MSI Laptop stuck on MSI Screen
MSI Laptop stuck on MSI Screen

When your MSI laptop is stuck on the MSI screen, it’s not just a minor inconvenience, but a significant disruption, potentially affecting your productivity and workflow. Addressing this issue quickly is crucial to mitigate further complications and avoid potential data loss.

Identifying the Problem

The first step in addressing this issue is recognizing the signs of a stuck MSI laptop, which typically include the inability to progress beyond the logo screen, unresponsiveness to any input, and a perpetual loading icon. Early recognition of these signs can help expedite resolution and possibly prevent additional damage.

Causes of the MSI Laptop Screen Stuck Issue

Understanding the underlying causes is crucial to formulating effective solutions.

Hardware Issues

Sometimes, malfunctioning or incompatible hardware components might be the reason behind the system being stuck at the MSI screen.

Software Conflicts

In some cases, conflicting software or drivers may prevent the laptop from booting up correctly.

Operating System Glitches

Occasionally, glitches within the operating system might be at the root of the laptop’s inability to move past the MSI screen.

Immediate Solutions to Try

Before diving into complex solutions, there are several quick fixes that you can try.

Hard Reboot

A simple restart can sometimes solve the issue.

Boot in Safe Mode

Starting your laptop in Safe Mode can help bypass potential problems and facilitate effective troubleshooting.

Disconnect Peripheral Devices

Removing all external devices can help rule out hardware conflicts as the culprit.

Advanced Solutions

If the above solutions don’t work, you might need to explore more advanced strategies.

Hardware-Specific Scenarios

Clearing the CMOS
1) Unplug from AC
2) Flip the laptop over
3) Use a pin to push the button under the hole next to the battery symbol
4) Flip the laptop back over
5) Wait 30 seconds and plug in AC to power on

Removing the ESS Sabre DAC
If you have an MSI Gaming Laptop (especially the MSI GT83VR) there may be a removable audio board which is causing the hang. By removing the ESS Sabre DAC you might be able to boot back into Windows again. Removing the audio board won’t affect the laptop’s speakers or the functionality of headphones through the USB port.

Disable Secure Boot and Fast Boot
If you can still get into the BIOS disable secure boot and fast boot to see if that let’s you past the screen. You may also try re-installing Windows Windows using a bootable USB drive to see if that gets around the hold up.

Issues With Power
Some people have reported weird tricks to reset the power configurations on the board:
1) Shut down computer by holding power button.
2) Unplug the AC cord.
3) Boot the computer.
4) While it is booting, plug AC back in, then wait.

BIOS Settings Adjustments

Modifying the BIOS settings can sometimes resolve boot-up issues.

System Restore

Restoring the system to a prior state can reverse any recent changes that might be causing the problem.

Clean Install of Windows

A fresh Windows installation can solve software conflicts and operating system glitches but beware, if not properly backed up, this may lead to data loss.

Preventive Measures

Implementing regular software updates, consistent data backups, and proper shutdown procedures can help avoid such issues in the future.

Professional Solutions

If the mentioned solutions prove ineffective, professional help may be required. Professionals can offer expert diagnoses and resolutions, ensuring your laptop’s long-term health and optimal performance.


Having your MSI laptop stuck on the MSI screen can be highly frustrating. However, effective identification of the root cause, implementation of immediate solutions, and, if needed, resorting to advanced remedies or professional help can typically resolve the issue.


  1. Can a virus cause my laptop to get stuck on the MSI screen? Yes, malware or viruses can corrupt system files, leading to boot-up issues.
  2. How often should I update my software to avoid such issues? Regular software updates, particularly for the operating system and drivers, are crucial for maintaining system stability.
  3. Is it possible to recover my data if I have to do a clean install? Yes, but regular data backups are recommended to prevent any loss during clean installation.
  4. Can overloading the system with too many applications cause this problem? Overloading can lead to system instability; hence, prudent application and resource management are advised.
  5. Can I perform these solutions if I have little to no technical knowledge? Some solutions are more user-friendly than others; however, advanced solutions might require technical know-how or professional assistance.
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