t directly add a physical McDonald’s gift card to the app. However, if you have a reloadable Arch Card, you can transfer the balance and add that to the app.

Can I check my gift card balance on the app?

No. You can’t view your gift card balance on the app.

What payment methods can I use for mobile orders if not gift cards?

You can use credit/debit cards or digital wallets like Apple Pay, Venmo, Paypal.

How can I use the gift card if I can’t use it on the App?

You can use the gift card in store (Kiosk or Front Desk) or in the Drive-Thru.

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