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Overview of Genshin Impact Banners

Genshin Impact’s banners serve as a revolving doorway to new characters and weapons, enticing players with each update. With a structure entwining various types and consistent schedules, understanding these banners is crucial for strategic wishing.

Types of Banners

Genshin Impact features a few distinct types of banners:

  • Character Event Banners: Focus on granting players a higher chance of obtaining featured characters, usually including one 5-star and a few 4-star characters.
  • Weapon Event Banners: Offer a boosted likelihood for players to acquire specific weapons, with both 5-star and 4-star weapons typically highlighted.
  • Standard Banners: These are always available, providing a chance at a wide array of characters and weapons without rate increases.

Banner Schedule and Phases

  • Genshin Impact follows a pattern where each version update brings new banners typically divided into two phases:

    Version Phase 1 Duration Phase 2 Duration
    4.4 Jan 31, 2024 – Feb 20, 2024 To be announced
    Previous Versions Varies (usually 3 weeks) Varies (usually 3 weeks)
  • Each phase generally lasts around three weeks, making it essential for players to decide quickly which banners to invest in.

  • Historically, updates such as version 3.6, 3.8, 4.0, and onwards have introduced a consistent flow of content, with versions like 3.4 and 3.5 offering earlier opportunities for acquiring diverse characters and weapons.

Character and Weapon Highlights

Genshin Impact’s latest banners are a lively showcase of new faces and powerful armaments, bringing excitement to the game’s vibrant world.

Character Introductions

New characters constantly rejuvenate the lineup, and recent additions have been a mix of fresh talents and fan favorites returning for reruns. Notable introductions include Yaoyao, who brings charm with her Dendro vision, and the enigmatic Alhaitham, with his keen intellect and swordsmanship. Reruns have brought back the likes of the formidable Zhongli, the thunderous Raiden Shogun, and the ever-popular Xiao. They join other well-loved characters such as Noelle and Bennett, providing players with a rich variety of styles and abilities.

Character Element Weapon Type
Yaoyao Dendro Catalyst
Alhaitham Dendro Sword
Raiden Shogun Electro Polearm
Xiao Anemo Polearm
Zhongli Geo Polearm
Noelle Geo Claymore
Bennett Pyro Sword

Each character brings something unique to the table—a distinctive combat style, elemental skill, or story background—enhancing the game’s strategic depth.

Weapon Features

The weapon banner, Epitome Invocation, never fails to impress with an arsenal that perfectly complements the characters. Standout weapons featured in recent banners include the Neuvillette Sword, cherished by sword wielders like Alhaitham for its precision, and the Freminet Bow, a match for the newly introduced Lyney with its sharp aim. Players also saw the return of the Staff of Homa, a polearm synonymous with strength and often picked up by Hu Tao enthusiasts.

  • Sword Users: Neuvillette Sword enhances their swift strikes.
  • Bow Users: Freminet Bow empowers their sharpshooting skills.
  • Polearm Users: Staff of Homa is a top pick for its raw power.

Whether it’s for a main character or to fortify a trusted secondary, these weapons are pivotal for victory in battle, each with bonuses and effects that can turn the tide to the player’s favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Genshin Impact enthusiasts often have queries about the game’s character event banners. This section aims to address some of the most common questions to keep players informed and prepared for their adventure in Teyvat.

What is the current character event banner in Genshin Impact?

As of February 2024, Genshin Impact’s Version 4.4 features the character event banner that includes “Chenyu Vale” alongside new characters in the spotlight. The details are sourced from the game’s announcements.

How often do new banners appear in the game?

New character event banners in Genshin Impact are typically released every three weeks. This allows players to have ample time to collect Primogems for wishing on their favorite characters.

Are there any patterns to banner reruns for certain characters?

Although no official pattern governs the rerun of character event banners, observation suggests that popular characters may get reruns approximately six months apart. However, this is not a strict rule and can vary based on the game developer’s decisions.

What has been the banner rotation history in the recent updates?

In recent updates prior to 4.4, players have seen a variety of both new characters introduced and beloved characters return. This rotation history includes both character and weapon banners, with an emphasis on providing diverse options for players.

Where can I find leaks or predictions for upcoming banners?

Speculations and leaks about upcoming banners can often be found on community forums, social media, and from content creators. It’s important to take these with a grain of salt, as they aren’t always accurate until officially confirmed.

How can I find information about previous banners and character release dates?

Information on past banners and character debuts can be retrieved from the game’s wish history feature, and also through fan-run archives and databases that track the game’s updates and character rotations.

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