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Selling ships in Starfield can be a straightforward process if you know the right steps. To begin, players need to locate a ship technician at any major spaceport, which will allow them to access the sell menu. This is where you will see all of your ships and can choose which one to sell. Before selling, make sure the ship you want to sell is not set as your Home Ship, as you will need to set a different ship as Home first.

Once in the sell menu, players must pay a registration fee if the ship is not registered. After registering, simply select the ship, confirm the sale, and receive your credits. This process ensures that all legalities are handled, allowing you to proceed smoothly with your transaction.

Selling ships can be a quick way to earn credits, and knowing the steps can save you time. Whether you’ve just captured a new ship or are looking to downsize your fleet, these steps will help you efficiently manage your resources in Starfield.

Selling Your Starship in Starfield: A Step-by-Step Guide

Finding a Ship Services Technician

First, locate a Ship Services Technician. These vendors are usually found at major spaceports and settlements throughout the Settled Systems. Some common locations include New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon.

Initiating the Sale

Approach the Ship Services Technician and select the dialogue option “Let me see what ships you have for sale.” This will open the ship vendor interface, where you can both buy and sell ships.

Navigating the Ship Vendor Interface

Switch to the “Sell” tab in the vendor interface. You’ll see a list of all the ships you currently own.

Selecting the Ship to Sell

Choose the ship you want to sell from the list. Be sure it’s not your Home Ship, as you cannot sell the ship you’re currently piloting.

Confirming the Sale

A confirmation prompt will appear, showing the amount of credits you’ll receive for selling the ship. Confirm the sale to complete the transaction.

Additional Considerations

  • Stolen or Captured Ships: These ships must be registered before they can be sold. You can do this by selecting the “Register” option in the ship vendor interface. Be aware that a fee is associated with registering stolen or captured ships.
  • Inventory and Crew: Before selling a ship, remove any items from its cargo hold and reassign its crew members to other ships or outposts.
  • Upgrades and Modifications: Keep in mind that any upgrades or modifications you’ve made to a ship will not increase its sale value.
Find a Ship Services TechnicianLocate a vendor at major spaceports or settlements.
Initiate the saleSelect the dialogue option “Let me see what ships you have for sale.”
Navigate to the “Sell” tabSwitch to the “Sell” tab in the vendor interface.
Select the ship to sellChoose the ship you want to sell, ensuring it’s not your Home Ship.
Confirm the saleReview the sale details and confirm to receive the credits.

Key Takeaways

  • Find a ship technician at a major spaceport to access the sell menu.
  • Ensure the ship is not set as your Home Ship and register it if needed.
  • Confirm the sale to receive credits.

Selling Your Ship in Starfield

Selling a ship in Starfield involves several steps. Players must understand the marketplace, prepare the ship for sale, follow the transaction process, and maximize the benefits from the sale.

Understanding the Marketplace

Selling ships in Starfield usually happens at spaceports in major settlements like New Atlantis. Spaceports have vendors, known as ship services technicians, who handle these transactions. The value of your ship can vary based on its type, modifications, and condition. Prices can be impacted by whether the ship is registered. It is essential to recognize the role of credits in these transactions. Credits are the game’s currency and essential for buying and selling ships.

Preparation for Sale

Before selling your ship, ensure it is in good condition. If the ship is damaged from combat or other activities, repair it first. Check the cargo hold and inventory to remove any valuable items. If the ship is stolen, you must register it, which involves paying a fee. This can affect the profit you make. Additionally, making minor modifications to enhance your ship’s features might increase its value.

Ship Transaction Process

To sell your ship, visit a ship services technician at a spaceport. Select the option to view your fleet. Choose the ship you want to sell and ensure it is not set as your home ship. If it is, set another ship as your home ship first. Confirm the sale with the vendor. You will receive credits based on the ship’s value after deductions for any fees or repairs.

Maximizing Sale Benefits

To get the best price, keep your ship in top condition. Invest in skills that enhance bargaining and negotiation to increase sale prices. Gather and sell any contraband or high-value loot separately for additional profit. Make sure to repair or modify your ship to boost its market value. Utilize XP and skills gained during gameplay to receive better offers.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Selling stolen ships can be risky. Registering a stolen ship involves a fee and can reduce profitability. Always check if it’s wise to sell a commandeered ship. Ensure all transactions are legal to avoid losing credits or receiving penalties. Avoid selling ships containing contraband without proper clearance to steer clear of fines.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common questions about selling ships in Starfield. It covers the steps, best locations, requirements, and more to help you understand the process.

What are the steps to sell a ship in Starfield?

  1. Go to a ship vendor.
  2. Open the ship menu.
  3. Select the ship you want to sell.
  4. Confirm the sale to receive Credits.

Where is the best location to sell ships within Starfield?

Major spaceports usually have ship vendors. New Atlantis and Neon are top choices because of their large markets.

What are the requirements for selling ships in Starfield?

You need to own the ship and it must not be your Home Ship. If it’s stolen, you must register it first for a fee.

Can stolen ships be sold in Starfield, and if so, how?

Yes, stolen ships can be sold. First, visit a ship vendor. Register the stolen ship by paying a fee. Then, follow the usual steps to sell it.

Is it profitable to sell ships in Starfield?

Selling ships can be profitable. The amount you make depends on the ship’s type and condition. Captured and registered ships often bring in good profits.

Why might a ship be unsellable in Starfield at certain times?

A ship might be unsellable if it’s your Home Ship. Also, unregistered stolen ships can’t be sold until they’re registered.

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