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Paramount Plus offers a variety of subscription plans to suit different viewing preferences and budgets. Let’s break down the options:

Paramount Plus Plans at a Glance

Plan NamePriceAdsWhat’s Included
Essential$5.99/month or $59.99/yearLimited commercialsAccess to most Paramount+ content, NFL on CBS (live), UEFA Champions League (live)
Premium (w/ Showtime)$11.99/month or $119.99/yearCommercial-free (except for live TV and a few shows)All Essential plan features PLUS your local CBS station (live), downloads of select shows & movies

Which Plan is Right for You?

  • Essential is Best For: Budget-conscious viewers who don’t mind occasional commercials and want access to a core selection of on-demand content and live sports.
  • Premium is Worth It If: You hate ads, want to watch your local CBS station live, and enjoy the option to download shows for offline viewing.

Extra Perks

  • Bundle and Save: Combine Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME for even more movies and original series.
  • Student Discount: Eligible students get a discounted rate on the Essential plan.
  • Free Trials: New subscribers can try Paramount Plus free for 7 days before committing.

Need More Info? Visit the Paramount Plus website for full plan details and the latest pricing:

Paramount Plus Pricing Overview

Paramount Plus offers a range of subscription plans tailored to fit different budgets and viewing preferences. There are primarily two main plans available: the Essential Plan and the Premium Plan.

Essential Plan: This more affordable option is priced at $5.99 per month or a discounted rate of $59.99 if one opts for an annual subscription. It includes access to a vast collection of shows, movies, and live sports. However, it’s important to note that this plan comes with commercials.

Premium Plan: Priced at $11.99 per month or $119.99 for an annual subscription, the Premium Plan includes all the perks of the Essential Plan but with the added benefit of commercial-free viewing. Subscribers to this plan can also access their local CBS live stream.

Both subscriptions offer a significant saving when billed annually, and they tend to include occasional promotional deals, such as a free trial period for new subscribers to sample the service before committing to a subscription.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Plan TypeMonthly PriceAnnual PriceFeatures
Essential$5.99$59.99Access to library with limited commercials
Premium$11.99$119.99Commercial-free, plus local CBS live

Subscribers should always check for the most current deals and pricing, as these can fluctuate with promotions or changes to the service offerings.

Subscription Plans

Paramount+ offers two main subscription options, each with distinct features tailored to fit viewer preferences and budget considerations.

Essential Plan Details

The Essential Plan is the more budget-friendly option. Priced at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year, this plan gives subscribers access to a broad library of shows and movies. However, it does include commercials. Despite the presence of ads, subscribers can enjoy a wide range of content from various genres.

Premium Plan Benefits

The Premium Plan is the ad-free version of the service, with a monthly cost of $12.00. It stands out by offering live sports and CBS content without advertising interruptions. Additionally, this plan includes all the benefits of the Essential Plan with the bonus of access to your local CBS station. If you opt for the Premium Plan with Showtime, the price starts at $11.99 per month, offering even greater value with an extensive collection of Showtime series and blockbuster movies.

Content and Library

Paramount Plus offers a wide variety of content, from exclusive originals to a vast library of movies and TV shows, including live sports events. Viewers can enjoy on-demand streaming of their favorites anytime.

Exclusive Originals

Paramount Plus stands out with its original series. Fans can watch popular originals like Star Trek: Discovery, Mayor of Kingstown, Halo, and the reboot of the classic iCarly. These shows are unique to Paramount Plus, giving subscribers access to must-watch entertainment that they won’t find elsewhere.

Movies and TV Shows

With an extensive selection of movies and TV shows, Paramount Plus caters to diverse tastes. Subscribers can binge-watch classics as well as recent hits across genres. The platform is home to the drama series “Yellowstone,” reality favorites such as Survivor and Big Brother, and the revamping of spine-tingling Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Live Sports and Events

For sports enthusiasts, Paramount Plus delivers a solid lineup of live sports and events. It’s a go-to service for NFL games, including the chance to watch thrilling UEFA Champions League soccer matches live. Fans can immerse themselves in the excitement of top-notch sports content, including additional coverage of NFL coverage during football season.

Device Compatibility

When looking to stream Paramount+ content, it’s important to know which devices are up to the task. Fortunately, the service offers broad support across various platforms.

For Apple enthusiasts, Paramount+ shines on an array of iOS devices including both iPhones and iPads. It’s easily accessible as long as your device runs iOS 14.0 or newer. Further, those with an Apple TV can enjoy the platform too, especially with the crisp visuals on the 4th generation and the vibrant 4K quality on the 5th.

Android users aren’t left out either; Paramount+ runs smoothly on Android phones and tablets. If you’re looking to enhance your viewing experience on a larger screen, compatible Android TV devices also support the streaming service.

Smart TV owners can breathe easy with Paramount+ available on various big names like LG, Samsung, and Vizio—making it a quick addition to your app collection for instant access to your favorite shows.

Streaming device support extends to both Roku and Chromecast, offering you a seamless casting or streaming experience right from your mobile device or desktop. Amazon’s Fire TV provides an additional convenient way to get your Paramount+ fix, transforming your television into a gateway to entertainment.

For those with Portal TV, joining the Paramount+ viewership ranks is straightforward. To add, gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and 5 also double as entertainment hubs supporting the app, perfect for users who do more than game.

For an at-a-glance look at device compatibility, the table below provides a quick summary:

Device TypeExamples
MobileiOS (iPhone & iPad), Android phones & tablets
Smart TVsLG, Samsung, Vizio
Streaming DevicesApple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV
OthersPortal TV, Game Consoles (PS4 & PS5)

Whether you’re tuning in on the go or cozying up at home, Paramount+ has you covered across many popular devices. Just pick your device of choice and start streaming.

Service Accessibility

Paramount Plus ensures viewers can enjoy their favorite shows and movies with ease, whether they’re at home with a high-speed internet connection or on-the-go with no access to the web.

Offline Viewing Options

Paramount Plus provides an offline viewing feature, allowing subscribers to download a variety of content directly to their devices. This means you can watch episodes of your favorite series or a hit movie without the need for a live internet connection. It’s perfect for keeping entertained during flights or in areas where internet access is inconsistent.

Quality Streaming Experience

Streaming in 4K resolution is available on Paramount Plus for certain titles, ensuring that viewers can enjoy a high-definition viewing experience. This option, however, requires a stable, high-bandwidth internet connection to maintain a smooth and uninterrupted stream. It’s essential to have the right setup at home to make the most of this feature, which includes a compatible device and a solid internet connection.

International Availability

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that’s expanded its reach beyond the United States, offering a diverse library of shows and movies for audiences around the world. Pricing and plans can differ by region, so let’s take a look at how some parts of the world are enjoying Paramount Plus.

Access in Canada

In Canada, viewers can subscribe to Paramount Plus to stream their preferred series and films. While the service’s cost may be adjusted for the Canadian market, users can typically expect similar package options as in the United States.

Access in Australia

Australian audiences have access to Paramount Plus, with subscription plans tailored to meet local preferences and viewing habits. The service provides Australians with a competitive variety of programming.

Access in Europe

Throughout Europe, Paramount Plus has rolled out to bring European audiences a curated selection of content. Each country in Europe might have different subscription costs, reflecting the local market and economy.

Access in UK

Paramount Plus has also made its way to the UK, where subscribers can enjoy a wide range of shows. The UK version of the service aligns with the branding and offers seen in other countries, calibrated for the UK audience.

Comparison With Competitors

When stacking up Paramount Plus against its rivals, the focus falls on content variety and subscription cost, as well as how well it plays with other platforms and services through partnerships.

Content and Price Comparison

Paramount Plus positions itself competitively with a mix of original titles, movies, live sports, and access to the CBS network. Its Essential plan, priced at $59.99 per year, caters to budget-conscious viewers, offering a solid lineup with ad support.

  • Netflix, a major competitor, demands around $9 to $19 per month for its ad-free experience, boasting a larger content library renowned for original series and films.
  • Disney Plus which includes Disney titles and more, sets its fee at about $8 per month, often praised for its family-friendly content.
  • Hulu, another contender, offers plans starting from $5.99 per month with ads, or $11.99 per month without, providing a blend of original, network, and cable TV shows.
  • Amazon Prime Video stands out not just for its streaming service but also for added benefits like free shipping and music, all starting typically around $12.99 per month.
  • Peacock offers a free tier with limited content, while its premium plans are competitively priced at $5 per month with ads, showcasing a range of NBCUniversal movies and TV shows.
  • HBO Max is on the pricier side, with its standard subscription costing approximately $14.99 per month, offering a robust catalog of acclaimed original content, movies, and series.

Below is a simplified price comparison table:

ServiceMonthly Price RangeContent Highlights
Paramount Plus$5.99 – $11.99CBS access, Originals, Live Sports
Netflix$9.00 – $19.00Extensive Originals, Movies
Disney Plus$8.00Disney Catalog, Family Content
Hulu$5.99 – $11.99Network Shows, Originals
Amazon Prime$12.99Originals, Free Shipping, Music
Peacock$0 – $10.00NBCUniversal Content, Free Tier
HBO Max$14.99Originals, Movies, Series

Platform Integration and Partnerships

Paramount Plus not only replaced CBS All Access but also secured notable partnerships for bundling and integration, expanding its reach and appeal.

  • It successfully integrates with various devices and streaming sticks, ensuring viewers can access their content on multiple screens without hassle.
  • Collaborations with cable providers and other services also make Paramount Plus a frequent part of value-added bundles, where customers can get more for their money.
  • Other services like Amazon Prime Video similarly offer their streaming app on a multitude of devices and even allow users to add other services as channels within its platform.

While the competition can be stiff, these alliances put Paramount Plus in a favorable light to consumers looking for seamless entertainment experiences across their favorite devices.

Promotions and Discounts

Paramount Plus often rolls out promotional deals that enable new and existing subscribers to save money on their streaming service plans. A well-known discount offer includes a percentage off the monthly subscription fee, often making the streaming service more accessible.

Ongoing Promotions:

  • 25% Off: Regular promotions include a significant discount on monthly fees, such as 25% off the standard price.
  • Annual Plan Savings: Subscribers opting for an annual plan can save over 16%, reducing the monthly cost effectively.
  • Special Deals: Occasionally, Paramount Plus offers deals, like a 50% reduction on annual plans, including bundles with Showtime.

Trial Offers:
For those interested in trying the service before committing, Paramount Plus provides a free trial period. This allows potential subscribers to explore the content library and test the platform.

Affiliate Offers:
At times, special discounts are available through affiliate partners. These can come in the form of exclusive coupon codes or special links that offer reduced pricing for a limited time.

Here’s a brief summary of potential savings:

Offer TypePotential Discount
Monthly PromotionsUp to 25% off
Annual Plan CommitmentMore than 16% savings on the monthly price
Black Friday DealsSpecific monthly fee reductions (e.g., $2/mo)

Paramount Plus ensures subscribers have access to exclusive content at a competitive price, balancing affordability with a broad entertainment selection. These efforts to offer promotions and discounts reflect a dedication to attracting and retaining a diverse audience.

Additional Features

Paramount+ subscribers get more than just a catalog of shows and movies; they also gain access to live TV and premium content. Here’s a closer look at these additional offerings.

Live TV Access

Subscribers to Paramount+ have the ability to watch live TV, which includes live sports events like the NFL on CBS and UEFA Champions League. Although the Essential plan does not include local live CBS station access, separate live feeds for these sports are available. This feature allows fans to catch their favorite games and enjoy the excitement of live competition.

Premium Content with Showtime

With the Paramount+ with Showtime plan, not only do customers enjoy the expansive library of Paramount+, but they also receive access to Showtime’s premium content. This collaboration brings an even more robust selection of blockbuster movies, original series, and additional live sports. ViacomCBS, the parent company, has created this plan to offer a comprehensive entertainment experience.

User Experience and Navigation

When subscribers log in to Paramount Plus, they find a layout that’s both inviting and straightforward. The service presents its content using a clean interface with clearly labeled categories, making it straightforward for users to browse through the available offerings.

At the heart of the user experience is the ease with which one can discover new shows and movies. Navigation bars categorize the library into familiar sections: ‘Home’, ‘Shows’, ‘Movies’, ‘Live TV’, and ‘News’, among others. This helps viewers quickly jump to their desired type of streaming content. For a deeper dive, users can employ the search function to pinpoint specific titles or browse curated collections.

Information about each title is easily accessible and includes a brief synopsis, user ratings, and related content suggestions. This transparency allows viewers to decide what to watch with confidence. Parents can also appreciate the straightforward parental controls that help manage what younger viewers can access.

The streaming platform executes on delivering a variety of content, all without overwhelming its users. Whether someone is in the mood for a classic film or a new original series, finding it is intuitive thanks to the service’s thoughtful organization. The library covers a vast range of genres and caters to different tastes, which keeps users engaged by always offering something new to discover.

Paramount Plus stays away from complex terminology, ensuring that both tech-savvy viewers and those less familiar with streaming services will find their way around without frustration. The platform’s commitment to a user-friendly experience means watching favorite shows and movies is only a few clicks away, regardless of a person’s online experience.

Parental Controls and Profiles

Protecting kids while they enjoy content online is crucial, and Paramount+ offers features like Parental Controls to help with this. It allows you to restrict what your children can watch, ensuring they only see age-appropriate material.

To set things up, start by creating a profile specifically for your child. Each account can have multiple profiles, so everyone in the family can have their own. This makes it easy to keep watch histories and recommendations separate. Profile management lets you tailor viewing experiences across different age groups, keeping teens separate from the little ones.

You’ll find a handy option called Kids Mode within profiles. When you turn this on, it automatically enables Parental Controls for that user, preventing access to content that’s not kid-friendly. Remember, anyone deemed as a manager on the account has the ability to set up, change, or delete profiles.

Access to profiles and their settings is straightforward, so whether you are a new subscriber just figuring things out, or an existing subscriber tweaking settings, it won’t take much of your time. Plus, these profiles and control settings carry over to any device where you use Paramount+.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Creating Profiles: Customizable for each family member
  • Kids Mode: Activates kid-friendly content automatically
  • Number of Profiles: Several, tailored to family size and needs
  • Managing Profiles: Done by account managers – change or delete with ease
  • Devices: Profiles can be accessed on any supported device

Overall, Paramount+’s system for profiles and parental controls is designed to provide a safer viewing environment for everyone in the family, helping give parents peace of mind.

Corporate Information

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that comes from a big family of entertainment brands under the umbrella of ViacomCBS, a merger between Viacom and CBS Corporation. As a branch of this entity, Paramount Plus provides a rich variety of content drawn from popular networks including, but not limited to, CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, BET, and The Smithsonian Channel.

NetworkContent Type
CBSNews, Sports, Entertainment
MTVMusic, Reality Shows
Comedy CentralComedy Shows, Series
NickelodeonKids and Family Programming
BETAfrican American Content
Smithsonian Chan.Documentaries and Education

Originally known as CBS All Access, the streaming service rebranded itself as Paramount Plus to signal a new phase, with a broader range of content stemming from its connection to Paramount Pictures, a legendary film production company. As a result, subscribers get access to a fusion of both worlds: the classic cinema from Paramount Pictures and modern television hits from CBS and related networks.

The evolution of this streaming service also includes a strategic approach to pricing. There are different plans available to cater to varying consumer needs and preferences. As of the latest information, an ad-supported Essential tier stands at $5.99 per month, while an ad-free Premium tier, which includes some additional perks like access to local CBS stations live streams, is offered at $11.99 per month.

Paramount Plus appears committed to providing a competitive and compelling service. With a focus on leveraging their extensive content library and maintaining appealing price points, they aim to attract and retain a diverse audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paramount Plus offers a variety of plans catering to different needs and budgets. Here’s a straightforward look at some common questions related to its pricing and options.

What are the different subscription plans available for Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus has two main subscription plans: the Essential plan at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year and a Premium tier, which includes some additional features.

How much does the Paramount Plus Premium plan cost?

The Premium plan of Paramount Plus is priced at $11.99 per month, but if you’re looking for annual savings, it costs $119.99 per year. This comes with Showtime.

Can you access Paramount Plus at no additional cost with Amazon Prime membership?

No, Paramount Plus is not included free with an Amazon Prime membership. It is a separate subscription service, but it can be added to Prime Video Channels for an additional fee.

What are the options for watching Paramount Plus for free?

Sometimes, Paramount Plus offers promotional periods or trials, allowing users to experience the service free for a limited time. Students can also receive a discount on subscriptions.

Has there been a recent increase in the cost of Paramount Plus subscriptions?

Based on the information available, there has not been a significant recent price hike for Paramount Plus subscriptions.

What is the most affordable payment option for Paramount Plus?

The Essential plan billed annually at $59.99 is the most cost-effective option, saving subscribers approximately 16% compared to the monthly billing cycle.

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