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YouTube Premium offers a special discount for students, making it more affordable for them to access a wide range of content without ads. The discount is available to students enrolled at an accredited institution. To qualify, students need to verify their active student status through SheerID. Once approved, students can enjoy YouTube and YouTube Music for $7.99 per month. There’s also a one-month free trial available. This process ensures that the discount is reserved for current students.

What to Know about the YouTube Premium Student Discount

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription that offers an ad-free viewing experience, background playback, and offline downloads for videos and music. Students can enjoy these benefits at a discounted price.

Eligibility for the Student Discount

To qualify for the YouTube Premium student discount, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at a Title IV accredited college or university in a supported location.
  • Verify your student status through a third-party verification service, SheerID.

Benefits of YouTube Premium Student

The YouTube Premium student membership offers all the benefits of a regular YouTube Premium membership, but at a reduced cost. These benefits include:

  • Ad-free YouTube and YouTube Music
  • Background playback
  • Offline downloads
  • YouTube Music Premium

How to Sign Up

To sign up for YouTube Premium Student, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the YouTube Premium Student page.
  2. Click on “Try it Free.”
  3. Verify your student status through SheerID.
  4. If eligible, complete the sign-up process and enter your payment information.

Cost and Verification

The YouTube Premium student discount offers a significantly reduced monthly price compared to the standard individual plan. Your student status will need to be re-verified annually to continue receiving the discount.

Membership TypeMonthly Price
YouTube Premium Individual$13.99
YouTube Premium Student$7.99

Additional Information

  • The YouTube Premium student discount is available in select countries.
  • Students can enjoy a free trial period before the discounted rate applies.
  • If you are no longer eligible for the student discount, you will be automatically switched to the standard individual plan.

For more information and to sign up, visit the official YouTube Premium Student page.

Key Takeaways

  • YouTube Premium offers a reduced subscription cost for verified students.
  • Eligible students can enjoy a one-month free trial before monthly payments begin.
  • Verification is required annually to maintain access to the discounted rate.

Eligibility and Sign-Up Process

This section of the article focuses on the necessary criteria for student discounts on YouTube Premium and the steps required to access these savings.

Eligibility for YouTube Premium Student Discount

YouTube Premium offers a student discount to individuals currently enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university. To qualify, students must verify their status through SheerID, a third-party service.

Verification and Documentation Requirements

The verification process requires submission of documentation proving enrollment in higher education. This typically includes a current student ID, class schedule, tuition receipt, or official enrollment letter.

How to Sign Up for the Student Discount

Students can sign up by visiting the YouTube Premium page, clicking on their profile picture, navigating to ‘Paid memberships,’ and selecting the student plan option. They must follow on-screen prompts and fill in the required information accurately.

Terms and Duration of the Free Trial

YouTube Premium offers a one-month free trial for its student plan. After the trial, billing commences unless cancelled. It’s crucial to note that terms may vary by region, and students should read the conditions thoroughly before signing up.

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