Pet Simulator 99
Pet Simulator 99

Pet Simulator 99 is a fun game on Roblox where players collect and trade pets. To make smart trades, it’s important to know the current values of the pets, which can change often. An updated list is available, showing the worth of exclusive, titanic, and normal pets in gems. Remember that the value of each pet can change based on its rarity and demand. Keep an eye on this list for updates from trusted sources in the community. By using the list to compare values, players can make better trades and build a strong pet collection for more fun in the game.

Trading Smart in Pet Simulator 99

Mythical Pets

PetDemandAverage Price
Huge Hell RockHigh76 Million
Huge Party DogHigh138 Million
Huge CupcakeMedium87 Million
Huge CatLow2.2 Billion

Exotic Pets

PetDemandAverage Price
Huge DragonMedium137 Million
Huge UnicornLow185 Million

Remember, these are just averages. Prices can shift quickly. Use your best judgment and trade wisely!

Other Valuable Items:

  • Diamonds: In-game currency for buying pets and upgrades.
  • Golden Eggs: Used to hatch rare and exclusive pets.
  • Exclusive Pets: Rare pets with unique abilities and high demand.

Tips for Trading:

  1. Compare prices from different sources.
  2. Negotiate with other players for the best deals.
  3. Research pet values and demand before trading.
  4. Be patient and don’t rush into deals.
  5. Enjoy the game and have fun trading!

Disclaimer: This list is not exhaustive and prices are subject to change. Always exercise caution and verify values before trading.

Pet Simulator 99 Value list

Pet NameRAP
Titanic Butterfly23B
Titanic Black Hole Angelus21B
Titanic Atlantean Jellyfish18B
Titanic Nightmare Cat18B
Titanic Neon Agony18B
Huge Bubble Dog17B
Titanic Silver Dragon16B
Titanic Jelly Dragon16B
Titanic Jelly Cat15B
Huge Mystical Fox15B
Titanic Lovemelon14B
Titanic Bat Cat14B
Titanic Hubert14B
Titanic Fire Dragon14B
Titanic Stargazing Bull13B
Titanic Love Lamb13B
Titanic Sketch Cat13B
Titanic Bejeweled Griffin13B
Titanic Jolly Cat13B
Titanic Shadow Griffin13B
Titanic Cosmic Pegasus13B
Titanic Bread Shiba13B
Titanic Mystic Corgi13B
Titanic Balloon Monkey12B
Titanic Emoji Corgi12B
Titanic Hologram Cat12B
Titanic Dominus Astra12B
Titanic Fawn12B
Titanic Capybara12B
Titanic Cheerful Yeti12B
Titanic Tiedye Cat11B
Titanic Shiba11B
Titanic Monkey11B
Titanic Axolotl11B
Titanic Tiedye Dragon11B
Titanic Banana Cat11B
Titanic Red Panda11B
Titanic Corgi11B
Titanic Blue Balloon Cat11B
Titanic Reindeer11B
Titanic Red Balloon Cat11B
Titanic Sock Cat11B
Titanic Rich Cat11B
Titanic Lucki11B
Titanic Kawaii Cat10B
Titanic Blazing Dragon10B
Titanic Sock Monkey9.7B
Titanic Party Cat9.38B
Titanic Scary Corgi8.82B
Huge Alien Arachnid5.71B
Huge Crowned Cat5.11B
Huge Wicked Empyrean Dragon5B
Huge Stunt Unicorn3.6B
Huge Empyrean Axolotl3.47B
Huge Bread Shiba2.53B
Huge Crowned Pegasus2.5B
Huge Pixel Shark2.44B
Huge Angelus2.32B
Huge Cat2.2B
Huge Butterfly2.13B
Titanic Blobfish2B
Chest Mimic1.96B
Huge Blue Balloon Cat1.76B
Huge Inferno Cat1.3B
Stunt Unicorn1.28B
Huge Blurred Dominus1.24B
Huge Angel Cat1.16B
Huge White Balloon Cat1.1B
Huge Fragmented Dominus958.82M
Titanic Hippomelon949M
Huge Sombrero Chihuahua921.51M
Titanic Cat900M
Huge Diamond Cat862.6M
Huge Storm Agony861.91M
Huge Tech Samurai Cat831.92M
Huge Basketball Retriever816.15M
Huge Glitched Cat809.77M
Huge Sensei Penguin801.3M
Huge Pixel Wolf780.5M
Huge Pop Cat769.64M
Huge Firefly765.26M
Huge Umbrella Cat704.61M
Huge Anime Agony688.01M
Huge Gamer Shiba685.78M
Huge Neon Twilight Dragon635.66M
Huge Prickly Panda629.08M
Huge Easter Cat556.3M
Huge Monkey538.9M
Huge Tiki Dominus532.35M
Huge Kawaii Cat497.87M
Huge Party Monkey492.84M
Huge Comet Agony482.8M
Huge Grim Reaper474.19M
Huge Cyborg Capybara471.03M
Huge Atomic Axolotl444.02M
Huge Capybara441.28M
Huge Kraken440.3M
Huge Puurple Cat428.58M
Huge Chest Mimic425.1M
Huge Apple Capybara421.67M
Huge Safari Dog416.87M
Huge Owl402.24M
Huge Pufferfish373.67M
Huge Axolotl366.86M
Huge Orange Balloon Cat344.72M
Huge Pastel Sock Dragon334.16M
Huge Jelly Piggy334.07M
Huge Hot Dog329.8M
Bleebo The Alien327.43M
Huge Nightmare Kraken327.12M
Huge Shadow Griffin324.33M
Huge Santa Monkey322.96M
Huge Pink Marshmallow Chick318.77M
Huge Santa Paws316.31M
Huge Otter312.07M
Huge Evolved Hacked Cat311.09M
Huge Reindeer Dog307.28M
Huge Hoverboard Cat305.71M
Huge Forest Wyvern304.62M
Huge Black Hole Kitsune298.68M
Huge Meebo in a Spaceship296.9M
Huge M-10 PROTOTYPE294.73M
Huge White Tiger293.17M
Huge Sleipnir292.28M
Huge Lucky Cat291.69M
Huge Lumi Axolotl287.96M
Huge Cosmic Agony286.83M
Huge Love Lamb284.68M
Huge Bloo Cat283.03M
Huge Heart Balloon Cat280.01M
Stunt Chick278.86M
Stunt Bobcat275.31M
Huge Sun Angelus272.83M
Huge Reindeer Axolotl272.77M
Huge Lucki Agony272.33M
Huge Hippomelon272.29M
Huge Matrix Monkey270.59M
Huge Evolved Pixel Cat260.37M
Huge Santa Dragon256.96M
Huge Samurai Dragon255.65M
Huge Atlantean Dolphin251.36M
Huge Cow245.43M
Huge Arcade Cat238.11M
Huge Wild Fire Agony237.46M
Huge Jelly Corgi237.22M
Huge Jelly Monkey236.64M
Huge Gleebo The Alien236.04M
Huge Peppermint Angelus234.25M
Huge Husky233.96M
Huge Amethyst Dragon233.69M
Huge Rainbow Unicorn230.26M
Huge Celestial Dragon229.96M
Huge Neon Twilight Wolf228.81M
Huge Sun Agony226.07M
Huge Masked Owl224.69M
Huge Pixie Fox222.75M
Huge Sandcastle Cat222.61M
Huge Present Chest Mimic221.97M
Huge Snowman221.8M
Huge Atlantean Orca221M
Huge Present Cat217.58M
Huge Jelly Axolotl217.58M
Huge Dove217.56M
Huge Balloon Axolotl212.04M
Huge Green Balloon Cat211.22M
Huge Neon Griffin210.37M
Huge Ducky209.33M
Huge Chroma Lucky Block Mimic207.67M
Huge Tech Chest Mimic205.64M
Huge Balloon Cat204.34M
Huge Inferno Dominus203.55M
Huge Firefighter Dalmatian202.7M
Huge Fox197.4M
Huge Gargoyle Dragon197.23M
Huge Shark195.89M
Huge Lucki193.98M
Huge Purple Dragon189.85M
Huge Robber Cat187.49M
Huge Unicorn185.27M
Huge Pony183.91M
Nebula Dragon183.47M
Huge Red Fluffy182.44M
Huge Cyborg Cat181.92M
Huge Party Cat180.47M
Huge Emoji Monkey178M
Huge Party Penguin177.07M
Huge Anime Unicorn176.32M
Huge Exquisite Cat176M
Huge Bear175.35M
Domortuus Astra173.77M
Huge Fairy173.12M
Huge Super Tiger169.46M
Huge Evolved Cupcake168.55M
Huge Sapphire Phoenix168.41M
Huge Balloon Dragon168.31M
Huge Sketch Dragon167.75M
Huge Evolved King Cobra167.64M
Huge Easter Yeti167.16M
Huge Comet Cyclops166.78M
Huge Nightfall Pegasus166.25M
Huge Nightfall Wolf164.86M
Huge Clover Dragon164.49M
Huge Abyssal Axolotl161.7M
Huge Safari Cat160.42M
Huge Sailor Shark159.05M
Huge Corgi159.04M
Huge Cosmic Axolotl156.49M
Huge Dog156.27M
Huge Neon Cat156.26M
Nyan Cat155.74M
Huge Floppa155.42M
Huge Blazing Bat154.37M
Huge Evolved Peacock154.29M
Huge Hi-Tech Tiger154.29M
Huge Cool Cat154.23M
Huge Cheerful Yeti154.1M
Huge Hologram Axolotl153.78M
Huge Ninja Axolotl153.09M
Huge Storm Dominus152.54M
Huge Bearserker152.19M
Huge Nightmare Spirit151.58M
Huge Bejeweled Lion151.18M
Huge Turtle150.59M
Huge Evolved Pterodactyl150.25M
Huge Stargazing Axolotl150.24M
Huge Masked Fox150.09M
Huge Super Corgi149.81M
Huge Party Crown Ducky144.92M
Huge Tiedye Axolotl144.77M
Huge Emoji Cat143.92M
Huge Grinch Cat143.58M
Huge Fire Horse141.07M
Huge Empyrean Agony139.76M
Huge Kawaii Dragon139.65M
Huge Black Hole Axolotl139.02M
Huge Party Dog138.89M
Huge Pirate Parrot138.55M
Huge Chameleon137.91M
Huge Dragon137.82M
Huge 404 Demon136.1M
Huge Knife Cat134.26M
Huge Hologram Shark134.02M
Huge Chroma Lucki131.87M
Huge Bejeweled Unicorn130.57M
Huge Vampire Bat130.42M
Huge Unicorn Dragon129.71M
Huge Hacked Cat129.63M
Huge Arcade Dragon129.46M
Huge Stargazing Wolf129.37M
Huge Electric Cat126.39M
Huge Clover Fairy125.82M
Huge Clover Unicorn125.64M
Huge Redstone Cat125.29M
Huge Pumpkin Cat124.6M
Empyrean Agony123.95M
Huge Pixel Dragon122.61M
Huge Party Axolotl120.47M
Huge Blazing Shark119.61M
Huge Sketch Corgi119.59M
Huge Virus Griffin119.36M
Huge Painted Cat119.25M
Huge BIG Maskot117.6M
Huge Luau Cat117.09M
Huge Cyborg Dragon116.88M
Huge Mantis Shrimp116.85M
Huge Exquisite Parrot116.51M
Huge Techno Cat113.22M
Huge Orca112.08M
Huge Stealth Bobcat111.48M
Huge Tiedye Bunny111.17M
Huge Stealth Dragon109.47M
Huge Mosaic Griffin108.99M
Huge Doodle Cat108.78M
Huge Holiday Pegasus107.47M
Huge Gecko106.32M
Huge Jester Dog106.23M
Huge Tiedye Corgi106.05M
Huge Doodle Fairy105.61M
Huge Tiedye Cat104.36M
Huge Strawberry Corgi103.74M
Huge Evolved Hell Rock102.82M
Huge Easter Dominus102.5M
Huge Police Cat101.03M
Huge Cupid Corgi100.79M
Huge Festive Cat100.39M
Huge Pineapple Cat100.32M
Huge Error Cat99.69M
Huge Colorful Wisp99.68M
Huge Mrs. Claws99.61M
Huge Night Terror Cat99.14M
Huge Shadow Dominus98.23M
Huge Marshmallow Agony96M
Huge Mosaic Corgi94.67M
Huge Pixel Cat93.94M
Huge Mosaic Lamb93.77M
Huge Crystal Dog93.46M
Huge Poseidon Corgi89.91M
Huge Elf Dog89.73M
Huge Skeleton89.53M
Huge Leprechaun Cat89.48M
Huge Scarecrow Cat89.41M
Huge King Cobra89.23M
Dominus Darkwing88.85M
Huge Easter Bunny88.64M
Huge Vibrant Toucan87.78M
Huge Scary Corgi87.77M
Huge Rich Cat87.65M
Huge Cupcake87.06M
Huge Plague Dragon86.78M
Huge Elf Cat85.76M
Huge Enchanted Deer85.24M
Huge Pastel Elephant85.02M
Huge Chef Cat85M
Huge Scary Cat84.78M
Huge Party Dragon83.72M
Huge Bison83.54M
Huge Jolly Penguin83.52M
Electric Slime83.31M
Huge Jolly Narwhal83.11M
Huge Bee82.24M
Galaxy Pegasus81.74M
Huge Pixel Corgi81.3M
Mushroom King81.25M
Huge Lunar Moth81.21M
Huge Ghost81.21M
Sad Cat81.21M
Huge Pineapple Monkey80.34M
Huge Propeller Cat79.56M
Huge Willow Wisp77.67M
Huge Fluffy Cat77.57M
Huge Koi Fish77.47M
Huge Peacock77.36M
Huge Holographic Cat77.3M
Huge Knight Beagle77.28M
Huge Cyber Agony76.93M
Huge Happy Computer76.16M
Huge Pterodactyl76.14M
Huge Whale Shark76.14M
Huge Hell Rock76.11M
Huge Giraffe75.9M
Huge Happy Rock75.8M
Huge Elephant75.71M
Huge Squirrel75.71M
Huge Mermaid Cat75.17M
Huge Crocodile75.13M
Wicked Angelus74.89M
Storm Wolf74.68M
Huge Fossil Dragon74.65M
Huge Bat74.37M
Huge Hacker Axolotl74.36M
Jolly Penguin74.32M
Huge Red Panda73.77M
Huge Zebra73.7M
Huge Prison Cat73.53M
Huge Mushroom Raccoon73.38M
Huge Wizard Westie72.83M
Huge Robber Pug72.45M
Huge Goblin72.43M
Huge Kangaroo70.21M
Galaxy Dragon67.43M
Dominus Astra57.8M
Hell Chest Mimic54.49M
Guest Noob53.08M
Storm Dragon40.99M
Stacked Doge Noob33.16M
Sapphire Phoenix31.45M
Grumpy Cat25.22M
Sock Monkey21.67M
Fairy Queen17.45M
Inferno Cat16.55M
Wicked Empyrean Dragon16.53M
Sock Cat15.86M
Sock Corgi14.49M
Storm Agony14.31M
Anime Agony14.2M
Subzero Cat13.7M
Huge Lucki Dominus13.1M
Prickly Panda12.9M
Celestial Dragon12.31M
Cyborg Capybara11.25M
Black Hole Kitsune11.16M
Sea Dragon11.09M
Nightmare Kraken10.55M
Tiedye Cat9.83M
Blazing Bat9.79M
Stargazing Axolotl9.59M
Lava Scorpion9.51M
Amethyst Dragon8.88M
Starfall Dragon8.78M
Tiedye Bear8.66M
Cosmic Agony8.66M
Exquisite Parrot8.63M
Present Chest Mimic8.6M
Lightning Bat8.57M
Diamond Cat8.41M
Neon Twilight Dragon8.38M
Exquisite Elephant8.33M
Tiedye Griffin8.24M
Peppermint Angelus8.17M
Puurple Cat8.12M
Sketch Dragon8.1M
Bloo Cat8.1M
Tiedye Dragon8M
Exquisite Cat7.82M
Nightfall Pegasus7.74M
Stealth Dragon7.47M
Balloon Axolotl7.47M
Nightfall Wolf7.46M
Mosaic Griffin7.42M
Super Tiger7.4M
Neon Griffin7.38M
Atlantean Dolphin7.34M
Stealth Cat7.08M
Super Capybara7.07M
Bejeweled Lion7.03M
Inferno Dominus6.71M
Jelly Piggy6.53M
Emoji Monkey6.48M
Hologram Axolotl6.39M
Cool Dragon6.39M
Tiedye Bunny6.37M
Jelly Monkey6.33M
Tiedye Corgi6.32M
Anime Corgi6.29M
Orange Axolotl6.18M
Nightfall Ram6.13M
Heart Balloon Cat6.12M
Gargoyle Dragon6.03M
Nightfall Tiger5.98M
Anime Monkey5.97M
Nature Dragon5.89M
Lucky Cat5.85M
Balloon Dragon5.75M
Cosmic Dragon5.73M
Rave Crab5.72M
Dragonfruit Dragon5.64M
Atlantean Orca5.49M
Ice Cream Cone5.43M
Keyboard Cat5.24M
Bejeweled Unicorn5.06M
Stealth Bobcat5.06M
Blazing Shark5.03M
Balloon Corgi5.01M
Empyrean Dominus4.99M
Stargazing Wolf4.96M
Anime Unicorn4.94M
Sketch Corgi4.89M
Yee-haw Cat4.88M
Thunder Bear4.87M
Knife Cat4.86M
Jester Dog4.84M
Jelly Corgi4.8M
Emoji Dog4.8M
Bejeweled Deer4.76M
Grinch Cat4.75M
Neon Twilight Tiger4.74M
Black Hole Immortuus4.69M
Jelly Panda4.67M
Black Hole Axolotl4.62M
Nightmare Bear4.61M
Storm Dominus4.61M
Cosmic Axolotl4.59M
Crystal Dog4.55M
Tiedye Axolotl4.55M
Unicorn Dragon4.5M
Cool Corgi4.47M
Mosaic Corgi4.46M
Nightmare Spirit4.37M
Stargazing Bear4.27M
Jelly Shiba4.25M
Sketch Cow4.24M
Rift Dragon4.23M
Jelly Axolotl4.23M
Atlantean Stingray4.21M
Blueberry Cow4.2M
Neon Cat4.19M
Holiday Pegasus4.08M
Crystal Deer4.06M
Emoji Cat4.04M
Cupid Corgi4.03M
Neon Dog3.97M
Mosaic Elephant3.94M
Hologram Tiger3.92M
Redstone Cat3.88M
Cool Cat3.88M
Clout Cat3.87M
Holiday Balloon Cat3.84M
Rainbow Unicorn3.83M
Neon Twilight Cat3.8M
Super Corgi3.78M
Super Cat3.68M
Hologram Shark3.63M
Emerald Monkey3.59M
Mosaic Dove3.56M
Neon Twilight Wolf3.45M
Mosaic Lamb3.26M
Tiedye Dog3.24M
Cyberpunk Meerkat801.9K
Pop Cat617.89K
Dino Cat185.5K
Virus Griffin170.79K
Cyber Bunny89.27K
Mrs. Claws60.29K
Steampunk Crocodile51.22K
Matrix Monkey45.49K
Ender Hades34.14K
Cyber Raccoon28.56K
Silver Dragon26.25K
Santa Paws24.39K
Astronaut Dog22.21K
Black Hole Angelus18K
Present Dragon17.63K
Ice Corgi16.73K
Star Surfer14.27K
Candycane Unicorn13.86K
Umbrella Dog12.81K
Cyber Fox12.79K
Willow Wisp12.57K
North Pole Wolf12.46K
Police Cat12.31K
Ducky Magician11.79K
Creepy Yeti11.21K
Masked Fox10.33K
Present Cat9.22K
Quantum Tiger8.84K
Nutcracker Cat8.27K
Mechanical Spider6.86K
Gingerbread Cat6.13K
Creepy Wolf5.71K
Forged Robot5.29K
Steampunk Wolf4.94K
Sun Angelus4.86K
Galaxy Fox4.74K
Lunar Moth4.66K
Silver Stag4.48K
Circuit Corgi4.45K
Glitched Immortuus4.04K
Empyrean Axolotl3.89K
Zombie Corgi3.56K
Encrusted Dragon3.54K
Quantum Goat3.54K
Pastel Sock Bunny3.52K
Relic Goblin3.43K
Snowflake Pegasus3.28K
Plague Cow2.92K
Vibrant Toucan2.83K
Happy Rock2.78K
King Cobra2.72K
Holographic Cat2.65K
Meebo in a Spaceship2.62K
Alien Parasite2.61K
Cyberpunk Axolotl2.58K
Jelly Alien2.54K
Electric Fox2.49K
Colorful Firefly2.42K
Tech Samurai Cat2.39K
Fragmented Dominus2.38K
Nuclear Mining Dog2.35K
Red Dragon2.31K
Holographic Dragon2.2K
Clover Fairy2.13K
Hi-Tech Monkey2.11K
Cyberpunk Ghost2.1K
Ice Snowman2.07K
Ancient Dragon2.06K
Hacked Skeleton2.04K
Frostbyte Penguin1.96K
Sun Agony1.96K
Relic Dragon1.92K
Cyberpunk Husky1.91K
Circuit Cat1.9K
Comet Cyclops1.85K
Rock Dragon1.82K
Flower Cat1.77K
Snow Dog1.71K
Shadow Dragon1.71K
Reindeer Cat1.7K
Colorful Slime1.69K
Cyberpunk Dog1.57K
Snowflake Dominus1.56K
Empyrean Dragon1.53K
Mystical Fox1.51K
Silver Bison1.49K
Glitched Unicorn1.49K
Dominus Hippomelon1.48K
Cyberpunk Gecko1.45K
Tech Ninja Red Panda1.43K
Dominus Mushrooms1.39K
Hell Spider1.38K
Ugly Duckling1.37K
Shadow Wolf1.37K
Nuclear Mortuus1.28K
Pastel Sock Corgi1.26K
Wizard Unicorn1.26K
Tabby Cat1.24K
Dominus Alienus1.2K
Wicked Empyrean Dominus1.2K
Relic Raccoon1.19K
Pastel Deer1.18K
Hi-Tech Flamingo1.17K
Shadow Kraken1.16K
Quantum Bunny1.15K
Mantis Shrimp1.15K
Runic Wolf1.14K
Glitched Dominus1.13K
Shadow Dominus1.1K
Pajamas Cat1.1K
Pastel Elephant1.09K
Pineapple Cat1.09K
Frostbyte Fox1.08K
Holographic Bear1.07K
Cyborg Ducky1.07K
Enchanted Fox1.06K
Heavenly Peacock1.06K
Abyssal Pufferfish1K
Quantum Dominus973
Hydra Axolotl956
Ninja Cat954
Clover Axolotl945
Steampunk Octopus941
Circuit Griffin926
Tech Camel917
Comet Agony912
Shadow Panther911
Tech Ninja Giraffe909
Electric Griffin896
Golden Retriever887
Gummy Bear852
Cyborg Squirrel818
Glitched Phoenix812
Tech Sphinx811
Frostbyte Deer806
Abyssal Shark801
Gingerbread Corgi786
Rainbow Swirl775
Chocolate Bunny772
Cat Magician768
Cloud Penguin767
Electric Unicorn761
Dominus Serpents758
Cyberpunk Lemur739
Relic Agony731
Hot Dog716
Wyvern of Hades715
Whale Shark712
Corrupt Octopus712
Cyberpunk Bunny703
Carnival Elephant700
Tech Samurai Dragon699
Hot Cocoa Cat696
Guard Corgi692
Cotton Candy Unicorn678
Runic Agony668
404 Demon650
Irish Corgi618
Demolition Cat605
Fragmented Pterodactyl596
Frostbyte Yeti592
Steampunk Fish586
Tech Scorpion585
African Wild Dog576
Hooded Piggy571
Ender Slime568
Shadow Shark564
Ronin Panda556
Popcorn Cat556
Frost Axolotl546
Blue Marshmallow Chick534
Circuit Slime534
Cyber Slime532
Abyssal Parrot531
Black Bear528
Glitched Dragon520
Ninja Turtle517
Frostbyte Bat510
Polar Bear499
Cloud Dog496
Plague Dragon490
Mushroom Raccoon487
Spitting Dino486
Corrupt Cat484
Stacked Dominus480
Forged Cyclops475
Teddy Bear464
Robber Goblin450
Atomic Axolotl447
Frostbyte Narwhal446
Clown Cat445
Angel Dog440
Night Terror Cat436
Cyborg Piggy434
Prison Dog432
Abyssal Kraken431
Leprechaun Cat431
Reindeer Corgi429
Quantum Griffin427
Cyber Ducky424
Holographic Corgi424
Knight Beagle408
Gummy Fox408
Detective Terrier405
Nuclear Dragon404
Vampire Bat403
Angel Cat402
Snow Squirrel399
Ghost Cat397
Hellish Axolotl396
Snow Ram394
Witch Cat389
Enchanted Raccoon388
Fairy Bee383
Cyborg Dog383
Enchanted Dragon381
Glitched Cat357
Midnight Axolotl356
Electric Bunny354
Frostbyte Snow Leopard348
Hi-Tech Sloth345
Nuclear Agony343
Colorful Wisp340
Cyber Agony339
Forged Turtle334
Hacker Bear334
Rose Butterfly332
Electric Corgi332
Empyrean Stallion328
Poseidon Corgi328
Atomic Monkey324
Quantum Fox323
Empyrean Snake316
Luau Seal316
Knight Cat315
Green Cobra311
Scary Cat310
Robber Cat309
Train Conductor Dog308
Shadow Bull306
Tulip Hedgehog302
Hi-Tech Bee302
Police Dog301
Shadow Dolphin299
Blue Fish293
Hell Bat291
Holographic Axolotl291
Hi-Tech Tiger286
Wizard Westie284
Hacker Corgi284
Evil Gorilla282
Cyborg Corgi280
Carnival Panda276
Blossom Koi Fish276
Grim Reaper273
Sandcastle Dog272
Sophisticated Fox271
Forged Hedgehog268
Cyborg Dominus263
Red Woofy259
Toy Mouse258
Kitsune Fox257
Jolly Cat255
Hi-Tech Parrot255
Lunar Deer254
Tech Bull253
Nuclear Wolf252
Cyberpunk Spider251
Glitched Dog249
Sandcastle Cat247
Electric Cat247
Cheerful Yeti245
Melted Rock244
Cyborg Panda241
Hooded Dragon240
Gummy Raccoon239
Shadow Griffin237
Vibrant Cobra234
Mining Cat232
North Pole Bunny231
Blossom Squirrel231
Wizard Cat227
Queen Piggy226
Three Headed Dragon223
Chocolate Frog222
Frostbyte Snowman222
Pirate Parrot220
Tech Griffin220
Happy Computer216
Lunar Fox216
Snow Leopard215
Colorful Dragon214
Frostbyte Husky214
Chocolate Dog213
Princess Dragon213
Relic Squirrel212
Red Fluffy211
Frost Fox209
Desert Ram208
Sabretooth Tiger206
Abyssal Axolotl206
Electric Bear204
Hot Air Balloon Dog202
Enchanted Deer200
Luau Cat197
Astronaut Cat196
Enchanted Elephant195
Zombie Squirrel194
Hacker Axolotl193
Desert Cat192
Alien Octopus189
Empyrean Fox188
Pastel Sock Dragon188
Cyborg Cow187
Tiki Dominus185
Cloud Hedgehog185
Garden Cat184
Blimp Dragon183
Angry Yeti182
Chocolate Hippo181
Unicorn Kitten181
Hacker Cat181
Silver Moose178
Sailor Shark177
Rock Dog173
Cyberpunk Cat173
Frostbyte Walrus166
Tech Puma157
Dominus Infernus157
Fire Cat156
Ender Goat154
Hound of Hades152
Gleebo The Alien151
Hell Rock150
Cold Firefly148
Zombie Bull146
Ninja Maskot144
Mining Dog141
Royal Peacock140
Void Alien140
Pirate Cat139
Cyborg Dragon138
Emerald Carbuncle136
Ender Bunny136
Fire Horse135
Colorful Rock135
Ice Penguin133
Blue Fluffy133
Flower Gecko130
Stacked King Slime130
Steampunk Bat130
Samurai Dragon129
Tech Goat129
Frost Bear127
Cyber Axolotl127
Hacked Raccoon125
Corrupt Skeleton123
Pajamas Dog120
Broomstick Corgi120
Cold Butterfly119
Vibrant Whale119
Frostbyte Cat118
White Bunny117
Royal Cloud Cat117
Tech Horse117
Relic Bat116
Festive Cardinal113
Hell Fox111
Hi-Tech Elephant110
Junkyard Bat110
Fish in a Bucket109
Electric Dragon109
Hacked Cat109
Cyborg Bunny108
Koi Fish108
Frost Rabbit107
Pastel Griffin107
Holographic Monkey107
Poseidon Dog106
Cyborg Cat106
Relic Cyclops105
Potion Poodle104
Mining Axolotl103
Fairy Ladybug102
Prison Axolotl98
Prince Donkey97
Pirate Panda96
Sunflower Lion96
Nine Eyed Lion96
Hooded Bobcat96
Purple Cobra95
Abyssal Dolphin93
Junkyard Hound93
Beach Ball Monkey93
Night Terror Dog92
Detective Cat92
Surfboard Axolotl91
Prison Monkey90
Royal Cloud Corgi89
Pineapple Monkey89
Pixie Squirrel88
Frostbyte Dragon88
Meebo The Alien87
Tech Ninja Panda86
Hooded Monkey85
King Cow84
Beach Ball Dolphin84
Pastel Goat83
Scuba Dog83
Train Conductor Cat80
Cloud Bat78
Abyssal Seal75
Evil Computer75
Prison Bunny74
Red Panda73
Hell Chick73
Pastel Sock Bear73
Moray Eel73
Pixie Fox73
Ninja Raccoon72
Surfboard Corgi71
Black Widow70
Floatie Flamingo70
Alien Arachnid69
Mining Mole67
Fossil Dragon65
Cyborg Bat65
Prison Cat63
Green Fish62
Ice Slime60
Fire Dog60
Wireframe Dog60
Starry Owl59
Fluffy Cat58
Cloud Monkey58
Frostbyte Bear56
Lava Slime51
Wireframe Cat51
Calico Cat50
Melted Slime49
Relic Bear49
Scuba Shark48
Samurai Bull47
Blossom Bunny47
Nuclear Mining Cat47
Frostbyte Snow Ram45
Basketball Retriever44
Alien Axolotl42
Relic Fox42
Turtle in a Bucket40
Tech Ninja Cow40
Robot Bee39
Cyber Dragon38
Colorful Fish36
Sapphire Carbuncle36
Sailor Dolphin35
Enchanted Cat35
Hacked Computer35
Cotton Candy Lamb34
Guilded Raven34
White Tiger33
Abyssal Fish33
Sailor Seal33
Honey Badger32
Scarecrow Cat31
Cold Ladybug31
Nuclear Squirrel31
Hi-Tech Ladybug30
Prison Cow29
Blue Slime28
Nuclear Axolotl28
Encrusted Wolf24
Scary Corgi23
Mermaid Cat22
Floatie Ducky22
Cotton Candy Cow21
Snow Cat19
Queen Slime15
Pink Marshmallow Chick13
Orange Parrot13
Cyber Bear11
Umbrella Cat10
Rock Cat10

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Simulator 99

What is RAP in Pet Simulator 99?

RAP stands for “Recent Average Price.” It’s a way to estimate a pet’s value based on recent trades within the game. It helps players gauge the fair value of their pets and make informed trading decisions.

How do I trade pets in Pet Simulator 99?

To trade pets, follow these steps:

  1. Find another player who wants to trade.
  2. Click on their character and select “Trade.”
  3. Both players select the pets they want to offer.
  4. If both players agree, the trade is complete.

What are the rarest pets in Pet Simulator 99?

The rarest pets in Pet Simulator 99 are typically the Huge versions of Mythical and Exclusive pets. These pets have high demand and are often very expensive.

How can I get diamonds quickly in Pet Simulator 99?

There are a few ways to get diamonds quickly:

  • Open eggs and sell the pets you hatch.
  • Complete daily quests and challenges.
  • Participate in events and giveaways.
  • Trade with other players for diamonds.

What are some tips for getting good trades in Pet Simulator 99?

  • Research pet values and demand before trading.
  • Compare prices from different sources.
  • Negotiate with other players for the best deals.
  • Be patient and don’t rush into deals.

Is there a way to get free pets in Pet Simulator 99?

Yes, there are a few ways to get free pets:

  • Participate in events and giveaways.
  • Complete daily quests and challenges.
  • Join groups and communities that offer free pets.
  • Some codes can be redeemed for free pets (check online for current codes).

Key Takeaways

  • Pet Simulator 99 helps players trade pets better.
  • Values change based on rarity and demand.
  • Regularly checking updates keeps players informed.

Understanding Pet Simulator 99 Value Mechanics

Pet Simulator 99 involves understanding the value of pets, which is influenced by various factors. These factors include the hierarchy of pets, how pet values are determined, and the role of eggs and enchants in the game.

Hierarchy of Pets

In Pet Simulator 99, pets are ranked in a hierarchy based on their rarity and strength. Exclusive pets and huge pets top this hierarchy. Exclusive pets are rare and usually stronger, making them highly valuable in trades. Huge pets are unique because their strength matches the player’s best pet.

Players can trade pets, so knowing the hierarchy helps in making smart trades. Pets like huge pets can be traded for many lower-tier pets due to their high value.

Determining Pet Values

Pet values in Pet Simulator 99 are assessed based on various metrics including gem counts, market trends, and player demand.

Experience from traders and community feedback also influences these values. For example, pets with higher strength and rarity receive better values. The value can fluctuate as in-game events and updates change the availability and demand for different pets.

Key metrics:

  • Strength: Determines power in gameplay.
  • Rarity: Rare pets have higher value.
  • Player demand: More demand increases value.

Role of Eggs and Enchants

Eggs in Pet Simulator 99 contain pets and play a key role in determining the initial value of a pet. The rarity of the egg often dictates the quality of the pet inside. Enchants provide enhancements to pets, increasing their strength and sometimes their trade value.

Cracked eggs may contain common pets like Corgis, while rarer eggs can yield exclusive pets. Enchants can boost pet statistics, making them more desirable in trades.


  • Legendary Egg: Contains high-value pets.
  • Magnet Enchant: Attracts coins and boosts collection rate.

Understanding these mechanics helps players maximize their trades and improve their pet collection effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides clear answers to common questions about Pet Simulator 99 values. It aims to help players find current values, convert them to gems, discover active codes, understand cosmic values, track updates, and find official guides.

How can I find the most updated value list for pets in Pet Simulator X?

Players can check websites like Game.Guide and Pocket Tactics. These sites regularly update their value lists based on input from experienced traders and community feedback.

What are the ways to convert Pet Simulator 99 values to gem equivalent?

Gem equivalents for Pet Simulator 99 values can be found on value lists. These lists often rate the value in diamonds or gems, making it easy to understand the conversion.

Where can I find Pet Simulator X codes that are currently active?

Active codes for Pet Simulator X are usually listed on the game’s official social media pages and fan sites. It is a good idea to check these sources regularly.

What is the importance of cosmic values in Pet Sim X, and how do they affect gameplay?

Cosmic values help determine the rarity and trading value of pets. Higher cosmic values often mean pets are more sought after and can enhance gameplay by adding stronger abilities to a player’s collection.

How often is the Pet Sim X value list updated following new updates?

Value lists are typically updated shortly after new game updates. This ensures that players have the latest information based on current gameplay dynamics and new content additions.

Are there any official guides for understanding the value of pets in Pet Simulator 99?

While official guides might not always be available, community-created guides and value lists from trusted sources like Game.Guide can be highly reliable for understanding pet values.

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