ATX Bridge Tool
ATX Bridge Tool

An ATX bridge tool, also known as a power supply jumper or power supply tester, is a small, practical device utilized to power on an ATX power supply without connecting it to a motherboard. This tool is valuable for several purposes, particularly in the contexts of testing, troubleshooting, and system maintenance.

Applications of the ATX Bridge Tool:

  1. Testing Power Supplies:
    • The ATX bridge tool enables users to test the functionality of a power supply independently of the motherboard. It ensures that the power supply can operate correctly before it is connected to and potentially damages other components​​​​.
  2. Purging Air Bubbles in Water Cooling Systems:
    • The tool is ideal for cycling power in water cooling systems, which is crucial for purging air bubbles. This ensures that the cooling system operates efficiently without the risk of air lock or overheating due to trapped air​​​​.
  3. Powering Components without a Motherboard:
    • For tasks like running a pump in a water cooling setup or testing individual components like hard drives or fans, the ATX bridge tool can power these components without needing a motherboard. This is especially useful in scenarios where the motherboard is not available or when isolating the power supply for troubleshooting purposes​​​​.

How the ATX Bridge Tool Works:

  • The tool typically features a female 24-pin ATX connector and a compatible male connector. By connecting the female end to the power supply and using a jumper wire on the male connector, the power supply is tricked into thinking it is connected to a motherboard, allowing it to power on​​​​.

Safety and Usage Tips:

  • Electricity Precautions: Always ensure the power supply is off before using the ATX bridge tool to avoid electric shock.
  • Proper Handling: Use a jumper wire to bridge connections instead of direct hand contact.
  • Avoiding Short Circuits: Be cautious not to create a short circuit on the male connector, as this can damage the power supply.
  • Professional Assistance: If unsure, seek assistance from a qualified technician to prevent damage to your hardware.


The ATX bridge tool is a versatile and valuable device for computer enthusiasts, system builders, and technicians. Its primary use is in testing power supplies, managing water cooling systems, and powering components independently of a motherboard. Understanding its functionality and adhering to safety guidelines can significantly aid in computer maintenance and troubleshooting.

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