What happens to smart lock when you lose power?
What happens to smart lock when you lose power?

Smart locks are an innovation that has revolutionized home security. But, like all electronic devices, they rely on power. This raises an important question: what happens to smart locks when the power goes out? If you’ve already read up on how do smart locks work then you know a bit about these devices. But let’s go deeper.

Power Source of Smart Locks

Battery Operated Smart Locks

Most smart locks are battery-operated. They usually use standard batteries like AA or AAA, which power both the locking mechanism and the wireless communication.

Electrically Wired Smart Locks

Some smart locks are directly wired into your home’s power supply. These locks also typically have a battery backup to ensure functionality during power outages.

Impact of Power Outages on Smart Locks

Effects on Battery Operated Smart Locks

Since battery-operated smart locks aren’t connected to your home’s power grid, a general power outage doesn’t affect them directly. They’ll continue working as long as the batteries have charge.

Effects on Electrically Wired Smart Locks

Electrically wired smart locks will switch to their backup battery during a power outage. The duration they can function on backup power varies depending on the model and the battery’s capacity.

Managing Smart Locks During Power Outages

Battery Replacement

For battery-operated smart locks, keeping a set of fresh batteries handy is essential. Most smart locks will notify you when the battery level is low, giving you ample time for replacement.

Manual Override

Many smart locks come with a manual override feature. This feature allows you to use a physical key to unlock the door in case of a power outage or if the lock’s batteries are completely drained.

Choosing the Right Smart Lock for Power Outages

When choosing a smart lock, consider its power source and how it will perform during a power outage. Models with a backup power source and a manual override option offer the best security and convenience in case of power outages.


While power outages can be inconvenient, they don’t necessarily render your smart locks useless. Whether battery-operated or electrically wired, smart locks are designed to maintain their functionality during power outages. Regular battery checks and using models with manual override options can further ensure that your home remains secure, even when the lights go out.


1. What should I do if my smart lock’s battery dies during a power outage?

Most smart locks have a manual override feature that allows you to use a physical key to unlock your door.

2. How long can a smart lock function on backup power?

The duration varies depending on the model and the capacity of the backup battery, but most can function for several days on backup power.

3. Can I use my smart lock remotely during a power outage?

If your smart lock relies on Wi-Fi and there’s a power outage, you won’t be able to control it remotely unless you have a separate power source for your internet router.

4. Will my smart lock’s settings be erased after a power outage?

No, your settings and access codes are stored in non-volatile memory and won’t be lost even if the power goes out.

5. Can power outages damage my smart lock?

No, power outages should not damage your smart lock. However, repeated power surges might. It’s always best to use surge protectors for your home’s electronics.

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