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Apple One is an attractive option for people who are deep in the Apple ecosystem. It combines several of the company’s subscription services into one convenient bundle, often saving you money compared to subscribing to them individually.

Everything You Need to Know About Apple One

What’s Included with Apple One?

At present, there are three Apple One subscription tiers: Individual, Family, and Premier. Each one includes a different combination of popular Apple services.

Subscription PlanServices IncludedStorageMonthly Cost
IndividualApple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud+50GB$19.95
FamilyApple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud+200GB$25.95
PremierApple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple News+, Apple Fitness+2TB$37.95

Key Benefits of Apple One

  • Cost Savings: For most subscribers, Apple One represents a substantial discount compared to purchasing each service individually. The savings become more pronounced with the Family and Premier plans.
  • Convenience: Managing multiple subscriptions can be a hassle. Apple One consolidates all your Apple subscriptions into a single monthly bill.
  • Family Sharing: The Family and Premier plans support Family Sharing, allowing up to six family members to access the services without needing to purchase separate subscriptions.

Is Apple One Worth It?

Whether Apple One is right for you boils down to the Apple services you currently use or might consider using in the future. If you already subscribe to several core Apple services or plan to, the discounted price of Apple One makes it a compelling proposition. However, if you only use one or two services occasionally, individual subscriptions may be a more sensible, less expensive option.

Let’s say you already subscribe to Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade. If you only need the base amount of iCloud storage, the Individual Apple One plan can save you some money each month. However, if you want a higher storage tier for iCloud or plan to add Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ down the line, the Premier plan becomes the more cost-effective option.

Apple One Overview

Apple One offers an innovative way to enjoy multiple Apple services under one monthly subscription. It simplifies access and can offer savings compared to purchasing each service separately.

Bundled Services

Apple One combines the following services into its package:

  • Apple Music: Offers millions of songs, playlists, and music videos.
  • Apple TV+: Provides access to original shows, movies, and documentaries.
  • Apple Arcade: Features a variety of ad-free games across multiple devices.
  • Apple News+: Gives subscribers a wide range of magazines and newspapers.
  • Fitness+: Delivers a library of workout videos that sync with Apple devices.
  • iCloud: Supplies storage solutions for photos, documents, and backups.

These services are designed to deliver a wide variety of content, from music to news, and games to fitness, targeting different interests and needs.

Subscription Plans

Apple One offers different plans tailored to fit individual or family needs:

  • Individual Plan: Includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage.
  • Family Plan: Provides access for up to six family members to the bundled services.
  • Premier Plan: In addition to the Family Plan services, adds News+ and Fitness+.

Each plan is structured to provide convenience and cost savings, depending on how many services a user wishes to access.

Benefits and Features

Apple One presents an assortment of features that simplify the user experience for individuals and families who love Apple’s variety of services. It smartly bundles several subscriptions, offering convenience and potential cost savings.

Family Sharing and Individual Access

With Apple One’s Family plan, family members can enjoy the benefits of shared subscriptions while maintaining their private access. This plan allows for up to five other people to join, and each person has their individual reach to services on their own devices. This means a family can share services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage, but each person can stream their preferred music or play their favorite games without overlapping with one another.

Storage and Privacy

Subscribers to Apple One have the advantage of integrated iCloud storage, which scales up to 2TB on the Premier plan. This ample storage allows families and individuals to securely store their files, photos, and backups. Furthermore, Apple One plans include features such as iCloud+, which offers Private Relay and Hide My Email, enhancing security and protecting user privacy. This ensures that sensitive information stays only in the hands of those it is intended for.

Cost and Savings

Apple One offers a way for users to enjoy multiple Apple services while potentially saving money. By bundling services into a single subscription, customers can access various Apple products at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each service separately.

Subscription Price Comparison

Apple One combines services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage into one monthly fee. For example, the individual plan may include Apple Music at $10.99 per month, Apple TV+ at $9.99 per month, Apple Arcade at $6.99 per month, and 50GB of iCloud storage at $0.99 per month. Purchased individually, these services total $28.96 per month. The Apple One plan, however, can cost $19.95 monthly, offering a saving of $9.01 each month.

Additional Services and Value

Beyond the standard offerings, Apple One can include additional perks. Some plans might offer extra iCloud storage, beyond the basic 50GB, at no extra charge. This is a significant bonus for those who rely on iCloud for backups and storage. While not a direct alternative to streaming services like Amazon Prime, Apple One’s inclusion of Apple TV+ caters to customers interested in original TV shows and films. Considering price increases on individual subscriptions, the Apple One bundle maintains its value proposition, offering users the opportunity to save up to 30% on their total monthly subscription fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers some common questions you might have about the Apple One subscription service.

What services are included in an Apple One subscription?

Apple One bundles several Apple services together. Subscribers can enjoy Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, and more depending on the tier they choose.

What is the cost of the Apple One subscription?

The price of Apple One varies based on the tier. The individual plan typically starts at a monthly fee that includes access to four services. The family and Premier plans cost more but come with additional services and benefits.

Are there any discount options available for students with Apple One?

Students can indeed benefit from special pricing on Apple One subscriptions. There are discounts and often times include extra perks like Apple TV+.

How does the family plan work for Apple One?

Apple One’s family plan allows you to share the subscription with up to five other people, giving each person private access to the included services on their own devices.

Can I try Apple One for free before subscribing?

Most new subscribers can start with a trial period of Apple One. This allows you to use the services offered without payment for a limited time before the monthly charges begin.

Is the Premier tier of Apple One different from the individual plan?

Yes, the Premier tier offers more than the individual plan, including additional services like Apple News+ and more iCloud storage, and can be shared with up to five other people just like the family plan.

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