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Stealing ships in Starfield can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for players looking to enhance their fleet without spending credits. To steal a ship, approach it quietly, unlock the hatch with a Digipick, and be prepared for a potential fight with the crew inside. Once the ship is secured, players can choose to register, modify, or sell it for profit.

Mastering the art of ship theft involves understanding the game’s mechanics. Players can improve their chances by familiarizing themselves with different ship types and their combat capabilities. Knowing when to strike and how to manage the ship’s features during combat will give you an edge.

Tailor your approach based on whether you aim to keep the ship for personal use or sell it. Always weigh the risks of ship theft against the benefits to make informed decisions in your spacefaring adventures.

Stealing and Owning Starships in Starfield

Step 1: Target and Disable

Locate the ship you desire. Engage in combat and focus on disabling the ship’s engines. It’s crucial not to destroy the ship completely. You want to take it in one piece.

Step 2: Board and Clear

Once the ship is disabled, dock with it. Eliminate any hostile crew members on board. If it’s empty, even better!

Step 3: Claim and Pilot

Head to the cockpit. Take the pilot’s seat and claim your prize! You can now fly the ship. Remember, some ships might require a certain piloting skill level, so be prepared to upgrade if needed.

Step 4: Register and Own

Head to a spaceport. Find a ship services technician and register your newly acquired ship. This makes it officially yours and adds it to your fleet. There will be a fee for registration, so have some credits ready.

Additional Tips

  • Target Engines: Focus on disabling engines to avoid destroying the entire ship.
  • Check Piloting Skill: Ensure you meet the piloting skill requirements before attempting to fly certain ships.
  • Prepare for Combat: Boarding a ship usually involves combat, so be ready for a fight.
  • Register Quickly: After stealing a ship, head to a spaceport and register it to avoid complications.

Table: Ship Piloting Skill Requirements

Ship ClassPiloting Skill Level Required
Class APiloting Rank 4
Class BPiloting Rank 3
Class CPiloting Rank 2
Class DNo Skill Required

Key Takeaways

  • Approach the ship and use a Digipick to unlock the hatch.
  • Be prepared to engage in combat with the ship’s crew.
  • Decide whether to keep, modify, or sell the stolen ship.

Comprehensive Guide to Starship Acquisition

Stealing ships in Starfield can be a highly profitable activity but requires proper preparation, planning, and execution. From selecting the target to registering your new vessel, here’s what you need to know.

Preparation for Ship Stealing

Before attempting to steal a ship, preparation is key. Ensure your character has high piloting skills. Targeting Control Systems is a useful skill to disable the enemy ships.

Having a crew ready is crucial. Crew members can assist in combat and ship management. Equip yourself with weapons and gear to handle any resistance.

Locating and Approaching Target Ships

Identify potential targets by traveling to high-level star systems. For instance, a Va’ruun ship spawn is common with Grav Jumps to certain locations.

While in space, keep an eye on enemy ships that may be easy to board. You can also land on planets known for hosting hostile NPCs with desirable ships.

Boarding and Capturing Techniques

To board a ship, weaken the enemy ship’s defenses first. Target the engines to disable its movement. Your ship’s targeting systems can help with this.

Once disabled, undock from your ship and approach the enemy vessel. Prepare for combat once inside. Kill the crew to take full control of the ship.

Legality, Stealth, and Combat Strategies

Stealing ships in Starfield often involves illegal activities. Use stealth to avoid detection by authorities. Avoid high-traffic areas like UC or Freestar Collective territories to reduce the risk of getting caught.

In combat, focus on disabling systems rather than outright destruction. This keeps the ship intact while minimizing damage, making it easier to repair and sell.

Ownership and Registration

After successfully capturing a ship, it’s important to register it. Go to any spaceport technician and select the new ship. Registering a stolen ship makes it legally yours.

Once registered, you can customize or sell the ship for profit. Selling ships can be a lucrative way to make money alongside trading contraband and other pirate activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Starfield, players can engage in starship theft, but this mechanic comes with its own challenges and rewards. Here are some common questions and answers about stealing ships.

Is stealing ships in Starfield a worthwhile endeavor?

Stealing ships can be worthwhile. It allows players to acquire new vessels, each with unique features. However, it may involve combat and strategic planning.

What are the repercussions of stealing a ship in Starfield?

Stealing ships can attract attention from authorities and enemies. It may lead to battles or bounties on the player, making future travels more dangerous.

Are all ships in Starfield available to be stolen?

Not all ships can be stolen. Some may be too well-guarded or require special skills to unlock. The game has various restrictions in place.

What is the most strategic location for pirating ships in Starfield?

Spaceports and isolated regions can be ideal for pirating. Fewer guards and easier escape routes make these locations advantageous for stealing ships.

How does one take control of another ship in Starfield?

To take control, players must approach a ship, disable or eliminate its crew, and use tools like Digipicks to unlock and enter the vessel. Combat may be involved.

Can landed ships be commandeered by players in Starfield?

Yes, landed ships can be commandeered. Players need to approach these ships and follow the steps to take control, similar to in-space ships.

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