When Did Apple Get Rid Of Headphone Jack
When Did Apple Get Rid Of Headphone Jack

Dive into the timeline of Apple’s bold move to eliminate the headphone jack and how it transformed the smartphone industry.

In the dynamic landscape of tech innovation, Apple has consistently been a trailblazer, setting trends that others often follow. One such audacious decision by Apple was the removal of the headphone jack from its iPhone lineup. The move sparked both applause and criticism, reshaping the mobile industry. But when exactly did Apple decide to take this plunge? Let’s decode the journey.

When did Apple get rid of the headphone jack?

In September 2016, Apple made the groundbreaking decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, starting with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.

Backdrop: The 3.5mm Jack’s Historical Significance

  • Universal Standard: The 3.5mm jack, which originated in the 19th century for switchboard operations, became a ubiquitous interface for audio devices.
  • Consistent Presence: Almost every electronic device, from radios and televisions to computers and mobile phones, incorporated the headphone jack, making it a universal accessory standard.

Why Apple Ditched the Headphone Jack

  • Aesthetic and Functional Reasons: By removing the jack, Apple managed to achieve a slimmer device profile and provided room for other components.
  • Water and Dust Resistance: The removal allowed Apple to improve the iPhone’s resistance against water and dust.
  • Promoting Wireless Audio: This move heavily leaned into the push for wireless audio solutions, like Apple’s AirPods, enhancing users’ untethered experiences.

Initial Public Reaction

  • Skepticism and Backlash: Many users and tech pundits criticized the decision, citing inconvenience and the need for dongles.
  • Adaptation Over Time: As the dust settled, the tech community began to embrace and adapt to the wireless future, with many other companies following suit.

Impact on the Mobile Industry

  • Wireless Revolution: Apple’s decision triggered a wireless audio revolution. Brands like Samsung, Google, and OnePlus eventually ditched the headphone jack in their flagship devices.
  • Innovation in Audio Tech: The move fueled innovations in Bluetooth technology, leading to better sound quality, battery life, and connectivity in wireless earbuds.

Alternative Solutions Post-Jack Era

  • Lightning EarPods: Apple bundled the iPhone 7 with EarPods that connected through the Lightning port.
  • The Birth of AirPods: In the same year, Apple introduced AirPods, its flagship wireless earbuds, signaling a commitment to a wireless future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did removing the headphone jack help improve iPhone sales? While there was initial skepticism, it didn’t notably dent iPhone sales. The removal became a norm, and Apple’s commitment to a wireless future was appreciated over time.

Are there any iPhones still available with a headphone jack? As of the latest models, Apple has entirely phased out the headphone jack. However, older models like the iPhone SE (1st generation) or the iPhone 6s and earlier still feature it.

How did other brands respond to Apple’s move? Initially, many brands mocked Apple’s decision. However, over time, several flagship phones from major brands followed suit, emphasizing Bluetooth earbuds and headphones.


Apple’s choice to eliminate the headphone jack from its iPhone lineup marked a transformative moment in mobile tech history. While the initial reaction was mixed, the industry gradually leaned into the wireless future that Apple envisioned. As with many of Apple’s bold moves, the headphone jack’s removal demonstrated the brand’s forward-thinking approach, solidifying its reputation as a game-changer in the tech world.

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