Power Supply Paperclip Test
Power Supply Paperclip Test

Have you ever experienced computer issues and suspected the power supply might be the problem? Enter the Power Supply PaperClip Test – a simple, do-it-yourself method to test your computer’s power supply.

Understanding the Power Supply

The power supply is an essential component of your computer, converting power from the wall outlet into usable energy for your computer’s components. It’s the lifeblood of your system, and if it fails, your computer won’t operate correctly.

Need for Power Supply Testing

Common signs of power supply problems include unexpected shutdowns, system instability, and inability to turn on the computer. Testing your power supply can help diagnose these issues and potentially prevent further damage to your computer.

The Power Supply PaperClip Test

The PaperClip Test is a straightforward method of testing a power supply. It works by tricking the power supply into thinking it’s connected to the motherboard. This method is widely used due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

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How to Perform the Power Supply PaperClip Test

To perform the test, you’ll need a paperclip, some electrical tape for safety, and your power supply. Start by unplugging your power supply, bending the paperclip into a U shape, and inserting it into the green and black pins on the power supply’s connector. After securing the paperclip, plug your power supply back in and turn it on.

Interpreting the Results of the PaperClip Test

If your power supply’s fan starts spinning, it’s getting power, which means it’s likely not the source of your computer’s issue. However, if the fan doesn’t spin, the power supply may be dead or malfunctioning.

Next Steps After the PaperClip Test

If the power supply works, you may need to look elsewhere for the source of your computer’s problems. If it doesn’t, consider consulting a professional or replacing the power supply yourself if you’re comfortable doing so.


The Power Supply PaperClip Test is a simple, effective way to troubleshoot potential power supply issues. While it won’t diagnose every problem, it’s a good starting point if you’re having trouble with your computer. Always remember safety first when working with electrical components.


  1. What is the Power Supply PaperClip Test?
    • The Power Supply PaperClip Test is a simple diagnostic method used to test whether a computer’s power supply is working.
  2. Why should I perform the PaperClip Test?
    • The test can help diagnose potential issues with your computer’s power supply, which could be causing system instability or shutdowns.
  3. How do I perform the PaperClip Test?
    • The test involves using a paperclip to connect the green and black wires on your power supply’s connector, simulating the power-on signal usually given by the motherboard.
  4. What if my power supply passes the PaperClip Test?
    • If your power supply passes the test, it’s likely functioning correctly, and you may need to investigate other potential causes for your computer’s issues.
  5. What if my power supply fails the PaperClip Test?
    • If your power supply fails the test, it’s likely malfunctioning and may need to be replaced or repaired by a professional.
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